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MAD MagazineTuesday, April 25th, 2017 at 8:20am

Blanks for Nothing Dept.

In the Comments section, tell us what you think the fortune teller is saying in the captionless John Caldwell cartoon below — and on Friday, we’ll announce the “winner!” Shame has never been...

Jerry Fletcher "So, there I was, typing my resume, when Shirley Beemer throws this god-awful hairball on my desk, and that's when I thought of you!"
Jerry Fletcher "Mr. Harris, this isn't what I'd recommend as a truly unique and personal engagement offering. I see a big NO in your future!"
Dusk Tonight Oh Great Shrunken Head Reject, reverse the curse of juxtaposition & transfer your style & baldness to the empty suit of a corporate reject sitting across from me - & whatever you do, DON'T let him guess that's the last of MY hair & under this headscarf, I'm bald too!
Ed McLaughlin "Yes, you will find love with your new rug, Mr. Harris, dinner, drinks, and back to your pl...oh dear god Mr. Harris, that's beyond disgusting!"
Candace Wellman Don't worry. My Trumpball has a prediction rate the same as the president's 100 day one.
Jerry Fletcher "I see you demonstrating the worlds smallest rug cleaner, Mr. Dyson."
Steve Weiss No, your future still looks pretty bad with a toupee over it
Jerry Fletcher "It's a crystal BALL, Mr. Harris, it's meant to be hairless."
John Castiglia I see follicles, fields of hair follicles in your future. I see it SO clearly!
Chris Hamrick Well I've got good news and bad news. Good news is you will grow lots of hair in your future. Bad news is it will be on your butt.
Jerry Fletcher "While Chia Pets can be adorable, this just isn't my style."
Jerry Fletcher "We may have discovered the roots of all evil, Mr. Harris."
Jerry Fletcher "I don't care how much Brylcreme you put on it, I'm NOT running my fingers through that hair!"
Jerry Fletcher "I'm sorry, the spirits aren't responsive. Perhaps if you parted it on the left..."
Jerry Fletcher "I'm sorry, Mr. Harris, but the spirits don't approve of your welcome mat."
Jerry Fletcher "Wait a minute, that's my cat's hair! Amelia, come to Mommy!"
Jerry Fletcher "So there I was, pulling taffy, when the Easter Bunny hopped right into the big bowl!"
Jerry Fletcher "I'm sorry Mr. Harris, even this lovely relic can't raise my spirit of adventure."
Jerry Fletcher "Thank you for the nice cozy, Mr. Harris, but I don't think toupees are meant to be recycled."
Rick Johnson (siggghhh),,, I see a high political office in your future,,, or a bunch of bowling trophies.
Brian Poust For another $200, I can make this crystal ball, crystal BALD!
Nicholas Brannick I say this as somebody who does not support Trump: the Trump jibes just aren't funny. They're tendentious.
Bruce Shtal Like I told you, hair will grow on this crystal ball before it will grow on your head.
Joseph Ippolito Loose the toupee, cultivate an elaborate comb over and i can see a presidency somewhere in your future.
Travis Holland With your cheap toupee? You don't even want to know your future...
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MAD MagazineTuesday, April 25th, 2017 at 6:34am

A Boondoggle to Society Dept.

From MAD #546, August 2017
Writer: Jeff Kruse
Artist: Kevin Pope

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Laurin Suiter There will never be a wall. Trump is a third-rate con man who suckered fourth-rate Americans to vote for him because of their racism and pants-pissing fear. Net migration with Mexico has been near zero for nearly a decade. There isn't a "problem", except in the empty heads of the drooling diaper-shitters who still support him. And good luck with your produce supply and prices should immigrant labor magically disappear.
Blair Benjamin Carmichael General George Patton gave a famous quote, “Fixed fortifications are monuments to man’s stupidity. If mountain ranges and oceans can be overcome, anything made by man can be overcome.”
Peter Serrano The truth about illegal immigration. You want to stop it. Make a law that makes it a third degree felony for hiring illegals and a $100.000 fine. It will stop tomorrow and save us all the billions of dollars that nut job trump wants us to pay for. The problem this won't happen is because the rich like slave labor wages. It gets them richer. This is the truth. Don't fall for the lies they tell you. It is always a the big lie that people believe.
Zachary Woodruff Not sure why the Nordstrom refers to Phoenix, Arizona, when Tucson, Arizona is much closer to the border. Did writer Jeff Kruse think not enough readers would recognize Tucson? Or does he not know much about state geography?
Jeannie Schonta We should build a wall......around Trump and his cronies! Preferably made of rubber! We could tell him it's to keep out the "undesirables" when the truth is it'll keep him out of our hair! He'll never know the difference! Then we should build a wall around Hillary! One with iron bars, preferably!
Mel Forbes i say, make the liberals who wanted to force catholic hospitals perform abortions pay for it. muahahaha. stupid bolsheviks with their social justice, they're even stupid enough to use the same coined term.
Bil Willard Castles had walls, they quit building them when science and technology defeated them.
Girish Zambre It shall be named the "Great American Wall that is owned by China."
Tom Smith They were upset about the wall at first, but they got over it.
Alvin Nicholson FIRST , Trump couldn't get the GOP to pay for his Beautyfull-WALL.. SO, he's DEMANDING Dem's vote for funds for his Wall, or HE will Sabotage the ACA & HE will SHUT the Government DOWN. BUT 1) Trump IS Shutting DOWN His own Government. & 2) Most want to KEEP the ACA. - MEXICO pays for YOUR Wall - - thats YOUR Promise Trump - NOT US - NOT Now - NOT EVER -
Bil Willard chase 50 illegal employees or one employer, how am I missing the logic of chasing immigrants?
Ed Bears When will the libtards get over the election? Oh yea, Trump still hasn't and he friggin won.
Lee Phillippi It will give the entire Rio Grande to Mexico which will make it Grande again.
Carl Scott The only Wall exists in# 45's delusional mind !!! The LIAR IN CHIEF strikes Again !!!
Louis Phrasany We got drones and gps, and this moron wants to build a wall from 1100 AD
Aldamir Dieloch Until the Mexicans grow 90 feet tall and break it down.
Shemaya Shiloh And even Mexicans with tiny hands will be able to cross it.
Charu Raya Gosh, sucks that this fun mag is turning political. Just keep it simple , pure, MAD fun. Can u? Or not?
Bob Pollard
BJ Iriarte Valen verga todos pinches racistas
Alfredo Gil A cactus fence is cheaper.
JW Wright
Rod Justice
Rick Orelli Funny. Always liked mad
Norm Westbrook Great to see the August edition is out already!!
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MAD MagazineTuesday, April 25th, 2017 at 4:10am

Classic MAD Dept.

