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MAD MagazineSaturday, February 18th, 2017 at 9:31am

Blanks for Nothing Dept.

There were many caption submissions this week for Tom Cheney’s uncaptioned Titanic cartoon, but there could only be one winner (and “winner” in this situation is really stretching the definition of the word...)...

Kevin Holmes Who gets an annual review anymore?
Matthew Pirnazar Congrats!
Steven Ackerman Didn't this guy already win before?
Richie Arizona Hogwash
MAD Magazine
MAD MagazineSaturday, February 18th, 2017 at 7:31am

Rank and Vile Dept.

From MAD #544, April 2017
Writer: Jeff Kruse

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Andrew Davis Ronald Reagan.. appeared in a movie with a chimp. Donald Trump.. has the mentality of a deranged chimp.
Harvey Garrett You might be wrong about Monroe and good. The word might be. "GOODBYE"
Todd S Sandmann
Jose Montoya Jackson took on the British, the Red Sticks, and was shot during a duel and still won, ahahhahaha.
Lewis McNiff Trump's term could be labeled 'thank goodness it's over!'
Patrick Abe I can't wait until you stack Der Furore against U.S. Grant!;)
Steven Ackerman Love how you come up with this stuff. Very good.
John Wacha I miss Kurtzman and Feldstein
Ross Blaisdell And he still won. 😳
Ryan Cain
Dom Doot
MAD Magazine
MAD MagazineSaturday, February 18th, 2017 at 5:14am

Fart of the Deal Dept.

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James Smith A toilet at least attempts to contain the fecal matter spewing from it.
Christopher Paris Trump has put MAD back into the top of its game and made it as socially relevant as it was in the 60's and 70's. Some great stuff coming out of them these days.
Deirdre Starinki That so-called "press conference" was a national embarrassment.
Carl Christensen A bus station bathroom is of use to the public.....
Jill Puffer CNN Hahahahahahahahahaha Trump is the mess. He has no concept on how to be a leader , let alone run a country.
Patrick Farley There's only one remedy here
John Mcnair News conference not press conference the press is newspaper but either way Trump rocked it.
John Chandler And like the Onion, MAD's content has gone completely Left and it's comment section is a leftist breeding ground.....
Sean McCaffrey Both are accepting of urine.
Alex Luxat The Twitter Queen has both!
Terry Rainey For the most part, I can avoid seeing or hearing a bus station toilet unlike the so called president.
Rachel R. Godoy I shudder to think what 45 is like in private. If I could turn back time ...
Joanie Czech they're both full of crap...
Brian Skrzypchak And you will find at least one person in both places, curled up in the fetal position...and retching....
Justin Berry MAD Democrats Magazine.
Ed McLaughlin Orange-brown stain around the s#ithole: Check/check.
Kyle Marsh
Carey Clevenger You guys are ON FIRE.
Jimmy Ramone
Lisa Smith Chism
Alex Luxat #UNFAIR!
Alejandro RG Marcos Sánchez Godínez Mad nunca deja abajo... jajajaja
Lennie Giambalvo unliking
Phil Boyd MAD Magazine you have become redundant.
Todd S Sandmann Spread the word ! Let's do this !!
MAD Magazine
MAD MagazineFriday, February 17th, 2017 at 8:23am

Rank and Vile Dept.

From MAD #544, April 2017
Writer: Jeff Kruse

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Bradley Pawlek I’m from Canada and Mad’s running commentary on the man I call ‘Trumpezoid’ (think “trapezoid”) is consistent and truthful. It’s funny getting honest commentary from a comedy magazine. Keep up the great work Mad. [keep resisting the Trump regime by the way]
Thomas J Calandra Donald Trump is the only president to win at Wreslmania, (#23), billionaire vs billionaire hair match, verses Vince McMahon.Oh, professional wrestling is fake just like President Trump.
Sean Palumbo Mad has satirized every president of the last 60 years, including Obama. The only difference is now we have a president who gives them better material to work with :-D
Paul Joseph Canniff To be fair the top of the batting order is pretty solid, at least if you overlook slave-owning. How does he do against the Andrew Johnson level guys?
Trish Schneider This was fun and funny! Mad magazine has been my truth in comedy since my older brother bought his first issue in the 1950's!
Howard Payne I'm so glad Mad is back in my life, especially at this time in our country's history. Only Mad can do justice to the coverage of clearly a "Mad" man. Thanks for your good works and service to the nation!
Richard Capeloto Boy, the nasty feedback is quite twisted. You look at the latest issue and if you think it's funny than I can say two things...I feel sorry for you AND, you are easily amused.
Richard Capeloto I haven't looked at a Z MAD for many years and it's so sad to see you go political and to the left. Your lack of respect for the highest office in the world is a slap in the face to the people's choice. This man stands up against an unprecedented tidal wave of ugly slander and smear from the pigs that would take everything you own and laugh as you starve. I'm U.S Marine Corps and the myopic, small-minded, anglophones are rioting funded by George Soros...a Nazi sympathizer who ransacked estates and gleefully sent his own people to their deaths. It really is shocking to see a public that is so illinformed and led around by the nose by hateful ugly multiracial deviants that only want your destruction....and the demise of our way of life. I left the country for 6 years and upon our return we could not believe how easily offended, entitled, selfish, small-minded, and totally delude by the news media Americans had become. We had just left places where this misinformation eventually took down entire countries. You will end up thanking Trump in time because the alternative is the most deceitful, murderous, vicious sociopath the world has ever known. You people have no idea how close you were to losing it all. This country has become the most ungrateful easily offended dissatisfied, smug, entitled group...and in such a short time. WAKE UP AMERICA. I WANT MY COUNTRY BACK...WBATS SO HARD TO UNDERSTAND???
Richard Capeloto You guys are not funny and to think I used to laugh like a crazy man as I got to escape the real you make it all along worse. No more MAD.
Patrick O'Steen I'll subscribe to Mad when you guys start being funny again. MAKE MAD FUNNY AGAIN!!!
Rhett Dudley This isnt a president its a bad side show...this moron thinks hes still on the apprentice.
Alan Groening I'll have to go to a bookstore and buy MAD ain't done that in a long while- since 2010 I think
Nate Lytle I love mad but I could be wrong did mad blast Obama this bad if they did please let me know
Richmond Aulisio This is great- I mean Stupid- in this months MAD. That took some time to create. It's super duper funny.
Lonnie Berkebile Considering Trump's daughter-wife the comparison with Madison could use some editing.
Pat Alder saw that in my issue..trump beat out Millard Filmore!
Tom Scipione Go get em' MAD. He must hate you guys. Keep up the good work.
Bill Sienkewicz MAD makes far more sense than GOP.
Stephen Lyle You're Cherry Picking, unlike "illegal cotton picking" which is real again... You're not gonna throw it all under the bus.. ? Indians, Slaves, Civil Rights, Vietnam, the middle east, Trump.. "Pick it".. roll tide
Philip Faithful Brett A million times better than the piece of crap he replaced, you know small steeps. Nobody can beat the founding f******s.
Peter Dowling When incest goes unchecked for far too long....
Brian Katcher I love this historical humor.
Jerry Fletcher Haha! This is Great!
Jeannie Schonta I read the full article! It's a hoot!
Ric Draudt Your just afraid he will do what he said he would
MAD Magazine
MAD MagazineThursday, February 16th, 2017 at 5:50am

Pee, the People Dept.

Artist: Richard Williams

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Paul Francis Hanley HilariousI Grew up reading MAD, I've seen every President since Johnson get dragged through the Mad Mud. I don't recall so much crying about it then but we didn't have so many easily offended right wing snowflake Tolls then either.
Jim Estes Can we not find anything at all funny about Hillary?? or Pelosi?? or Warren??? Bernie?? ...don't limit Yourself're too focused on your enemies and promoting an agenda thereby missing some good material.
Marty Jones Nice going, Alfred. As everyone who has "written in snow" knows, crossing "T"'s are the hardest. And here you have done it twice.
Dave Snyder You've officially lost a longtime fan. The magazine that used to parody everything in a humorous and clever way now takes sides and attacks its enemies. You are tasteless and no longer funny. Goodbye.
Barbara Hoersch Jimmy says why comment when you can lay back, run a doobie and thank the American people for the great entertainment for the next 4 years.
Warren G. Lührs To all the people complaining that Mad is targeting Trump, Mad is a satire magazine that makes fun of anyone and everyone, especially the current POTUS.
Roger Shaw Watch out where the huskies go, don't you eat that yellow snow! Thank you, Frank Zappa, for your eloquent speech to the Senate regarding censorship.
Paul Black I voted for Trump because liberals have no common sense!!! And yes I read Mad Mag to because its funny like liberals, it's entertainment!
Justin Berry A challenge MAD to post something that isn't bashing our president. Are you guys working for Iran or something?
Jimi Johnstone Hillary owns Mad Magazine. Such trolls, many subscribers are leaving, or are gonna leave. Good job Mad. See ya in 20 years if you grow up by then. SNL and Mad, are soon butt hurt, I love it.
Kevin Barr Remember the old joke where the punch line is "It's in her ladyship's handwriting"?......
Tracy Butler He has a sense of humour. lol This looks like something straight out of a MAD mag tho. They are just 2 legs on the same spider.
Theresa Lynn Sapp Keep up the good work! Tell it like it is, totally insane White House and Pres.
Marguerite Jansen This is a recycled picture! I have the original of this cover picture. Writing something else in the snow....
Ann Thomas Seitz Come on now TINKER TAILS R SOLDIER SPY, Karla, Moles, it'll be horribly true
Jake Gonzalez Trump is a bafoon and will be impeached. Sorry dumb white people who support the orange idiot.
Jenny Adkins If I was a trump supporter, this would make me MAD 😂😂😂👍🏻🚗👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻
Michael Armistead This might be funny if it was based on truth and not lies and fake news. The joke is actually on those who think it is true. See the link below to get an idea of what is actually going on. ;)
Craig Lalumiere Mad Magazine is a lot like SNL. Has not been funny for a very long time.
Edward Verkler If we could leave liberal arts out of Mad magazine that would be good.
Marc Lexx Hey, dont waste any of that .... I need it on my face says Trump !
Danny Scandall If it seems stupid it's because they know they're stupid. They even say they're stupid. Don't be stupid. Because stupid is never taking it seriously. Stupid!!!
Mike Coughlin Looks exactly like Sessions. Only smarter and less racist
Jeff Rundlett He always wanted all the attention. Now he's getting it. By the way. Alfred E. for POTUS 2020.
Steven Ackerman You guys can never get enough of this cover of Alfred peeing, can you?
MAD Magazine
MAD MagazineThursday, February 16th, 2017 at 3:10am

Kremlinsanity Dept.

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Philip Schey This is what Trump and Putin are up to: Exxon Mobil, under Rex Tillerson, brokered a deal with Russia in 2013 to lease over 60 million acres of Russian land to pump oil out of (which is five times as much land as they lease in this country), but all that Russian oil would go through pipelines in the Ukraine, who heavily tax the proceeds, and Ukraine was applying for admission into NATO at the time Putin subsequently invaded Ukraine in 2014, secured the routes to export the oil tax-free by sea, and took control of the port where their Black Sea Naval Fleet is based, by taking the Crimean peninsula from Ukraine by force. This was Hitler style imperialism that broke every international law in the free world. After Obama sanctioned Russia for the invasion, Exxon Mobil could only pump oil from approximately 3 of those 60+ million acres. But now Rex Tillerson is soon to be our Secretary of State, and as of today, there’s information circulating that Donald Trump will likely unilaterally remove all sanctions against Russia in the coming days or weeks. The Russian government’s oil company, Rosneft, will make half a trillion (500 Billion) dollars from that much untapped oil, all pumped tax-free through Crimea, stolen from Ukraine, now owned by Russia. Putin may have subverted our government just for this deal to go through." Please share this EVERYWHERE, copy and paste if you like. Fact check away.
Will Geer Sorry MAD, you used to be funny but now reading your material is just depressing.
Michael Allison Come on, MAD Magazine. Everyone knows it's now called the Breit-House and the Cognac Crusader is really calling the shots!
Hilary Egan Mm except he owes Russia nothing while Hillary handed over our Uranium. Mad, you've always been clever, don't stoop to dumb
Vicki Laack-Benham To be fair, I think we all can agree our government has been f-ed up and continues to be for a long while now.
Mark Baker Between his Russian pee stained hair, & the gay intervention therapy VP. # conservatives
Timothy W Vicars Your just an rag now that so few read! left wing idiots!
David Mitchuson Obama put them up there to make White House look like a masque. Trump shouldn't have painted them to look like Russia!
Claus von Horstig Nastrovje Comrade.
Timothy Wilcox Looks like mad is trying to compete with CNN as a news source.
Roger Shaw Would not surprise me as donnie has turned it into the White Trash House. Does this idiot know a color other than gold?
Ron Raines I am done with Mad Magazine. You are a bunch of idiots!!
Henry Matteson That's great! I always enjoy Mad! I can read it all day, if only they were less expensive
Mickey Rat #donaldtrumpski
Den Poitras
Roger Dubar Great minds think alike, etc. <3 to MAD Magazine from Satiria! xx
Nick Novack Trump mahal
Jack Myhervold Mmmm yum...., candy kisskies!.
Albert Barton
Chuck Huda Is that possible ?
Dustin Gene
Jerry Fletcher Reminds me of a place that sells soft ice cream....
Shelley McConaghy Polito 😂😂😂 No respect here for #45!
Bob Pollard
Steve Smith The USR?
MAD Magazine
MAD MagazineWednesday, February 15th, 2017 at 8:55am

A View to a Shill Dept.

With a two- or three-year subscription to MAD, you'll get a FREE copy of "Inside MAD" — 256 pages of classic MAD stupidity: classic covers, movie satires,...

Richmond Aulisio I just got a second subscription to MAD delivered to my house! My friends call me stupid but the joke is on them! Now I can read MAD twice if I want! Now who's stupid Jerks!
Michael Keft You're only young once,but you can be immature forever.. Love MAD
Buck Kuhlmann I'm already signed up for another 2 years. Do I get the MAD gift???
Burtman Mcburt I wouldn't if I were you. This magazine is on life support. Every issue may be its last. Wasted money.
Perry Biddle
Jeff Kehoe I know I did.
Steven Ackerman Don't need to do this-have the book already.
Deborah Fishman yes you go al jaffee my dad!!!!!!
Timothy Wilcox Or watch cnn
Jim Green Karl Wagener
MAD Magazine
MAD MagazineWednesday, February 15th, 2017 at 4:26am

Scorn Syrup Dept.

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Melissa Goetting I don't know why, but of all of those "Hold My Tiny Hand" was my favorite
Rod Justice Stop it already MAD magazine, you are breaking too many trumpeteers' hearts.
John Krena I'm old enough to remember when Mad Mag was cool and funny; written/illustrated and produced by talented individuals. Now it seems to have become just another whining twat-fest; kinda like SNL.
Mark Zbylut Mad I am 56 years old. I have always loved your humor because you leveled the playing field. This post is just mean and disgusting. There is nothing funny about your dirty comments about our President.
Matt Broussard people dont realize his public face is a direct response to the contempt he has for the politcially correct media agenda. but the masses buy that as much as they love a good jerry springer show. but tell themselves they hate it. right?
Louis Richardson
Christian Diego Alcocer Argüello Can somebody please explain the "Let's go furniture shopping" reference? It's the only one I don't get. :)
Rick Bloom Be my Slovenian Trophy wife! You guys need a drummer/vocalist?
Dennis Creighton Just remember without Trump you wouldn't have a treasure trove of material to work with.
Jeremy Harris I love you bigly!
Kevin Kroger Be my Ivanka...hahaha
Becky Siefert Todd Siefert thank you for "liking" this so that it would pop up on my facebook feed! 😂😂😂😂
Bob Jefferys Like the message says, "Stupidly delivered." (Their words, not mine... just sayin)
Melissa Velez-Girard Stacy Albanese, thought of you with the be my Ivanka. :)
Mark Lohr Cheerio, MAD. It was good while it lasted but I'm bored of the Trump jokes.
George Stolz Good to see MAD hasn't forgotten humor entirely!
Jai Nair
Jerry Glomph Black #FakeChews
Jill DeYoe Ha ha. Be sure not to just kid him; keep the sharp satire focused on him too.
Bill Coonley These are great candy hearts, the best candy hearts, that much I can tell you!
Tyson Gerkman these are good
Caitlin Askew Jackson Geary be my Slovenian trophy wife
Piet de Vries "Can Steve Bannon watch" XD
Dana Starenas Hackett Not funny.
Per Wallin
MAD Magazine
MAD MagazineTuesday, February 14th, 2017 at 7:36am

Blanks for Nothing Dept.