From MAD #187, December 1976
Writer: Arnie Kogen
Artist: Angelo Torres

David Raymer Lol that's a great drawing. I remember that issue to, it was hilarious needless to say especially Fonzie and Tom Bosley.
Roy Adams RIP Erin. Now NOBODY loves Chachi.
Marcus Aurelius Ghillery
Steve Channing Sadly...they were to be the last ones she had...
Susie Kroeger RIP Erin.
Jude O'Rourke I remember that one 😉
Leslie Martin Oh, no - sad :(
Bill Macre "Joanie"!!!\
Chase Roush At least it wasn't playing 'The Hot Canary".
Jim McElroy RIP Erin
Vinnie Blues R.I.P.
Jt Courtney Joinie
Judy Barcenas I love Joinie?
Terry Knox John W. Allen
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MAD MagazineSaturday, April 22nd, 2017 at 6:57am

Blanks for Nothing Dept.

There were many caption submissions this week for Tom Cheney’s uncaptioned gun range cartoon, but there could only be one winner (and “winner” in this situation is really stretching the definition of the...

Kristy Ann Brazee LMBO! 😂 So funny Kenneth 'What's the Frequency' H. Williams. Good job! 😊👍
Scotty Bowman They call me, " Burger"
Joe Yonick Or how about "PULL"
Craig Harms Hang your head in shame, Ken. Way to go!!!
Deviyani Singh Good one won!
Dustin Lee Carlton lol, because he's gonna shoot his friend in the face. oh my goodness, such god humor. being shot in the face is HILARIOUS!
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MAD MagazineSaturday, April 22nd, 2017 at 4:43am

F Group Dept.

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Jeanne Rhodes Swords Just think, some presidents spent time with people who could actually make a difference in our country! Oh that's right, they were more interested in doing the job rather than just having photo-ops. How sad. . . .
Alvin Nicholson - Trump is undercutting Wages & Protections for WORKING people : 1 Putting the brakes on overtime pay for the middle class. 2 Declining to raise the minimum wage. 3 Protecting Wall Street that siphon billions from retirement savers. 4 Allowing billions of taxpayer $ to go to private contractors. 5 Hindering wage theft, & worker safety law. 6 Letting employers hide fatal injuries. AND MORE goto the Link
Don Martinez You've got six of the top clowns in recorded history and that's all you could come up with???? That had to be near critical mass of pure ignorance and stupidity! We're lucky Washington didn't turn into a bedsitting room.
Bill Cummins Russia, Russia, Russia, Benghazi, Benghazi, Benghazi, emails, emails, emails and finally tax filings, tax filings, tax filings. Does that about cover all the BS? I'm glad we are keeping such a short leash on Trump, maybe he will perform. We let Obama go it alone for 8 years and he failed miserably.
Piet de Vries As long as you don´t start to post photos of Trumps anal orifice, we´re still good, Mad.
Frank Cap Real America baby..Rock on Trump. Screw the liberal leftist treasonous scum.
Shane Underwood I bet that room smells like stale cigarettes and farts
William Bing Ingram I seriously think that Obama is NOT butt hurt over not getting to meet Sarah and Ted.
Robyn Abbott Murray At this rate Freebird will be our new national anthem...
Jason Pettit i like nugent,he's the reason i began playing guitar :)
Jim Ventura We should all be mad anout that many Russion trators in the oval office
Zach Whynen My childhood favourite magazine appears to be finding it's stride again! Just great.
Donna Jago This photo will be around for a very long time!! LOL
Mike Kirk Want to talk about disrespecting the office of president - well this is it
Kram LaFup ok... finally... you got me to chuckle. keep it up MAD... I just might take your mag back out from the outhouse.
Bruce Arral Obama would Never behave this way. Almost not funnie.
Jill DeYoe they're gonna have to fumigate the white house after f-head leaves
Henard Donteno Williams Obama invited who again? Let's get together NRA spokesman and local rocker from a band that was named after pus face was taken. The presidency needs to secretly fish for new dreams.
Drew Gould Oh, what a hand grenade or two could have accomplished....
George Heiser now we know real asskissers are,obama feels left out hidin in bushes
Bob Pollard Welcome to the White Trash House.
Phil Clawson Where's snookie and the jersey shore crew?
Mike Bowler I see a wanna be hillbilly and 2 draft dodgers
Ed Turrentine A shitter, quitter, and twitter...
Marsha Vilt Wrong, wrong, wrong. That's Bannon in the bushes!
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MAD MagazineFriday, April 21st, 2017 at 4:17am

Thinking Outside the Fox Dept.

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Elmer Costabile From Colbert As the segment closed, the "Late Show" host offered some comfort to O'Reilly viewers, reminding them that in the case they'll miss watching "sexual harassers who are on TV all the time, we still have Donald Trump."
Thomas Earl Hall So just because someone in the past allegedly exhibited quwstionable behavior it should be ok for the donald and Oreilly to exhibit the same behaviors? That is the stupidest rationalization I have ever heard.
Piet de Vries At this point, I kinda wonder what Trumps stance on Cosby is...
Peter Monaghan This did it! You convinced me Mad Magazine! I'm subscribing right now!
Sam Clayton Plus! A Preview of Bill's New Blockbuster Book: "Killing My Career."
Bob Wells It's no wonder Trumptards have so few friends. They are bitter little people.
Blain Traughber Hate mongering on a daily basis wasn't enough, but at least he got taken down.
Randy Borowski Bill O'Reilly asked a girl for sex, Bill Clinton raped women when he was our president!!!!!!
Gregory Smith I remember when Mad had no advertisers. they did well back then.
Felix Blowers Don't let the door hit ya Billy!
Kurt Supancic "Special No Advertisers Edition" 😂
Andre Reichenbacher "He took it out. It. Out." - Elaine Benes, LOL.
Salvador Beltran-Soto That's funny!
Daun Elmore Bill Cosby of FOX - Bill O - Rape TV
John Greenlees he's learning from ol bill clinton....
Zach McElwain Was this issue live?
Lois Frischer Baruch
Jesse Gaspardo When they say Bill they mean Clinton,right?😂
Rod Justice
Justin Danon Well do it live!!!😂
Riley John Joyce The spin stops here For good.
Mike Heintz Suppose Leroy though Bill that great?
Donna Vanessa Hardt He's been a pig for years. Let him rot!
Janj Audley Billand Cosby go to the bar together
Janj Audley How sad bill.about time
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MAD MagazineThursday, April 20th, 2017 at 4:47am

That Pinking Feeling Dept.