In the Comments section, tell us what you think the boat captain is saying in the captionless Tom Cheney cartoon below — and on Friday, we’ll announce the “winner!” Shame has never...

Joseph F. Walter IV "I don't know what your problem is: he said he was going to make the Titanic great again, and I still believe him!"
Josh Levine "Stop playing around Fred , the last one in is not a rotten egg."
Steven Ackerman You missed a week, by the way. What happened here? Okay, here's my suggestion, "Don't go down there to get that Rose Dawson, she can handle herself."
Wilhelm Nielson "I know as the Captain of this vessel I'm supposed to go down with the ship but...right now... I'm identifying as a woman".
Jeannie Schonta When I said, "Women and children first" I meant those going through their FIRST childhood, not their SECOND one!
Nick Hudson 'Ok. I admit that's a gnarly grind, but get back to the wheel. This place is going down harder than a $5 hooker.'
Jerry Moore Get me a brisket on a kaiser roll while you're down there.
Zeb Martin ♫ Are you comin' with me? Come let me take you on a party ride And I'll teach you, teach you, teach you I'll teach you the TITANIC slide. Boogie woogie, woogie! ♫
Paul Burke "Don't ever ask me to 'hold my beer and watch this' again, Captain."
Jason Lutes Instead of waxing the railings you should have been looking for icebergs!
Bruce Shtal No Captain, we didn't just "pop a wheelie"!
Sean O'Mara For the last time it's "The heart does go on" not "The hotdogs go on"!
Charles Knieriemen " Captain, I think going down with the ship means something else"
Rick May I don't care what you say; you are not the king of the world.
John Fudge Don't do it, Trump will only be around four years!!
Andrew Davis You can quit gloating that you won't have to pay alimony anymore.
Chris Hamrick It's all fun and games until somebody gets hit in the iceberg.
Greg Loescher "Wrong way, mate! The life preserver is in FRONT of the ship's bow!"
Vincent Viñas You can't do that and then take off! I refuse to die as "it!"
Javier Benton The Captain does not have to go down with the ship if he scores at least an 8 in style points isn't a rule!
Paul Stuart "Don't you think it's strange that we're sinking backwards, since the iceberg hit the front of the ship?"
Kip Conner Go get the band, they don't get a break for another 20 min.
Joe Lara Well, mate. Hope you still have clean undies, Sharks are annoyed by poo.
Adam Bennett You go ahead and be radical, I'm going to make this ship great again.
MAD Magazine
MAD MagazineTuesday, February 14th, 2017 at 4:57am

Flynn Jong-un Dept.

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Douglas Durrenberger MAD Magazine, you will always be the best. Also, your writers for the Brazilian edition are hilarious. Brazilian politics are just as insane as the US, and your writers skewer them brilliantly.
Terry Rainey Waiting for the Trump trolls to appear any time now.
Dave Snyder You're not funny. I don't even know why I follow anymore. I dropped my subscription years ago.
Eric Isaacs
Willie Randolph Go now
Jordan Dubson Too bad on both.
Juergen Horst Und Tschüss und nimm das blonde Eichhörnchen gleich mit👍
Jeff Tepper Now both pics are "Fired"! Scary that y'all predicted that!
Joseph F. Walter IV Joseph F. Walter
MAD Magazine
MAD MagazineSaturday, February 11th, 2017 at 3:48am

Judge Dread Dept.

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Jerry Fletcher Where's Diana, Flo, and Mary? You can't have a Supremes court without Diana, Flo, and Mary.... As to Nine Donald's, they'd never be able to decide who they'd like to disagree with, and that's understandable, considering how little even ONE Donald knows about the Law.
Todd Hunter Reality check. I dare to submit that every single person in the world would want a supreme Court full of themselves so there would be no opposition to their ideas. We all think that our ideas are the best and anyone who disagrees is just stupid.
Bob Higgins Now that's really a Supreme Court...bigly supreme, believe me!
Freddie Harrison Hopefully you guys work really hard at lampooing the Netflix abortion, ha ha ha, all's fair in love and war right? Be a little balanced at least,,,left right left right left right KILL!
Marilyn Au One has to admit he looks good in black pumps and a lacy collar. ;)
Dave Tooley LoL... Nobody thinks that Hillary would have loaded it her way if she had won.
Ana Bae Nana Sadly true. A three way division of federal powers is way beyond his comprehension.
Eric D Oliver OMG people, it's a joke from MAD Magazine ! Lighten up!
Richard Serani Could also be Franklin Roosevelt's too. Presidents' always try to pack the court, rarely works.
Michael Visnov Your Trump stuff has been great. Kurtzman and company would be proud.
Gordon Anthony Cave-Wallace In the UK, judges wear really obvious wigs. #ironic
Keri Schenter Just when I got the "No Trump in This Issue!" out of the mailbox ... THANKS MAD!!! 😂
James G Phillips Could throw in a couple of Miss America contestants for #45 to molest.
Justin Berry The greatest judges, the greatest cases, its gonna be winning.
Adrian Jawort Brace yourself: here come the humorless bore #triggered Trump supporters who need a #safeplace from satire. :(
Philip Faithful Brett A whole field of Scalias, price of stocks in baby related businesses set to rise.
Daniel Lindy false, they're hands would be much, much bigger
Josh Sykes RBG Trump is adorable.
paul george brasch Hey Mad...rename your magazine Trump.....What...I'm not worried...
Robert Audette See you in Court!!!! LOL
Kristen Olson Faust Hilarious!!
Michael Whitten The judge and jury all in one.
Frank Hdz Trump really so pig !
Denise Miller Unfortunately that is true.
Andres Ramirez King These "So call judges"!!!!
MAD Magazine
MAD MagazineFriday, February 10th, 2017 at 7:29am

Maul of America Dept.

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Roy Phillips Just remember, every time Mad makes fun of Trump, they lose another Trump supporter from their subscriber list. And that's only one of the advantages of making fun of him.
Andrew Davis Anyone else think it ironic that the so called "Jobs President" has done everything he can to discredit and harm Nordstrom with the intention of ultimately shutting it down? If only he put as much energy into denouncing Russia.
Randy Skretvedt MAD Magazine has always been the wisest magazine in America. It should be required reading for elementary and junior high school kids, because it will give them a better education about the real world than anything they'll learn in school.
David Beemer This made me realize how much I miss the sophisticated humor of that magazine. I waited for every new edition when I was about 12.
Catherine Watkins MAD had always been liberal. Their entire fan base are the progressives along with SNL, Daily show, Late Night...etc. what are the conservative humor channels and magazines? Nada. Conservatives do not smile unless someone is suffering at their hands
Patsy Wade Trahey My brother Richard who died 49 years ago was an avid fan of this magazine. Amazing it raises it face to me now and such an appropriate timing! God bless America!
Janis Kusch Nybeck I remember mailing an issue for my Dad when I was away from home and he thought that was the greatest gift ever!
Mona Magee I am proud to see a Washington based company that is respectful to its costumers and employees, not let itself get belittled by a bully. Nordstrom has always been a supportive business in our community ,born on grassroots values.
Timothy W Vicars a little clever- but not funny. why nothing about idiot granny pelosi or maxding waters or goofy pocahantas warren. i guess you just do lefty satire?
Jim Kulp Nordstrom said it was a business decision. In my opinion it was a good decision. Mad is also making a good business decision. It's all about the almighty buck. Certainly the Trumps can relate to that. That's modus operandus for them. The Trumps are being trumped and they don't like it!
Dianne Barron Scruggs After the Charlie Hebdo attack, I thought how can I make a statement of support for satirical journalists, that's when I got a subscription to Mad. I'd always read Mad as a youth but got busy with life and Mad got put on the back burners for some reason. Journalists, we do support you. All forms of journalism. Thank you!
Stephanie Lepore He's our president show some respect !!!!Enough already .....don't worry I won't be buying any of the magazines any time soon !!!!!
Jeff Davis If this was a political stand, then their position that it was only a business decision negates the action. If it was truly a business decision, then the original snowflakes are claiming a victory that is not theirs to claim. We may never know. And Mad has always been a liberal magazine that pokes fun at anybody. Screw 'em if they can't take a joke. Further, always remember, in the words of Alfred E. Newman, that beer cans on the highway are ugly many say. But in the night, reflecting light, they safely guide your way
Craig Lurz I learned so much about absurdity from Mad magazine. For example, in their parody of the Sound of Music they questioned how the Baron Von Trapp could be a captain in the Austrian since Austria was a landlocked country!
Dee Fortin 🤣Hoooo boy, that was a good one! Well played, MAD, well played. 🤣
Giuseppe Nazzoli The failing MAD Magazine are a bunch of losers and very unfunny. They are not good...believe me..a yuge, bigley bunch of Muslims trying to hurt Americans...bad hombres. Believe me...sad.😄
Joshua Daniel Auguste People need to sneek in at night and make this happen. Yes, I am advocating vandalism. Sometimes it us needed. America and her malls need this
Dave Large MAD. Please can you print MAD in the UK again. Was a sad day when publication ceased back in the 90's. I really think a re-launch here would be extremely popular.
Mike Seay Seems as though Mad Magazine is on the leftist side of the fence like SNL
Monique Beaupre So childless why punish a innocent lady who did not do anything wrong not her fault Donald trump is her father where has the world gone too to be so cruel
Jerm Tzu I am now a fan. Any snowflakes offended by this can boycott their heart out. Nordstrom doesn't want white-trash wearing their clothes anyway. Haha. Well, I guess you can't call it boycotting if they can't afford it in the first place.
Fred Nordstrom Good thing for Trump or we would have the witch of the west instead. Then we all would have been screw besides just the last 8 years
David Spear Stirring debate between Kellyanne Conway and Lady Elaine Fairchilde on Fox News Today?
Linda Portoghese D'Alo The boycott is working! Please check out Grabyourwallet website for the list of companies being boycotted.
Steve Magid Alfred E. Newman for president. He ran before, now he could even win!
MAD Magazine
MAD MagazineFriday, February 10th, 2017 at 6:05am

Get a sneak peek of "The Trump Family Circus" from our upcoming issue!

Patrick Arnold Hey Trump minions: better get used to your Orange Leader getting skewered for a while. You've got two choices: either unfollow MAD and let the rest of us enjoy the lampooning; or you could moan and cry about it, and be considered.....snowflakes. Oh, the irony.
Ryk Lambert If nothing else, this period of history is comedy gold. I will be looking forward to new issues of MAD and I have even started watching SNL again.
David Price Drumph has been a comedy and satirists dream, they been waiting patiently for years for a president this malignantly narcissistic . Oh, the fun they will have while it last, however short it may be😜😜
Larry Smith MAD has been a bunch of wusses about going after Hillary, Obamka and their cronies. They just make up for it by doing it more viciously against Republicans. They very much powder puff it with extreme Libs.
Pat Scott Trump and his minions are the biggest "snowflakes" off all....thin-skinned and easily offended. They called Obama and his family all sorts of disgusting names and had all sorts of tin-foil hat conspiracy theories about him, but now they can't take it.
Brian D'angelo mad turned into Sad Magazine when the original writers died off. now its just young rude and crude libs trying to destroy that too.
Rob Haerr MAD could have a field day. I think they are being too subtle.
Jay Paul The cover is yellow. Golden shower yellow.
Wayne Harrison Will definitely be picking up this issue. It'll be one for the ages.
Mike Stednitz Too political for me ,been reading your magazine since I was a kid , time to sign off ,Good bye
Larry Stein Wonder when "president - the donald" will tweet about this
Steven Ackerman Got this issue. You still have one more tribute to do-for Gerry Gersten. Guess that'll be in the next one.
Joseph Stoneman MAD making fun of The President is overly predictable, but ultimately necessary both at the same time...
Stephen Lyle You need another article mag.. "Mad Politics".. People will know to go looking there for it.
Bill Coonley When Mad Magazine becomes my go-to for real news, I have truly entered into "The Twilight Zone"!
Suzanne Harper Titkemeyer They left out Tiffany Trump. Poor Tiff, always the forgotten Trump.
Umesh V. Salaskar Change the name from mad to sick.. i was fan of urs.. bye
Jeannïe Douglas
Robert Gibralter Mad is rising!
Arthur Pena Just another piece of the propaganda machine.
Amber Seashell Wow! That's bold!
Bob Wells Brilliant!
Mary Keller Hahaha. Larry. Winter is coming!
Jamie Andrews good grief I'm back to my youth MAD mag and SNL!!😎
Richmond Aulisio Just looks like good old fun to me!
MAD Magazine
MAD MagazineFriday, February 10th, 2017 at 6:05am
Jason Lutes I think Trumps plan (if he could think clearly) is to be extremely outrageous to focus the medias attention away from the truly awful things he's doing behind the scenes.
Jay Amber Chuppe Yeah, I'm over the Trump gags in the mag. There were enough articles and covers devoted to it in the primaries. The guy is a parody of himself and It's too easy. I'm looking forward to seeing new things covered.
Alfred Hamblin Stephen Colbert seems to be taking it to an unhealthy level. He even looks different, like he is really really struggling with the reality Trump is the man with the plan. Have enjoyed your mag since I was a kid :)
paul george brasch Colbert killed the Late Show with his left-wing Trump crap.....come on Mad ....Trump here and there but you guys did less on
Dan Smith Desperate for material, so they just stick to Trump. I'm gonna start writing for MAD and take your jobs! Lol, you're fired!
Fred Carullo I didn't see an Alfred E. Newman as Barron Trump yet. Unless I missed it. Seems obvious though I think there's even a bit of a resemblance.
Jack Myhervold Trump absolutely deserves mega-jabbing, but even those of us who could not vote for him need a break from the addictive bitter revenge mode postings. Start picking on Pence, in preparation for his transition to POTUS after Trumps eventual indictment. Great magazine and site, especially when it provides variety.
Adrianna De Vega can't wait to read the upcoming issue, reading how Mad satirizes Trump & other politics keeps me sane!
Rob Haerr MAD could have a field day. I think they are being too subtle.
Justin Berry Good. You got Bernie, Elizabeth Warren, Palosi and upChuck to make memes of.
Gordon Anthony Cave-Wallace Wait, Trump is s real thing? I thought I was watching HBO...
Mike Beales I did a Top Trump last time I went to the bathroom. Bigly yuge.
Andrew Davis We really wish there WERE no Trump. Not WAS no trump. Grammar... fellas... grammar.
Floyd Hone If they did same to Obama they be called a racist
Richard Hall Do Elizabeth Warren stuff then !
Ellis Villanueva What no " lighter side of : " executive signing ?
Mike Percoco You guys read the fine print on the cover right? ;)
Dolores Sorensen Can we hang that cover on the White house door??!!!
Johnny Otts Maybe "MAD" Should Just Rebrand Itself..."TRUMP".....
Andrew Ober-Reynolds South Park is also sick of Trump.
Gary Zumwalt Mostly because there's no challenge to it.
Michele Stewart Yeah it is kinda too easy. Like shooting ducks in a barrel!
Sonja Jade Got mine in the mail today!
Terry Rainey Trump is just too easy a target.
Dominick Butera ME TO...
MAD Magazine
MAD MagazineThursday, February 9th, 2017 at 5:46am

Hannibal Lectern Dept.