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Tom Smith What would be the best thing to eat with it to maximise the effects? That editable gold leaf maybe? Sparkly at both ends when you are sitting on the toilette holding a bucket?
Stacey McMillan Don't worry! They didn't have supplies for the promotion period anyway. All the stores ran out the first day so most people did not even get to try it. What a joke. Advertise something, don't supply & hope people just buy something else.
Gary Hickey Global coffee still waiting to clear the cue of sacrificial lamb wasn't enough of an economy. My fantasy revealed agno athe ic ish. I love Jesus
Clifford Nickerson I thought this was a humor site. When did you change to straight news?
Julie Trifiletti Can I drink this and then use a squatty potty??? Rainbows everywhere!
Piet de Vries It rather looks like a unicorn ejaculated in a Starbucks cup...
Miguel Reyna Ya te veo con uno de estos y una Black burger Ïmëldå Mërlïnå GuHerr Addams
Belinda Anaya Cantu I already survived the black burger and countless bags of Hot Cheetos. I can take this.
Louisa Herman It really should have a shot of Pepto in it-that would be pretty AND functional!
Diana Heister Munoz Does not look good to me. All artificial colors and flavors Lord no , And I bet it has sulfites in it
Brandi Foisie So it's basically the pop tart of the breakfast beverage??
Greg Hmiel
Melissa Winterman If they were smart, they would have everyone sign a conft4act before they attempted to drink whatever that is. Ew.
Melissa Winterman No unicorns were permanently scarred in tge making of this abomination.
MaryBeth Graber Where's the edible glitter, LMAO?! Herrick Renee
Betsy Hendricks
Joan Shaull only 300 calories???!!!
Suz Protz This sounds disgusting.
Bill Jurkovich
Kevin James Gumm Actually it's 410 calories for the grande size
Christian Oliver "Made from real plastic unicorns".
Nick Novack Taste too chalky
Johnny C. Novoa Cheers!
Cathy Cherewick Mary - show this to the boss!
Bob Wells Makes the Pink Drink look like a manly beverage.
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MAD MagazineWednesday, April 19th, 2017 at 3:53am

Taxes of Evil Dept.

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Ed Ayala Tell everyone you're also under audit
Dee Presnell Fold in artist!!! Love it.
Scotty Bowman
Steve Rogers Sr. so now something funny
Frank Kaz Check from Democrat National Committee in the mail MAD
Rick Bloom SMART? Tell that to to Al Capone!
Randy Borowski Get over it snowflakes!!!!!!
Burtman Mcburt Hey mad mags writer. You're no David letters man.
Frank Kaz
Chrissy DiMattia Carol Montello show this to Dom
Terry Knox John W. Allen
MAD Magazine
MAD MagazineTuesday, April 18th, 2017 at 7:56am
Zach McElwain Was there ever a MAD about Bush or Clinton or George W. or Reagan? I think they had some good ones on them. Heck, why not do a whole MAD about the Presidents...or does that exist already and I'm just an idiot?
Linda Baetzel Szulczewski I started reading Mad magazine in early 60's. Oddly, I would take a new copy with me on my bus ride downtown Chicago to take my piano lesson. My very stern, Jewish-atheist piano professor borrowed every new copy from me. Mad magazine has "poisoned" many of us! Thanks! And Alfred E. Blitzer is excellent!
Frank Kaz When was MAD magazine bought by the Democrat National Committee? I have been buying it since the 1960's and you used to go after everybody, now, you repeat media and DNC talking points? Glad I finally stopped, you replaced the usual gang of idiots with just IDIOTS
Ron Keefer Too bad trump didn't read MAD as a child or even college student. The world would be a much better place.
Roy Phillips Wolf could only wish he was half as with it as Alfred E is.
Bill Jurkovich
Ron Keefer
David Raymer Lol that's really funny. Alfred E Blitzer.
Norris Crider
Terry Knox John W. Allen
MAD Magazine
MAD MagazineTuesday, April 18th, 2017 at 7:47am

Blanks for Nothing Dept.

In the Comments section, tell us what you think the man is saying in the captionless Tom Cheney cartoon below — and on Friday, we’ll announce the “winner!” Shame has never been so...

Roy Phillips Very good! Now, keep that nose goober right where it is, go downrange, and we'll see if the next round won't stick to it!
Mario Igiul "I don't know which disgusts me more, the fact that you're using buggers as ammo or that you're out shooting me with them."
Frieda Duvenage That iSnot nice man! I am trying to be serious here. You remind me of a kid in preschool that I used to pay $5 to stay away from me.
Kenneth H Williams Flick one more and you're going to have another nostril.
Chris Hamrick I don't care what you say. A lugee is not the same thing as a Luger.
Joni Wagner Before you flick that at me, remember I'm holding a loaded weapon.
Akira Fitton No! Hitting the bullseye with your booger doesn't count.
Bob Mixey I did say I could shoot a booger off a gnat's butt, are you going to make me prove it?!
Michael Prokopetz I said I wanted to see your luger not booger
Steve Weiss My criminal record prevents me from getting a booger flicking license so I had to settle for a gun.
Karen Liller That's only going to get you a sticky trigger finger.
Nancy Folmar Blackmon It goes like this inhale, squeeze, "OM", fire-- Namaste, right? (NRA yoga)
Mario Igiul "Hey, biological weapons are banned in here!"
Brian Spigel You were right - I missed. I guess you think you look pretty smart right now.
Douglas Mark Don't think I'm good enough to hit a flicked booger yet.
Michael Valentine You planning to make somebody puke to death?
Linda Warren Stop watching Monty Python. There isn't a tape recorder up your nose.
Matthew Flemming Ready? Just rolling it up. Ok Right then, Pull Flick Bang! Nice shootin' Tex!
Christian Oliver You put your earplugs where??? Sorry, it's bad. True story anyway...
Steve Weiss That's one way to legally conceal an unlicensed weapon.
Frank Monaco "Careful, Cecil. There still could be one in the chamber."
Rich Powell If you're gonna insist on doing that, could you at least quit with the "Bang! Bang! Bang!" stuff?
David Livingstone Look Mack I've been waiting over 3 mins for my burger so I have every right, so if you flick me one more booger your next.
Bruce Shtal I'm playing bad cop in this scenario. Remember?
Robert Allia launch another one! I'll shoot that one out of the air too!
MAD Magazine
MAD MagazineTuesday, April 18th, 2017 at 4:23am

Jedi for an Eye Dept.

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Alessandro Barbero Ok, America's gonna start a mess in another part of the world. The only thing that truly puzzles me is why didn't Obama ever mention that NK is ruled by a dictator, turning his unneeded attention to the Middle East, and having Europe be overflown by so called migrants, the left parties of which are feisting upon.
Don Gilroy Just aim all trident ,posiden missles at North Korea. No more problems. I'm sure china won't mind . How many subs on alert ?
David Hetterly Only thing I don't like is how imbalanced the photo is. But, probably just an artistic expression to illustrate US power compared to NK power.
James Hurley Be the first one on your block to have your son sent home in a box. Good news for war machine. You all know what stocks to buy. No jobs for vets who fight your war. Save money by getting rid ofG.I. Bill.
John Chandler Remember when Bill gave North Korea nuclear capabilities and he was like "Nahh, don't worry about it."
Adrian Jawort Brace yourself, here come the #triggered Trump fan boys who will whine something out how MAD isn't funny anymore.
Phillip Palanzo Mad nailed it.....but unfortunately it ia true though funny
Tom McCarthy hard to believe the fate of the world could rely on two jackasses
Tom A. Rackerby They are on to us. Quick start a war! - Big government.
Jonathen Cooper As funny as this is, it won't be funny anymore if war breaks out.
Timothy Guetling First though, NK/KJU has to get the bombs out of his backyard, even the water around most of his yard.
Glen J Caldwell Two children on a playground. The bad thing is their toys are nuclear weapons and our lives.
Christopher-Robin Healy Guess I'll watch "The Atomic Cafe" again, just to get ready. anyone for winter gardeniong??
Elmer Costabile These two narcissists should cage match in the Thunderdome. Two schmucks enter, one putz leaves.
Dennis Luttrell One unstable leader with the nuclear launch codes provoking another unstable leader with the nuclear launch codes, your choice as to which one is which
John Pelham One is a megalomaniac with bad hair. The other is the leader of North Korea.
Michael Collins You forgot to tilt the war head rockets top to match the ones on parade. Kids put a lot of effort into those paper mache
John Crabfat Manson Mark Whitaker -ever get that feeling we should have held onto our NBC kit when we were demobbed? 😂😂😂🍻🍻🍻
Daniel Lindy who's the buffon and whose the despot?
Steve Kotnik The sequel to 8 years of unimpeded wars featuring the former potus
Joseph Dee May the farce be with you.
Rosie Giorza Like I said for 70years America and the rest of the free world has kept the world out of world war three and along comes the lunatic!!
Steven Foon As comical as it is.. the scary thing is that this is so true.
Kerry Toutant 21 guns Box made of pine Letter from the government Sealed and signed Delivered Federal Express On your mothers doorstep
Mark A. Jones One problem anybody that is 18 years old and older will be in the draft so don't laugh too hard
MAD Magazine
MAD MagazineSaturday, April 15th, 2017 at 1:00am