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Adrian Jawort Brace yourself: here come the #triggered Trump supporters to whine about how MAD "used to be funny back in 1956 and only made knock knock jokes" or some alternative fact.
Tim Lucas Keep up the great work, MAD! Your recent political humor is on par with your work during the Nixon years! Of course, so is politics in general.
Michael Armistead Hey MAD Magazine, it's fine to bash Repbulicans when they do stupid things, but what about the idiocy of the Democrats? When are you going to call them out for their stupidity, or are you just partisan hacks? Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters served two big ones up for you to jump on quickly:
Matthew Huwe It's hard to satirize Trump considering his shameless nature. It's like making a joke about a joke. This was needed. There are plenty of things wrong with congress, especially now. #havethedemsstoppedscreaming
Sue Gary-Borg In the 6th grade, I used to hide my MAD Magazine in my Geography book so I could read it during class. That was in the "good ole days" (hahahahaha) of 1958/59, and managed to make all As...:)
Jill DeYoe Keep up the critique of this perverted administration. Get severe. Expose, condemn, ridicule. You are a force for much needed change. Thank you MAD
David Wile Here, MM looks like Rik Ocasek in the You Might Think video.
Richmond Aulisio MAD is in overdrive! I can't keep up! Like watching Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood before seeing Menace to Society. Do we have a problem?
Philip Faithful Brett To take politics at MAD Magazine seriously is not the eaqual and opposite reaction to taking the government for a joke. It isn't easy to make fun of Democrats because people don't find it funny that they are being robbed to fund incompetence rather they are appalled.
Teddy Tjaden folks are over the top with this it, love it...explains so much truth :)
Mark Shepherd 'Hannibal Lecturn Dept'. That has got to be one of your best ever.
Dion Turner "Well Elizabeth - have the democrats stopped screaming?"
Chris Downs
Kevin Montgomery They should just make her wear this.
Joseph Dee "Oh, and Senator, just one more thing: love your suit!"
Bill Anzik It's about time someone shut up Fauxcahontis.
Bill Coonley A flying turtle?
Cory Fusting Fact: Not even Trump supporters would defend Mitch McConnell.
Donna Jago Mitch, it's time for you to go home!!
Ralph Shoemaker I like Elizabeth Warren! What a fighter!
Paul Woodman
Paul Olsen Unfollowing MAD..your bias is showing.
Dean Zagone Senator, Nice suit!
Gabe N Mimi Stevenson "Of the dumbs"
MAD Magazine
MAD MagazineWednesday, February 8th, 2017 at 5:54am

The Goof Shepard Dept.

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Abby Rition I remember when MAD used to be satire... This is too true to be funny. :(
Mary Oxendale Spensley She is highly qualified to ruin the American public school system.
Chuck Bierwirth And so expanding the swamp begins..... Mark my word - she will find a way to raid the federal education coffers to help privatize education to the benefit of her friends.
Robert Ferreira Cruella Deville was just given control over the Dalmatian puppy rescue.
Wayne David Anything is better than more of the same. Our education system has failed. After the election classes were canceled and grief counselors were brought in. Students are graduating completely unprepared for life or the work environment. Young people think they should be handed everything for free. Everyone gets a trophy so no one knows how to deal with failure. These are some of the reason why young people are turning to heroin and overdosing everyday. Anything is better than more of the same. A high school drop out with a little common sense could do a better job than the last administration.
Carrie Madarang Krepp "'My family is the biggest contributor of soft money to the Republican National Committee. I have decided to stop taking offense,' she wrote, 'at the suggestion that we are buying influence. Now I simply concede the point. They are right. We do expect something in return. We expect to foster a conservative governing philosophy consisting of limited government and respect for traditional American virtues. We expect a return on our investment.' " - Betsy DeVos.
Andrew Davis No fair.. the Mad writers hardly have to work for a living any more to be insanely hilarious... just accurately report what's going on with these guys.
Steve Font I can remember when we in the Air Force' s Strategic Air Command used the phrase "We, the unqualified, leading the unwilling to perform the unnecessary"
Jerry Fletcher As if being filthy rich isn't enough... Now she gets to take education away from the lower and middle classes. Get it? The lower and middle CLASSES? This is all part of Trump's plan to bring the factories back to America. He needs child labor to keep the wages low.
Bharata D Robinson "HEY politicians, leave those teachers alone! All in all, we're just bricks in Trump's wall." And, of course, in every show, Pink Floyd smashed down the Wall.
Audra Pinder Smith Give the TEACHERS a pay raise, pit discipline back in the classrooms, disobedient kids NEED Corporal Punishment, no more of having your child diagnosed with a disorder and put on medication just because the parent (s) do not want to deal with their children,
Marianne Krogstad This is what you get when teacher union's push their agendas down everyone's throats. Pay back is always ugly and in this case it's the children who all get hurt. Take politics out of education and maybe these kind if things wouldn't happen. And for so you won't forget the Clintons also sold positions and influence. Some things and groups should remain neutral.
MeghanPaul Radavich Anything is better than the same, eh? I highly doubt that filling incredibly important and decisive political appointees to rewrite and reform consumer protection laws and policies by wealthy campaign donors is a "refreshing" way to re-design government. But hey you imbecile trump supporters don't know the cold hard truth of this cheeto faced feces promise to overturn the Dodd-Frank laws simply because trumplethinskin's business owning friends have trouble getting loans so you and the rest of America get screwed.
Audra Pinder Smith Well obviously some people are still butt hurt cause their candidate lost.. so I guess you feel it was working sooooo much better under im pretty sure it is NOT about our children, however it is from your candidate not winning..Give it up and Grow up
Stephen Schuit So we want change, just not from Mad Magazine. And yes, our education system could be better. But if you believe a person who knows little or nothing about public education, and couldn't answer basic questions about education, you're tragically mistaken.
Dan Farrell I wonder how much Wayne David is actively involved in education. There are an incredible number of public school graduates who are contributing to our society today. Mr. Wayne is making unsubstantiated generalizations about student achievement. Yes, there are failures. There are an incredible number of reasons students fail. And a major contributor includes socio-environmental factors.
Marc Frey I would be worried but no one who posts on this can name the last 3 Secretary of Education. Let alone anything they have done to help the children. If you reply "Common Core" instantly lose.
Ken Smith Why do we need a department of education?? Didn't have one when I went to school. Government usually screws up everything they touch. Just eliminate the department problem solved let he states have it back
Dan Hornaday Ah...Mad Magazine, the bible of my youth! It's making a comeback just in the nick of time. Should have lots of good material in the weeks to come. It can't go on for more than weeks can it?
Emmett C Baxendell And just think in past administrations they only bought ambassadorships...oh wait they also purchased that Secretary of State thing a well.
Graham Hollis It used to be that donors bought ambassadorships to cushy places. But I guess if you spend enough you can buy a cabinet position.
Paul Bondhus Privatize and monetize the schools -just like the prisons. And put the slow and disabled kids anywhere but the schools -they don't work out in the cost /benefit analysis,it is a business after all.
Randall Wellman Can I get a job as a writer for Mad Magazine? I have no qualifications but if I just have to look up facts and reprint them as memes I think I can handle the task.
Susan Halen-Godina We are in trouble!!! Along with the whole Trump administration-- total idiots!! So not proud of our leadership, completely embarrassed!!
Bill Killian As much money she already paid to all the politicians she could have been president by the way the the money she reported was the checks she wrote but I wonder how much cash she gave trump?
MAD Magazine
MAD MagazineTuesday, February 7th, 2017 at 5:56am

Judge Not Lest Ye Be Smudged Dept.
MAD Presents...Donald J. Trump's New Executive Seal

Alfred/Trump Head Artist: Mark Fredrickson

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Rod Justice Too many MAD "trumpeteers". They don't have a clue what the satire is all about. Clueless just like their beloved leader.
Douglas Durrenberger Trump, in addition to being a whiny dictator, is also hilarious. MAD has a lot of fodder. Maybe the Trump fans complaining would like a Russian-language edition of know, since apparently President Trump thinks we're the same :D
Michael Armistead According to the US Constitution, he is the duly elected and installed executive officer of the United States. There is no "so-called" about it. He and the office deserve respect, just as Obama did from those who didn't like him. There is a difference between good satire and cheap and inaccurate pot-shots. This is in the latter category. Sorry MAD, you can do better than this. :(
Chris Gibson I've been a life long mad magazine fan they used to be funny but now they just trash on everyone without any humor they have turned into a institution of insult slinging I hope they get back on track
Joseph Cacace That's satire... calling him the so-called President of the US? There's nothing funny or witty about that... not in the slightest bit. I don't mind political humor but that is weak. That's the funniest thing about it... that it's clearly written by a Trump-hater and that didn't even try to be humorous. Try hiring someone that has talent.
paul george brasch I like a bit of Trump humour guys but there's other stuff for Mad to get funny about....or have you guys just got a little lazy with your writing..
Bill Coonley "Mad Magazine hasn't been great in years, and I can still never find one in a store in which the fold-in wasn't already folded! Sad!" ...45
Sean McCaffrey Has Mad ever thought to take a picture of a pile of dog crap and putting an iphone next to it tweeting something? This could be titled "TR(D)UMP"
Andrew Davis You made a mistake there.. that eagle is grabbing arrows where it should be grabbing a woman's p*ssy.
Timothy W Vicars Barrack Obama was a habitual liar and you folks just loved him. I find you to be obnoxious idiots at this point and your magizine a useless rag!
Dana Stimpson As good as this is, they got the symbolism wrong. The head is turned toward the olive branch of peace; it would be more accurate if it were turned toward the arrows of war.
Joe Grady Mad was funny when I grew up in the 60's and 70's, but I'm un following the FB page today. Politically motivated and opinionated isn't funny.
Gary Owen Sloan just google up mad magazine and Obama..He is trashed as well ..which i am fine with as long as they are equal opportunity haters..the real shame is when Time honored comedy shows choose sides like S.N.L...Oh i get it though i too am sick of a lot of sights that are not of a political nature suddenly start posting anti president Trump stuff..but this a is not that...!
Gary Schroeder MAD is still on their game after all these years, awesome!! And with Trump as prez commanding a gaggle of idiots and liars, it sure makes it easy for them to be incredibly funny!!!!! Get on them MAD and rip their guts out, hahahahhahahaa!!!
Marirose NightSong They forgot his tiny hands. The comedian Jimmy Dore who has a great YouTube channel and sits on panel discussions with The Young Turks (TYT), refuses to use his name and instead calls him "Donny Tiny Hands.' Cracks me up.
Richie Arizona I have quite a few old mad mags.mostly paperbacks. I figured i would try to sell them before they go in the trash. You madaholics send a message ill send a list.
Brian Mooso I made a parody (Disney's Robin Hood: Phony King of England): Oh- the world will sing Of America's "King" A thousand years from now And not because he passed some laws, or had Twitter cows Since Obama did 8 years, and he's now gone We'll all be robbed blind by good for nothin' Don Incredible as he is inept Whenever the history books are kept They'll call him the Phony King of 'Merica (A pox on the phony king of 'Merica!) He stands alone On a gold plated throne pretending he's the king A tiny fingered tyke whom we all know is Putin's puppet on a string. He throws an angry tantrum when he cannot get his way And then calls for Putie who cleans up his doodie Ya see- he doesn't like to play.... Too dumb to be known as 'Don the first' He's sure to be known to be 'Don the worst' A pox on the phony king of 'Merica! While he taxes us to pieces, and robs us of our bread his phony gold plated crown keeps slippin' down around that pointed head Ah- but while's a ray of hope to keep ourselves on track We will find a way to make him pay And get our money back A minute before he knows we're there We'll strip him to his UNDERWEAR The greasy and queasy king of 'Merica The snifflin' whinin' Measley weasley Blabberin' Jabberin' Gibberin' Blitherin' plunderin' plottin' Wheelin' Dealin' Donald Trump The phony king of 'Merica!
Nicole Aubry this is the best. Peggy Parker. Vaut mieux en rire ! Denis Aubry...te souviens-tu de ce magazine ? Je le lisais lorsque j'étais ado. hihi.
Mike Davis MAD props!,luv,luv!,kiss,kiss!.I want to be buried with all my Mads!Better than ever! Never better! The best there is! The constitution got nothing on Mad! I rub my Mads all over myself at night! I'll stop now!
Matt Broussard no what americans need is a good dose of reality. instead of sabotaging their own country from within,and invite the corruption from every other country to manifest itself into america and then blame america for being the corrupt one? only in america. could the last free country in the world,and the biggest melting pot. be duped into screaming for their own opression and for a genocdial holy war. right in their very own backyard
Agnes Gooch I was thinking it should say "E Furious Unum" or something like that. :)
Moe Labelle Donald is a Mean One... The French Word for Seal is Phoque... That Furry Mammal.... So would his New Executive Order just Be ??? ;)
Patrick C. Cook Too bad the National Lampoon is gone. Have a field day.
Bonnie Schwab It's good but the head should definitely be turned toward the arrows
Matthew Carroll Locke It's funny to read all of the butt sore posts. It's Mad Magazine for cripes sake!
MAD Magazine
MAD MagazineSaturday, February 4th, 2017 at 7:55am

Blanks for Nothing Dept.

There were many caption submissions this week for Duck Edwing’s uncaptioned mechanic cartoon, but there could only be one winner (and “winner” in this situation is really stretching the definition of the word...)...

Bob Pollard Oh boy, this is really going to offend the tRumpers...
Burtman Mcburt I'm sorry. But The winner was I don't know whats wrong with it, it's got me licked.
Ryan Hughes Use polo mints instead of washers?
Dalton Amy Rush Charles Jocko Rush oh bumper...
MAD Magazine
MAD MagazineSaturday, February 4th, 2017 at 5:47am

A Sunday That Will Live in Infamy Dept.

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Bobby Madigan A "drug fueled orgy" is my defined right as an American and a Christian!!!!!!!!!
Ryan Pat 99.9% of the country is hoping Atlanta wins over the constant cheaters!
Dracut Wilmington Roslindale My appetizer choices are narrowed down to the salmon mousse or the brown acid.
Dee Starr Agree about the asparagus dip 🤢
Dave Snyder Mad hasn't been funny for years.
Louis Phrasany That last one, wtf?!😝
James G Phillips Lets Go Patriots! 🏈 🎬 🎥
Mike Palmer Stupor Bowl...
Simon Jones Amazing writing MAD. Loved point #4
Drew Gould
Michael Walter Good one.
Ray Riley
Joseph Dyer Delesha English
César Zúñiga Gabriela
MAD Magazine
MAD MagazineFriday, February 3rd, 2017 at 5:58am

Flee, the People Dept.

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Robert McNay MAD is gonna have a field day for the next four years. LOL
Aryq George That's the best I've ever seen Bannon and Conway look.. Usually the pus bag and Clydesdale aren't camera ready by any means WITH makeup..
Susie Kroeger The best thing Mr. Trump and his cronies have done is give MAD and the comedians a whole lot of material! (y) Thanks a bunch, D.T.
Paul White Alfred E. Neuman would be ashamed. PC on display, agree or else. And didn't even get into Obama's walk on the constitution.
Elbie Strauss Dorman Reading your crap wish that he could bring the end of the world. Kaboom . Just imagine how you will fly in the air screaming blue MAD murder. At last your kak will be swiiped from the face of this MAD earth.
Eddie King Ha, with Trump as President, you have so much material! Y'all were quite dormant the Obama years...
Michael Knox
Mark Olson He actually is the only president in years that IS a constitutionalist.
Gary Schroeder Snowflake alert, should we call the Wambulance ahead of time? hahaha
Humberto Castilla Toledo I hope #GestapoSteve doesn't mind this type of humor...
Mark Bourdon It would be funny if it wasn't true.
Mona Bergfeld Allen Trump is living rent free in your brain. What a great businessman!
Bill Coonley Sorry, Mad Magazine - compared to American politics, you are voices of reason. that is, you have been "out-stupiditied". Sorry.
Patrick Langan Well, that's the best I've ever seen Kelly Ann Conway
Rita Pappas I hope you all have a mind open enough to look up George Soros, CAIR, Robert Creamer,, and Project Veritas. Also, try To name a few... The 1st 2 I listed will enlighten you to the fact that THEY are funding the Left Wing and paying protesters... time to wake up.
Russell Kuhn Bahahahaha, suck it lefties. Shouldn't some of you be rioting somewhere?
Joe Lentini Good movie poster, except the hair should have been orange
Gene Lyons
Mike Miguelito Cue the "I'm gonna unlike this page" guy...
Charles Schneider So following their oath to DEFEND the Constitution is pirating it? FAIL! Try again with some fresh material...
Bob Pollard
Victoria Krupski Heavey
Ed McLaughlin They be needin' a good draw and quarter. Or in this case, a good draw and render.
Van Swearingen
MAD Magazine
MAD MagazineThursday, February 2nd, 2017 at 4:18am

Mock of Ages Dept.