Blanks for Nothing Dept.

There were many caption submissions this week for Duck Edwing’s uncaptioned Wizard of Oz cartoon, but there could only be one winner (and “winner” in this situation is really stretching the definition of...

Scotty Bowman Good one!!!!!! First and second prize in no perticular order
Trish Schneider Yay! I knew it when I read his caption that his should be the winner. Congratulations, David Kessler.
Burtman Mcburt When you get delta you fly the friendly skies When you fly United, Sky caps fists fly on you.
Scot Carr ~ good timing.
Jim Brown Rrrrrripped from today's headlines! POW!
Susie Kroeger
Burtman Mcburt United airlines They put the hospital in hospitality
Javier Benton Yes!
Jeremy Dyde Emphasis on "beats" ;)
Burtman Mcburt I wonder if that's coach or first class !?
Justin Beauchamp Jamie Kirkbride
Frank Josinger Jody Strauch
MAD Magazine
MAD MagazineFriday, April 14th, 2017 at 4:42am

Fate is Enough Dept.

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Ralph Rhoads They will run out of goofy plots, eventually the "Fate" will just be Vin Deisel getting multiple DUI's "Uh, I thought I only had 2 drinks. Or 3? Wait, does 3 come before 2....?"
Drew Gould Only a completely brainless moron would have any interest at all in that mentally undeveloped Hollywood vomit. Truly for the dullards.
Eric Sterling I'm willing to waste the 1.49 at redbox to rent it. Should hit redbox about 2 weeks after it hits theaters lol. Then I can sit at home and watch the first 10 minutes, get on Facebook and complain to anyone that listens about what a waste of 1.49 it is.
Tom Smith Just ask Paul Walker what happens in real life if you drive like that...
Pat Scott Don't forget fans of Affliction shirts and Axe body spray!
George Fritcher Classic MAD! Thanks for not trashing the greatest president in human history!
Michael Schroeder MAD MAGAZINE is AWESOME! Check Out my Cartoon! Called" OLD SCHOOL MOM" Ha! Ha! Ha!
Glenn Willumsen What? A post without mentioning Donald Trump once? What's wrong with you?
Michael Keft But..this wasn't political at all!
Scotty Bowman
Mitch Butler Can't believe these films make money.🙄
Chet Tucker Never heard of this movie.
Dave Galler Mad needs new writers. Since about 25 years ago.
Nick Novack I'm the first
Benjamin Reznick Pfenigsohn "The New Onion."
Beverley Ann Franco Hahaha......
Ivan Parra Where did them Put GASOLiNE ?
Guilherme de Abreu Arthur de Abreu, salva essa página
Terry Knox John W. Allen
Emily Bonney Sweet Jesse Sweet
Lisa Massaar Len Massaar
MAD Magazine
MAD MagazineFriday, April 14th, 2017 at 1:00am

Classic MAD Dept.

From MAD #444, August 2004
Artist: Richard Williams

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Frank Monaco Just think. If Trump was the Roman emperor in those days, he would have been "Orange Julius".
George Bingen Waiter: How many in your party? Jesus: I would like a table for 26 Waiter: Are more coming? I only count 13. Jesus: We're all going to sit on just one side.
Kenneth A. Hall Leave it to MAD. This is great and right on the mark.
Case Haynie Jesus: "Table for 26 please." Host: "There's only 13 of you?" Jesus: "We're all sitting on one side."
John Caputo No, I only had a salad and water...I'm not paying for your drinks!
Preston Sadikoff Oh vey the thought of all these nodniks calling in for a tie time before ,e.
Mike Foxx Still not accurate. They're still talking to each other, instead of ignoring the rest of the world.
Christina West That is very disrespectful especially during Easter time.
Ann Camino And not one showing selfie with God?🙀
Kip Conner Jesus should have taken this with his selfie stick.
Frank Monaco "Pontius Pilate - Now at The Olive Garden in Gethsemane"
Frank Monaco "Like and share if you don't trust Judas"
Joseph Dee Jesus looks like he's about to shout out his own name.
Linda Geving Anderson Priceless!😄 perfect! And it's not " disrespecting God"! 🙄
Bob Genevro Da Vinci ahead of his time.
Madan Bhalla Only Mad can do it.
ChooNyean Lim What models were they using...
Brian Bement Apostles doing the mannequin
Scott Phillips Priceless!
Kim Tyndall Selfies????
Terry Rainey Can you hear my Word now?
Adrianna De Vega Happy holy Thursday
Frank Monaco "Is anybody getting bars?"
David P Grace In those days they used GTT - Gnosis Telepathy & Telekinesis.
Benjamin Hill
MAD Magazine
MAD MagazineThursday, April 13th, 2017 at 4:31am

Unimpress Secretary Dept.

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Robert Vaughn Even as a Republican, I'm dismayed at Spicer's comment, and even more disappointed with his initial explanation/apology attempt.. Everyone is capable of saying something totally ridiculous at times, especially under pressure. However, in his position a quick, simple, honest apology and admission of momentary stupidity, would have been most helpful - he really botched his first attempt . Eventually, he has stumbled around to an actual admission of error, but it took longer than it should have. No rational person would believe that he actually thinks that what he said was true, but obviously he wasn't thinking clearly at that moment.
Jorge Sáenz de Heredia Well maybe he used a little of Zyklon B on a few people, but Zyklon B is not a weapon, it's just a pesticide. Maybe he deloused them a bit too much.
Nick Novack Every time I watched the news conference , I look at it as spicer the dad with a room full of kids and he gets annoyed with all of the stupid question and the "why why why" ?
Rodney Hodder I watched a docomentry on Netflix about Hitler and his concentration camps I got threw only half it was brutal what he did to the innocent people and for someone to say this did not happen is shameful
Jim Bennett The only correction he needed to make was one of clarity as in: "Not even Hitler used poison gas in combat." He did not nor would any sane person believe he'd make light of the holocaust.
Piet de Vries It takes a special kind of retard to utter such nonsense. A very SPECIAL one...
Leslie Martin Ah, I remember when they had professionals doing his job.
James Scott What a Holocaust denying, 9/11, Pedophile.....
Dedie-Ray Thompson He is a perfect match for the 45th! I say leave him alone, next one will be worse.
Judy Ritter Kozel How can you say something so ignorant.
Richard E. Torres What a total douche !
Phil Brett Did the Germans use chemical weapons in combat? No. Did the U.S. use atomic weapons? Yes. Americans are worse than Hitler. Ta-da!
Tom Smith He is the Trumpy information minister.
Kerry Toutant Enough out of you, boy. Hit the shower.
Steven Anthony Harrington Squirmtongue!
Tom Newman Bring back your "Trading Private Bergdahl" Movie poster
Neil Banketewa hush his mouth...he's a baddd mutha$3@
Stanley Haynes Great image. What a dufus!!
Trey Luna Is Assad just farting in their faces?
Rod Justice Is Tweetler getting gased in the camper? 😂😂😂😂😂
LarChar Welsh And he's not the stupidest one in that bunch.
Yuriy Alterman
Carrie Novick He is so stupid it's embarrassing
Brad Miller cant wait for SNL
Ellis Villanueva Spicy !
MAD Magazine
MAD MagazineWednesday, April 12th, 2017 at 4:15am

Re-accommodate is Enough Dept.

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Slawmir Marcanski No proof on trump's illegal connections with russia.But there is proof on Clinton's foundation being proxy for bribing while selling Uranium One company to Russia. 20% of US uranium sold to enemy is ok?
Jack Myhervold No Mad posting against a mass murderer, leaving children with eyes glazed over as they take their last breath in an agonizing Sarin nerve agent gas death?. I thank the cartoonists of the WW2 era that had the courage to ridicule daily, the dictators of the world who terrorized and slaughtered millions. I have doubts about Trump, and did not vote for him, but the people of Syria have spoken in support of someone, anyone, wanting to bring down Assad, who kills them and their children.
John McGill When did they switch from nuts to pretzels?!? Make America Nuts Again!
Phil Brett What's wrong with Sarin, would you prefer your children be burned alive in a drone strike? We should just use those neutron bombs to exterminate the populations of the mid-east and Africa and then we'll have plenty of space. I really couldn't care less if Assad is a murderer everybody is. But I'm inconsistent I want Clinton tortured to death for what she did in Libya.
Susie Kroeger Trump will figure out a way to blame President Obama for all of mark my words. :P ;)
David Raymer I knew the Mad Magazine take on this would be the best part.
Piet de Vries And the lesson of all this? Even a complimentary bag of pretzels trumps Trump (badum-tss). Mmmh... pretzels
Robert Bulatao I don't think going to war with Russia's ally really shows much of a Trump+Russia connection.
Terry Rainey Trumparoids have posted yet, defending Trump and/or United Airlines.
Jill DeYoe trump's ethos probably informs the big stupid bullymen who dragged this guy off
Alvin Nicholson
Matt Page Brilliant. I can always count on MAD!
Alexander Kundert Now none of his supporters comment...
LarChar Welsh Slawmir Markanski is arguing with MAD Magazine. :)
Rod Justice
Ken Mitchell
Jerry Moore True but neither is funny.
Kevin Harty Mad like SNL used to funny, now just reaching, sad,
Richmond Aulisio Finally I know the story before the Jerks at MAD post a parody!
Debby Barker DeLozier Ralph D. Barker
Benjamin Hill
Mark Rosen
Kevin Kroger
Monty Mclean James Blake
Gerd Held Johannes Röck Caro Haas
MAD Magazine
MAD MagazineTuesday, April 11th, 2017 at 7:00am

Blanks for Nothing Dept.

In the Comments section, tell us what you think the Scarecrow is saying in the captionless Duck Edwing cartoon below — and on Friday, we’ll announce the “winner!” Shame has never been so...

Lawrence Sylvia This may be a no brainer but that seems to be a much faster way to get from Kansas to Emerald City than this dumb yellow brick road.
Mark Blankenship This is how these Kansas immigrants are getting into Oz. We have to foot the price for a pair of ruby slippers just to send 'em back! Maybe we should just keep the slippers and let them stay?
Daniel Parks What the tornado giveth the tornado taketh away. Maybe because it has taken her here, or maybe because she has taken the witch of the east. One may never know. The tornado is the only thing more powerful than the wizard. All hail the tornado.
William Graef You know you twist your little girl (Twist, little girl) You know you twist so fine (Twist so fine) Come on and twist a little closer, now (Twist a little closer) And let me know that you're mine (Let me know you're mine)
Luigi Novi Witches who wanna kill us over a pair of slippers, talking trees that throw their apples at us, and now a second killer tornado? We GOTTA stop hanging out with this chick.
Luigi Novi Anyone else starting to think that in Oz, a yellow brick road is code for "Warning! This is Tornado Alley! Run for your Life!"?
Jerry Fletcher "I feel as if I've been down this road more times than I care to remember.... Did you guys see 'Ground Hog Day?' It's sorta like that..."
Rogelio R. Rodriguez "She had mentioned something about arriving here on a tornado, right…? Yes…no…? Wait, she had the oil can in her basket didn’t she? Oh, that is just great!"
Luigi Novi Remember, if anyone finds her body, that ISN'T my weed in her basket. Just straw that went bad. Got it?
Terry Knox "I didn't think that when the producers said this movie was going to be the Wizard of Oz meets Twister, I didn't think they meant that literally."
David Kessler Beats flying on United.
Tyler Frost Wesley If I had any brains I'd say something funny about this.
Brian Slatsky Oz's Uber is wicked fast, but they've had some complaints about safety . . . .
Dana Smith She said to click your heels 3 times, not 4...Don't worry, I'm sure you'll end up somewhere over the rainbow!
Russell Palumbo This is her tenth time back this year. I don't think she'll ever learn to go in the storm cellar on time.
Craig Harms I perceive a vortex of convected atmospheric conditions. . . Or maybe it's just the wind blowing in a really fast circle!
Christopher Mitchell I thought the mile high club tickets were sold in pairs?
Leigh Lay Glenda said click those ruby slippers THREE times, biotch!!! smh 😂
Trui Mitchell Of course, the tornado takes her back home right AFTER she finds all the eggs and candy...
Roy Phillips I don't need a house to fall on me, too! I'm outta here!
Bill Treadway This is what happens when we elect Donald Trump as our Wizard...
Scott Keown Maybe she should have volunteered to give up her seat for the standby staff..
Bert Homself I can recognise that hairstyle anywhere. Its the Trump Tornado. Propably heading to Mexico. Or Russia.....
Rick Johnson "Yeah,,, here comes trouble." -or- "There goes the neighborhood!"
Grayson McLean That must be the worst case of animal cruelty I ever did see!
MAD Magazine
MAD MagazineTuesday, April 11th, 2017 at 4:34am

Neil or No Neil Dept.