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Jerry Fletcher I don't know her, but Whoa Nelly, MAD is Nasty with this one! I hope she recovers from her latest bout and goes on to become a sweet, kindly, loving individual. If not, she can always get a job as enforcer for Trump.
Daniel J Ahern I'd love to see her on Dancing With the Stars. Only problem is I don't watch it. As for RoadHouse remake, good luck. Remaking a movie that was so bad it reached good.
Sam Parker Not a fan with this post. Rousey is one of the good guys. Doesn't deserve this treatment an unwritten rule of mad is attack the douchebags that adversely affect others. You may or may not be aware of her fragile mental state from the first loss and this is just salt in the new wound.
Gary Schroeder Look at all these butthurt people crying about this! Just wait until Ronda bites somebody's ear off, then you 'll see!!!! hahaha
Scott St John She can go make a buttload of money in the WWE. She would also be good at being Captain Marvel or Power Girl.
Nikker Fu Brutal.
Brandon Mouser Too soon, MAD. Too soon 😂
Frank Semonious
Adam Vanderpluym Dang I thought she was like a decade older than that.
Jeffrey D. Massey Roadhouse......
LeAnne Stanton Haha!
Daniel Lindy you forgot joining the WWE
John Jornov That's brutal, and funny
Jim Fitzpatrick Ouch. Pretty harsh.
Julian Restrepo Peña Is this bullying?
Chet Tucker Who??
Don Gilroy She's making money
Robert Kealy Ease up.
Shawn Griffin She is Handsome !!
Michael Lamb
Drew Gould Face block!
Wade K. Savage Keri 😳
Tiago Vasconi Stoppa Luiz Guzzi...
Johnsman Alexis Perozo Eleazar Bellorin, Tomas E. Perez Ocariz Too soon? Jajaja!
MAD Magazine
MAD MagazineWednesday, February 1st, 2017 at 9:49am

Hat’s All, Folks Dept.

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Jerry Fletcher He wants "Yes Men" only. Doesn't want to hear from any opposition. Very much like the guys in Russia and North Korea. They have great hair, too!
Carl Christensen I'm actually looking forward to see what sort of crazy redneck "Boss Hogg" judge he's going to find......probably will make Scalia look like a hippie.......
Dennis Creighton That's how our Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau decides which promises to break. Only his hat says, "Faire A Nouveau Quebec Grand."
Erwin Ross Wouldn't matter, the kind, compassionate, unifying liberal democrats will throw a fit no matter who he chooses
Elmer Costabile Give Trump's nominee the same respect they gave Obama's a year ago...None!
Clifford Nickerson If only. I think this would give us a better chance.
John Rihn He still has to make a decision, he's knew his pick for a long time, he's the smartest person on the face of the earth,.................
John R Daley
Wayne McFarland Drumpf probably selecting them from a church :(
Nate Lytle I never realized how liberal mad is
Ken Mitchell And I thought he threw darts at a target.
Ray Riley
Perry Biddle
Dennis Castro I wish that this was the case.
Angie Clarke LOL!
Anthony Yslava Chances are good than
Jim Fitzpatrick #ImpeachTrumpAndPenceNow
Alonso Zermeño Miranda Ok
Adrianna De Vega Lmao
Now I've Seen Everything
Tom Zarnowski
Ramon L. Santiago LMFAO!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
Aaron Benjamin Leighlani Yazzie
Monia Rafique John Hightower
Jane Eyre Gus
MAD Magazine
MAD MagazineWednesday, February 1st, 2017 at 4:33am

Classic MAD Dept.

From MAD #233, September 1982
Artist: Bob Clarke

Steven Ackerman First Mad I ever read completely, although it was in summer camp so I didn't actually buy it. I think Pac Man is pissed off because he ate Alfred, which gave him indigestion, which is also why he's not on the cover.
Tim Kelly Wasn't this the first issue in a number of years to not feature Alfred E. Nueman?
Roy Phillips Alas, old age has killed off my reflexes to the point that even solitaire is a challenge.
Augustus H Fields My neighbor gave me this issue many years later. I think I still have it but the cover is in deplorable condition by now.
Harvey Garrett I wonder if the sound of a cornered Pacman played when he died.
Alan Capriotti That was the cover of the first issue I ever bought and read, about 12 years old.
Peter D. Cook Originally Puck Man. Changed the name in fear on vandalized game consoles.
Jeannie Schonta I have this ish! Shortly afterwards TIME ran a similar cover with PAC-MAN on the front!
Patrick McMeen Hmmmm...... How can I make this about Trump?
Jason Palmer Still have that one.
Nick Novack All I can say is game over
Andy Watts I had this issue.
David Canales Cuantos mas EPN???
John McCall I still have that issue somewhere.
Joseph Ochoa RIP Masaya
Ess Maher And Galaga and Galaxian..
Erik Friday Lol I remember this issue!
Max Beilstein Now that's a character from our childhoods!
Justin Brock :v
Aaron Benjamin Leighlani Yazzie
Guilherme Queiroz
MAD Magazine
MAD MagazineTuesday, January 31st, 2017 at 7:36am

Blanks for Nothing Dept.

In the Comments section, tell us what you think the mechanic is saying in the captionless Duck Edwing cartoon below — and on Friday, we’ll announce the “winner!” Shame has never been so...

Jim D'Andrea She's suffering from depression. An orange colored Volkswagen lied to her about his MPG. He told her it was magnificent and yuge and she would love it bigly.
Daniel Covino "I was hoping the last motor mouth I'd have to deal with today was my wife when I left the house this morning."
Jason Lutes You have to replace the filter, change the oil, and oh, looks like a bad case of gingivitis. It's common among European models.
Nick Novack I'm not familiar with this model , I'm going to have to recommend you to take this to a vet or a doctor or his manufacturer, mad scientist
Nick Hudson 'Yep, looks like the artist drawing us doesn't have a clue what an engine looks like...and I've only got three fingers'
Matt Althouse Sorry sir, I have to charge a little more. Can't get under the hood without a second guy underneath the car scratching it's belly.
Joe Roth My mother always said one day I become a doctor. Problem is this baby needs a dental cleaning and I'm a hand and foot guy.
Luigi Novi Forget the repair bill, buddy. If I were you, I'd worry more about that female car who was driving in front of you and is now suing your car for sexual harassment.
Steven Ackerman I see the problem, Mr. Edwing: The car is leaking spit. We need to replace this tongue. Have to order one for you, will take a week to get here.
Luigi Novi I don't care if you ARE Bella Thorne's chauffeur, buddy, you tell your boss that she's gonna have to pay an arm and a leg to repair this sorta thing.
Keith Keller All I can figure out is those dang automobile engineers in Detroit must have been getting their drinking water from Flint for quite a spell!
Dells EChurch So you got this from the Rolling Stones memorabilia auction. Mick Jaggar’s mammoth mouth machine? Yeah, and now I can’t get the leak to stop…Can it be the Tiger in the Tank that’s causing this to happen? Rock on!
Bill Winner Looks like a little slobber leak to me.
George Garden See, I'm a mechanic. You need an Ear, Eye, Nose & Throat specialist......
Roy Phillips Now, remember, whatever you do, don't let it see the thermometer before you get to its tailpipe.
Anthony Cook Let's call her "America" - she's starving for love and has been fed only lies for the past two weeks.
Jerry Fletcher "Well, I'd pat the roof and say 'Good Boy' at least once a week."
Jerry Fletcher "Yep, this was the last model made with tongue drive."
Jerry Fletcher "Yep, Yep... Adjusting the timing on a Pantera can be stressful job".
Jerry Fletcher "My Uncle Joe owned a deli... I've seen this many times!"
Jerry Fletcher "This UK model 'as an 'istory of over-eating!"
Jerry Fletcher "Worst case of tongue bumper I've ever seen."
Christian Paquet You've come to the right place. I used to be a dental hygienist.
Christian Paquet You're lucky, I just received a new peppermint coolant.
Christian Paquet I've seen monster trucks, but this is my first monster sedan...
MAD Magazine
MAD MagazineTuesday, January 31st, 2017 at 4:37am

Homeland Insecurity Dept.