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Chase Roush Soooooooo you'd rather have the court tilted to favor Ruth "Sleepy" Ginsburg or the completely unqualified Kagan? You need to go back to what you do best. Just give us a good fold-in and the occasional Dave Berg retrospective.
Craig M Sharrow Justice Gorsuch sworn in. The Supreme Court is now open for bid'ness.
Robert Audette Yeah, Mad MAD Magazine, why so political, you never were before!
Russ Connor Rotary dial phones and going home from school for lunch
Jack Myhervold And the Mad court decision is: "Ruth Bader Ginsburg gooood!. Neil Gorsuch baaaad!.
Drew Caron By joining the Ministry of Sill Walks?
Rod Justice
Ken Mitchell Judge Judy is too good for Neil.
Madan Bhalla I love Mad's Alfred E Newman. I miss Mad's maddest artists Don Martin.
Monia Rafique
Gregg Nash New dance step?
Robert Audette Typically liberal MAD Magazine, huh?
MAD Magazine
MAD MagazineSaturday, April 8th, 2017 at 9:15am

Classic MAD Dept.

From MAD's "50 Worst Things About Comedy", #26: Being singled out for all of Don Rickles' ruthless barbs, when there's a perfectly good target in a loud shirt and a funny hat...

Dave Aichler He tried to eliminate racism by insults to everyone including his own race and religion. Rest in peace, sir.
Dean Rasche Only on the day of his death will "you hockey puck" seem funny.
Daniel Zubiate Mad is being PC now. The MAD magazine that featured that mentioned the other guy being a Puerto Rican Jew, but they conveniently omitted that here.
Andrew Davis One of his best lines "why didn't you laugh at that last joke? I laughed when I saw you come in".
Cathy Bradley Chamberlain
Cisco Gomez Thank you for serving your country and sharing your talent with us Mr. Rickles.....hand salute!
James D. Haviland I never enjoyed insult "comedy". It's just a form of bullying, which is never funny!
Burtman Mcburt People who don't find don rickles funny ... Have no immortal soul. Now pipe down run dubs
Corinne Mitrakas Lester Rickles was unique!
Anthony Cortese Never thought he was funny. JMO
Carl Scott HE Was One Hilarious Hockey Puck !!!
Larry Glazer Is that supposed to be Antonio?
Bryan Dicus
Andre Reichenbacher Appparently David Brenner did the same thing. Huh.
Noerton Webb
Terry Knox John W. Allen
MAD Magazine
MAD MagazineSaturday, April 8th, 2017 at 6:47am

Blanks for Nothing Dept.

There were many caption submissions this week for John Caldwell’s uncaptioned beer cartoon, but there could only be one winner (and “winner” in this situation is really stretching the definition of the word...)...

Bill Bibo Thank you! What an honor. And I mean that sincerely. What an honor? I was lucky. There were so many good captions. But I'm very proud to see it was unanimous. 😜
Mark Bailey ...sorry I just gotta say it... There were a lot stronger, better captions out there again... Why don't we 'Like' our favourite captions?
Burtman Mcburt Some alternate winners. " noooo ... Sudden ... Movements" "There's a yuengling on my tongue ... & a pencil proved I'm done 🎼🎼🎼🎼🎼 you are on my lonely mind.
Richmond Aulisio This contest I rigged! You still aint driving yourself home should have won. JERKS!
Michael Ryan Yep this was the caption this cartoon was just begging for! Attaboy Bill. peace 3:-)
Burtman Mcburt I've read better captions at grind house cinemas back in the 1970's
Jack Myhervold Colorized version. Congrat's to Bill Bibo!.
Craig Harms Bill, you should be proudly ashamed of yourself!!!😜
MAD Magazine
MAD MagazineSaturday, April 8th, 2017 at 4:39am

Hit or Missile Dept.

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Pat Scott Another draft dodger not willing to fight himself, but more than willing to send other people to die.
Roy Adams Is it ironic, or just a dumb, lucky coincidence, that this nonsense occured on the 100th anniversary of the US getting into WW I?
Jason Sharer So you all cried over children dying, and we finally do something, and you whine like babies. P.S. Hillary called for air strikes yesterday morning hypocrites.
Richard James Smith I love how all the trumplethinskin leg humpers are such experts on politics from behind their keyboards sitting in the trailer park home in rural America! If you all are such brains on the state of things go take out a loan, buy an Armani suit and run for office instead of creating drama on social media posts for attention!
Janice Gilbert Trump informed Vladimir Putin of his intentions to bomb Assad. Trump did not inform Congress. Assad began flying attack missions out of the airport Trump bombed Friday. The mission was a failure. First Yemen. Now Syria. Both within his first 100 days in office.
James Scott The golf clubs though!!!! Brilliant... Frightening, but brilliant!
Randall Bemis or you can sit back and do nothing and let evil people keep it up until they are here on our soil AGAIN . A wise man once said ," the only thing that stops evil are the people that will stand up against it "
Carole Starz Send his sons Eric and Don Jr. See how they like shooting at targets that shoot back....not like the elephants and tigers they "hunt" (rigged against the animals).
Allen Shelton He's too 'in shape' in this poster. Back to the drawing board! :P
Dave Atkin Sorry can't find a picture of a cute kitty so here's one of a cute little boy. Ignore the dirt and the blood and the shock on a three year olds face, whose family were bombed by their own government, that isn't important, Obama was right to do nothing. Yea right.
John Crabfat Manson Trump turns up at local golf course and asks to play. "What's your handicap?" asks the professional, Trump replies "I speak my mind!" 😉🍻🇬🇧
Lloyd King What's wrong with this picture? That prick never carries his clubs.
Timothy Gauker Watch it have nothing to do with the book it's based on!
Jared Marshall Trump likes Titleist because it has the word "tit" in it. It makes him giggle like a schoolboy.
Angela Maya Someone commented on HILLARY calling for airstrikes yesterday, I hope that was a joke, because she is no longer employed by the US Government. MR REX TILLERSON is our acting secretary of state
Suzanne Davis World war III has been updated..there is no winners in this one. only survivors
Richmond Aulisio Oh, that's it MAD! You really think Trump carries own clubs!
Joe Belcher Where is the cover of Kerry saying that all of the chemical weapons were removed from Syria
Penny Green I used to see the same sort of pics when Obama was POTUS! Barry golfing while the world burns! Lol
Rod Justice Great stuff. Soon enough we'll be nuked, but at least I'll go laughing.
Harold Humerickhouse I noticed the really small golf clubs on his back then realized why they're so short and small.
Ricieri Campello ...ask the people of Syria what they think about Trump today...
Matt Tucci You guys said it. Mad was funny, now it's stupid. Why would a person want stupidity delivered to there home?
Vickie Reno One thing wrong with this picture is, it makes Trump look tough and that he is not. I won't say what he is to me 😡
MAD Magazine
MAD MagazineFriday, April 7th, 2017 at 7:02am

Classic MAD Dept.