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Jim Brown That restriction would only be effective if it also blocked tweets; gagged Steve Bannon, Sean Spicer and Kellyanne Conway; and so-called "executive" orders.
Andrew Davis More Muslims have served this country honorably than people named "Trump"
Reuben Pirela You can tell Trump is starting to wain in support because there are less Trumpistas in the comments of a humor magazine's facebook page.
Anthony Ingrassia Yeah so let's idolize more of these people while you are at it because that is where we were headed if you had the other one in there.
Cory Fusting In b4 Trump zealots bickering about their orange god.
Burtman Mcburt You know 63,000,000 of us voted for Trump So thats at least 100,000,000 of us who will let mad magazine die a painful death. Libtard mad editors need to stfu You're over with I'm thinking its 2017 Time for a really funny humor magazine. Mad is dying slowly.
Dianne Russell Hayenga I'm #NeverTrump This is good.> CLARIFICATION from someone on Trump team. Bill Riley Bill Riley Read any commentary on the just signed executive order on visa and refugee-vetting from several countries in the Middle East., and odds are the assessment will tell you more about the writer’s politics than be an analysis of the order. I confess: I have a perspective as well. Mine comes from working on the presidential team on both foreign policy and homeland security from after the Republican convention up to the inauguration. I can’t share the detailed workings of the team. But what I can share, having worked on the issues, is what I believe guided the work. And it all started with making America safe. Not campaign promises, anger at any religion, or prejudice of any kind impacted our thinking on the transition team. What we were worried about were future threats. As the space for the Islamic State, or ISIS, gets squeezed in the Middle East, the remains of the tens of thousands of foreign fighters will have to flow somewhere. Every nation, not just the U.S., believes they are most likely to flow to the countries cited in the order. That fact, and only that fact, is why those countries are included on the list. Indeed, when it comes to visa-vetting, that’s why the European Union has restrictions that are comparable to the United States. The reason why we all worry is because, from those countries, foreign fighters could well try to flow to the West, principally by using visas or posing as refugees. When they get to the West, they could carry out terrorist acts. We know that because they already have—specifically in western Europe. They haven’t come to the U.S.–yet. Right now, our primary threat is Islamist-related terror plots that are organized by terrorists who are already here. What this administration is doing is making sure we are ready for the next wave of terrorism as well—the outflow of terrorists from the countries of conflict where the foreign fighters are likely go first. There are already cries that the precautions are unfair—creating hardships. Fair enough, but terrorists attacks (like those at the Bataclan in France by the followers of ISIS) create unbearable hardships as well—and the government has the responsibility to find the right balance between security and compassion for its citizens as well as consider how U.S. actions impact others around the world. One area where the order tries to get that balance right is to ensure future refugee processing prioritizes addressing the plight of religious minorities. That is particularly crucial in the Middle East where the remnants of the region’s Christian communities are under severe threat. Worldwide persecutions against Christian minorities have been rising for four straight years. It’s particularly problematic in the Middle East. The administration is making an extra effort to address that crisis. While critics will continue to demonize the administration’s policies because it doesn’t fit their politics, Americans who crave a foreign policy that prioritizes American interests, puts a compassionate face on statecraft that reflects our values, and acts responsibly will find much to respect in the order.
Gregory Smith
Dan Thompson Ouch ! There's only one thing I can say about mad magazine. GOODBYE!!!!
Kerry Oaborne MAD humiliates both sides equally. For that reason I ain't mad at cha.
Trixie Zeigler The Trump subject is over played. Not even funny anymore. Move on.
Jeffrey Symynkywicz Mad Magazine is now my #1 source of Real News.
Tricia Prewitt Or Bannon
Charles Schneider Going for the low-hanging fruit again? There is a lot more material out there...
Yishai Shai Breuer Mad isn't even being clever about Trump it's just you guys being anally anguished at this point
Nathan Forester I would have put up video screens that show the same PSA over and over again, mainly it would be the Anti-piracy PSA except of "you wouldn't steal a car" it would be "you wouldn't befriend a murderer" followed by "you wouldn't party with an arsonist' "you wouldn't give your personal info to a stalker" and "you wouldn't support an orange monster".
Kevin Montgomery America feels greater already....Go Trump!
Elbie Strauss Dorman You are a Trumpist.
Wayne Lucey Gotta love Mad
Cathy Rice Love my MAD magazine.
Jerry Fletcher That's what the fence is for, right?
Ken Mitchell
Unpresidented BAN BANNON!
Nick Novack It's his private billionaire prison
Anne Lyon How about trump repellant being marketed?
MAD Magazine
MAD MagazineSaturday, January 28th, 2017 at 9:34am

Classic MAD Dept.

From MAD #152, July 1972
Artist: Angelo Torres

Keith Oakes You know you're getting older when.......... At 61, these last couple of years have been hard on my icons, my life influences, my friends and my family. God rest you all especially those gone from the Mad fold. Those from whom no one knew no mercy from their wonderful satire regardless of fame nor place. Peace all.
Daniel Russ I had the pleasure to be on the set of the Mannix show at least one time...long ago (as a pretend "grip"). I watched Mike Conners drive around the corner of the TV lot, park his Toranado, and jump out the car's door about fifty times. Another time he was peeking his head up and pretending to fire a pistol. I thought he was a cool dude back then.
Doug Herendeen Aside from being sad to hear of his passing last night, and aside from remembering Mike Connors as Mannix - what else came to mind? The MAD Magazine spot-on parody of the show, both the writing and the art
Anthony Perodeau Mannix was one of the few shows which MAD Magazine satirized *twice* -- in #123 (Dec.'68) and #152 (July '72). Mort Drucker drew the first; Lou Silverstone wrote both.
John Rihn Loved Mannix. Some group back then said there were over 200 acts of violence on one show. That a lot of POWS!!!!! Thanks MAD.
Adrian Montero Those are that akward moments when you though «was he still alive???? »
Mike Engel Rest In Peace
Joseph Ochoa RiP Mike
David Wright A long rich full life
Tom Scipione RIP Mr. Conners. Another great MAD cartoonist.
Mike Wallace The Earl Warren?
Mike Wallace Brother of the Riflemans Chuck Conner
MAD Magazine
MAD MagazineSaturday, January 28th, 2017 at 7:26am

Pup the Academy Dept.

Artist: Bob Jones

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Larry Villacorta Hahaha
Carrie Mcfarland Loll..horrible
John Jornov Kim Mackey Jornov
Ian Grayson Norma Rodham Vela
MAD Magazine
MAD MagazineSaturday, January 28th, 2017 at 5:44am

Blanks for Nothing Dept.

There were many caption submissions this week for John Caldwell’s uncaptioned golf cartoon, but there could only be one winner (and “winner” in this situation is really stretching the definition of the word...)...

Roy Phillips Did you even see the the big no. 1 on the club cover? Look it up if you need to, but a no. 1 does not designate a puttter. It's a driver, you dolts, a driver. What do you do, drive with the putter, then putt with a driver? That might explain how you get a score of 72-on the first frickin' hole!
Paul Joseph Canniff That was better than mine. A simple "designated driver" was still best though.
Donald L'Écuyer I agree with Roy Phillips. Should have been: He ain't heavy, he's my Driver.
Justin Gracie Mine was better. On trump's course we are allowed to you democrats as clubs.
Charles Jocko Rush 70's magazine picking a 60's song reference no one under 50 gets!
Bill Trudell Sounds like apretty safe choice
Jerry Fletcher ...And down in Georgia, we call that a Peanut Putter!
Beverly Schillinger Slater I would have said "He's my designated Driver."
Keith Oakes Perfect, absolutely perfect! 😂
Chris Barrow The best!
Ryan Hughes No0Oo0oo00o0OoOO000oooO!!! Mine was better. U mad Mad?
Birth. Golf. Death. We prefer our submission.
Gary Schroeder Darn good one!!!
MAD Magazine
MAD MagazineFriday, January 27th, 2017 at 5:43am

Hat’s All, Folks Dept.

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Dave Tooley Still not mocking the idiotic rantings of Madonna or Ashley? Seems like pretty easy pickins too. I can't imagine why you'd leave that alone...
Terry Rainey I was hoping to see a Trump troll post their standard cut and paste response (MAD used to be funny; they used to make fun of both parties; I'm not going to read MAD anymore, etc.) I guess they haven't gotten their orders from Faux News yet.
Raul Abila The best part about your posts, are all these Republican snowflakes that are getting offended every time you post something about their Cheeto King.
Beverly Schillinger Slater Please repost all the negative Obama cartoons. I don't recall seeing too many of them.
Andrew Ober-Reynolds I would like to see a comparison between Count Olaf and Donald Trump if you writer's get the chance.
Cad Snow i don't get it. i want to get it. but i don't get it. what is the joke about this?
Tom Scipione I guess he's waiting for that handsome stud muffin in the front row. Go get Donny show him a good time.p
Mad Vj
John Jornov She did wear a pussy shirt to a debate
Nick Novack Where is his other daughter ? Below the shot ?
Christine Earle what is up with the kitty hats?
Alonso Zermeño Miranda
Gary Scitern they would be cut out of the will.
Yuriy Alterman
Ellis Villanueva Four years of gold.
Debbie Walker It would be YUGE!
Otacílio Gonçalves
Carol Marino Yay!
Gregg Galdo
Brenda Macherzak Fava Charlene Linda Karen Debby Valerie Jean Kathy
Patrick J Smith Jr.
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