From MAD #131, December 1969
Artist: Angelo Torres

Mark Seghers He insulted everyone. Everyone. By doing so, he equalized - and elevated - us all. Bravo and RIP, you old hockey puck.
Patrick Abe "Mr. Warmth" shows up at the pearly gates and St. Peter says: "Take a number, I'm too busy right now." Don Rickles says: "Hey, I was 'Crapgame' in 'Kelly's Heroes'! St. Peter says: "That's why I didn't kick you onto the 'Expressway to Hell. Take A Number!"
Steven Ackerman Yeah, a good article. I wish you had shown the one where you spoof Gimme A Break! and he shows up. What was funny was that shortly after he made a guest appearance on the show!
Andrew Davis Best role.. Crapgame in Kelly's Heroes RIP man...
Jack Myhervold Mad cartoonist Jack Davis's art for Kelly's Heroes poster with Don Rickles.
Johanna Smaling Collier Mr. Rickles perfected the art of the insult and he was so good at it!! RIP!!
Richard Carson This very image came to mind before I saw it posted here. Hilarious article that I remember sharing.
Ryan Hughes Wonder if he wud be annoyed to know that his career has been marginalised because he voiced a toy
Lee Phillippi He's already called St Peter a hockey puck 10 times.
Jack Myhervold Rickles, done by Mort Drucker as part of a celebrity group picture.
Ellis Villanueva
John J Coffey Saw him in Vegas in 1986; great showman!
Jaimz Lucero
Jeannïe Douglas I enjoyed him even when I was a kid :0)
James Wood Spot on!
Jonn Neiss RIP. One of the very best....ever.
Marco Toño Delgado Daniel Alejandro Hernandez
Carol Foley Fishbein Dan Fishbein
MAD Magazine
MAD MagazineFriday, April 7th, 2017 at 4:08am

F&*%ing Up With the Kardashians Dept.

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Paul Joseph Canniff When I was a kid the only way I knew about the popular adult movies (Chinatown, Love Story) of the era was from Mad. Now that I'm an adult in a new century, the only way I know about commercials is from Mad.
James Bok Aside from being really stupid, I'm not sure why people are actually mad at it.
Patrick Zubriski am I the only one who like it
Bryan Douglas Deal not the first time pepsi has screwed up, remember when they set Jacko's hair on fire? lol
Dee Arnold Sargent Oopsi, yes Oopsi, we had to apologize for fighting against racism, not apologizing for a Kardashian, but for fighting racism.
Mel Furd The Focus group was Clueless.
Dolores Sorensen I'll stick with Coke :-)
Edward Cheek Thought the kardashian/jenner/west show was OVER
Solia Alvarado Damon C. Maxwell
Adrianna De Vega Coke is always better
Carol Marino Haha! Yay!
Hector Estrada This magazine made my chilldhood
Bob Genevro She's a Jenner to hide that she's really a Kardashian
Jeff Reinhart hire non professionals...what do you expect?
Perry Biddle Frank Leone
Terry Knox John W. Allen
Tim Murphy Melissa Budetti Murphy
MAD Magazine
MAD MagazineThursday, April 6th, 2017 at 4:32am

Life’s a Mitch Dept.

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Pablo Acevedo Old mc gringo had a dream A country of his own But on that land there was no work- force Where am I to go With an Irish here And a chinese there Here spic there spic Everywhere a spic-spic Old mc gringo had a dream And the border he will close
George Lundberg Remember these song parodies from the old days. "On his hair" sung to the tune of "Over There" ("sprinkle goo, spill shampoo, on his hair.")
Frank Semonious He looks so much more natural in these clothes. He should consider ditching the suit.
Piet de Vries You can almost hear a redneck band blowing in a booze-jar and plucking the banjo to this in the background
Erik Shank As a banjo player, I resent your implication, Piet! More like Florida-Georgia Line or some other country NOT band... :D
Scott St. Louis why do so many republican leaders have such flabby neck/chin sections it's weird they need surgery
James S. Davis And now the Democrats are the Party of No and the ones practicing obstructionism. Isn't partisan politics wonderful?
Michael Connolly Gobble gobble here Gobble gobble there Money is for me I ain't gonna share
Leslie Carlson America would be better off if MM would return to Kentucky permanently...
Tim Ray Did the right thing for once in his tenure...........Thank God
Susan Spring I love mad
Joseph Shenk Perfect!!! :D
Evan F. Clements You are insulting Mad Magazine with this nut job do-nothing swine!
Russ Heizer Lol Awesome!!!!!
Vince Gregoric Good one! And love the picture!
Roger Bailey Like classic MAD!
James Brayton Very funny parody
Charlie King III Hey hey ho ho Mitch has got to go!
Richmond Aulisio This deserves some kind of Golden Barf Bag Award!
Monia Rafique
Leonard Stevens 👍
Geoffrey Giles
Jim Dudas So "Mad".
Rod Justice
Louise Duffany Great song. Very funny.
MAD Magazine
MAD MagazineWednesday, April 5th, 2017 at 5:04am

Photo Oops Dept.

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Monty Todd "That will cost extra Donald..."
Glenn Willumsen Had it been Bill Clinton standing beside her, he would've had his hand buried deep in her panties. No wait, she's way too old for Bill.
Sharon Parker Can Mad do something everyone can laugh at not just this side or that side.I mean really......This Trump or Clinton thing getting kind of boring.
Pat Scott
Robert McNay Nah, Trump is bored with her. That's why he brags about grabbing other women.
Ken Mitchell Is that why they have separate bedrooms, and homes?
Heather Gough Delp No, you must be thinking of Ivanka's portrait.
Bryan Conklin A sex worker for "first lady"? Thanks SO much, GOP! You really are the Party of Family Values, huh?
Mike Miguelito
Bryan Green How are her eyes almost vertical?
John Scalley What some of you are posting abt her is worse than what you're accusing Donald of doing, fools
Robert Clemmons This thread is proof of how stupid people have become.
Joa Reza And that will be the best grab of the pussy ever, absolutely terrific
Gordon Brooks I don't think she would let him get that close to her anymore.
Frank LaPosta Visco Mad, you made the hand too big. Way.
Michael Zickus Easy little fella, Vladdie will crush your neck like a chicken bone!
Len Flett No...he won't touch her....he'd grab Ivanka.
Matt Tucci So, you guys aren't going to do funny stuff anymore?
Phil Brett Reaching for the nuclear option the most powerful man in the free world finds the reach around point and consensus on the goal solidifies.
Ryan Hughes This comment thread is hilarious😃
Dennis Moore
Bill Coonley Married or not, she still charges him ten grand per 'grab'.
Jeff Tidwell Actually, Melania is President Kushner's mother.
Mark Falada Waaaaay too funny!!!
Karen Liller So depressing to see how his gloom falls on everything.
MAD Magazine
MAD MagazineWednesday, April 5th, 2017 at 2:35am

It’s a well-known fact that any association with MAD is guaranteed to irreparably damage your career. But there was Jerry Seinfeld yesterday tweeting out a photo of himself in front of Mort Drucker’s original art for the cover of MAD #364. We’re going...

Joyce Genari Jesus. That last sentence made me think he passed away.
Gus III So my friend who's not the MAD magazine type, skype's me that lately she was "feeling tired and rundown." I couldn't contain my glee, as I skyped her back the only acceptable response I've known since I read it in a MAD magazine when I was just a little guy! :D
Bill Coonley Nobody remembers Freddie Madison, Big Time comedian, until he told Johnny Carson years ago, that he got most of his inspiration from Mad Magazine. Freddie hasn't been heard from since.
Tim Chapman Does he get a free subscription for sending in a photo-with-a-celebrity?...
Jim Zelenski $399 for a Seinfeld TV set replica. Order yours today! :-)
Jonn Neiss Been reading MAD since I was about 5 or 6, in the mid 1960's. Endless source of fun. Very grateful to everything about MAD.
Scott St. Louis i'm surprised his friend kramer does not work for the alt-potus yet as press secretary
Gerald Witt Haven't read Mad in years since I was a kid. Have they gone full sjw now like Cracked?
Michael Hayward WHY will MAD Magazine miss Jerry ..... does he have a court gag order against them, prohibiting them satirizing him LMAO ;-p
Peter Grimaldi Love Mad Magazine, really love Mort Drucker, and Jerry.
Lennart Bergman to late...
Jerome J D Coleman What me care?
Dave Rou #RIPJerry
Eirrum Nhoj RIP
Eddie Schweibacher Hello, NEWMAN!
Burtman Mcburt A lot of that damage will buff right out.
Craig Schwartz Mott Drucker is a God!
Carl Forscht Having an association with MAD can end anyones career.
Jay Amber Chuppe Mort forever!
Justin Bean " What... Him Worry ?"
Gregg Nash This man not is not funny!!!
Scott St. Louis mr roasted peanut jokes
Joseph Gonzales Kavorka!
Paul Jones Helloooo Newman
Helter Siqueira Newman
MAD Magazine
MAD MagazineTuesday, April 4th, 2017 at 7:50am

Classic MAD Dept.

From MAD #366, February 1998
Artist: Mort Drucker

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Marc Black I haven't seen a MAD magasine in my area for over 15 years, thought you guy's had called it quits untill I found this page, I used to have the MAD game board, and a CD-rom of ollllddd issues. I still have about 4-5 pocket books I keep as souveniers.
Lee Winkle Sports Illustrated put The Missing Link on their cover.
Kevin Kroger A.J. Kirsch
Andrew Stratton I still have this issue
Frank Monaco "The World Accordion To Alf."
MaTt YoSt Still got this
Richmond Aulisio Nice to see WWF. Stupid hippies
Yuriy Alterman
Yuriy Alterman
Ray J. DiDia Thank you taker
Cory Fusting Thank you Taker
Jakob Sousouris TO GETER
Max Beilstein Good no more Trump posts!
Daniel Algar Antonio Amantea even MAD got respect
Jakob Sousouris AND THEY WHANT MORE FAMILY Big Time Rush (single)
Jonathan Miranda Irvin Medina
Steve Iwaskey Stokely Klasovsky 😃
Mike Kays Patrick Kays
Francisco Ezequiel Joe Eurell
Daniel Castro Brendan Hawes
Mark Magoc Logan Magoc
Terry Knox John W. Allen
Tommy Cobb Mike Kays
MAD Magazine
MAD MagazineTuesday, April 4th, 2017 at 6:23am

Blanks for Nothing Dept.

In the Comments section, tell us what you think the man is saying in the captionless John Caldwell cartoon below — and on Friday, we’ll announce the “winner!” Shame has never been so...

Bill Bibo He's much better at this since he switched to light beer.
Ethan Fisk When I said you need to work on holding your liquor, this isn't what I meant, Jeff.
Julie Solyomi Scannell Oh, that's nothing. Back in the day I used to know a Hungarian fella who danced the Csardas with high ball on top of his head and never spilled a drop!
Candace Wellman Yes, I'm a famous writer, but I try to balance professional and personal time.
Craig McCracken "The doctor told him he needs to balance his alcohol with his writing if he wants to be a successful author"
Monty Todd "We'll both drop a #2 if you spill that expensive beer I bought you."
Scott Hawkins A real pencil-pusher. He balances accounts by day and beer by night.
Chris Hamrick This beer stein engraving gig is harder than I thought it would be.
Paul Burke "Now you know how average guy Frank here keeps getting invited to parties at the Playboy Mansion."
Nicholas Brannick I had the best caption for this on the tip of my tongue, but I was too drunk to write it down.
Elliot Shields "Well, Tom asked him to hold his beer, and you know how Bill likes to show off..."
Eric Wolfe Now you can imagine how it would work if you SWALLOWED the Viagra, Tom...
Corina Torchin April fools! There is no Cirque Du Soliel show called Bière looking for talent.
Tim Collins "Thelma and Louise swore right then never to use another 50% off, online coupon, from date again, for as long as they lived"!
Tim Collins "He has writers-block!" "He says it gets his creative juices going"!
Bradley Pawlek This is what going to the right university learns ya.
Travis Holland What you gotta do to get a woman's phone number in this bar...
Christian Paquet C'mon Jerry, 10 more seconds and the girls pay for the beers...
Adrian Bamforth You mean Alcoholics Anonymous have a Thirteenth Step now?
Tim Collins "Hey Slick, guess where that pencil was before I gave it to you"!
Toby Rush The doctor told him to consume a more balanced diet.
Bruce Shtal Pouring the perfect pint of Guinness is a six step ritual.
Tim Collins Martha secretly wondered how she'd tell the kids how she met their Dad!
Tim Collins "This all started when his Mom told him to stop playing with his food"!
Tim Collins "He's just showing off!! All I said was" - "Dude", "hold my beer"!
MAD Magazine
MAD MagazineTuesday, April 4th, 2017 at 4:42am

Sleazy Does it Dept.

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Chris Green Death of integrity, one story at a time. Thanks to the people who sell out to this kind of entertainment and then move on to believe it as news.
Jack Myhervold Like Bill Clinton and Donald Trump, it would seem O'Reilly has the making's of a President. Lets not rule out potential President Bill Cosby either.
Subhash Durlabhji Wow. These are the least of the damage he has inflicted on the American people. But can you blame him? Is this not what the American Dream is all about? Power. Money. Girls! It is "freedom" and "equality" -- both empty, malleable concepts -- that is enshrined in the Constitution, not Truth and Beauty and Integrity....
Robert W. Knight Brilliant, once again guys - but I can't Share it. Don't wanna give this Scum-bag any more Publicity. EVENTUALLY Karma will catch-up to him. Look @ 'Teflon-OJ'! When A SEXUAL PREDATOR lands in PRISON... 'The Boys' make SURE he gets "SPECIAL Treatment"!!! 🖒🖒
Scott McCarthy A hypocritical moron sit on your high horse and say how everything everyone is doing wong Fox is the fake news the only supporter of trump .....what morons
John Jornov Do we know what he said during the Clinton scandal?
Larry Smith Killing integrity in the news is what the major media's been doing for ages!
Matthew Kenney Family values in action right?
Mitch Butler The planets largest Doosh.🙄
Ron Peterson Or subscribe to Fox news if you want REAL stupidity!
Susie Lowe Ross I hooe his dick falls off. He's a menace to society.
Mark Falada Fake commentator of Faux Noise lying comedy channel
Gordon Clark Oh funny thing funny about this just the truth.
Michael Tousignant Killing Bill! Sounds like the title of his next book!
Ed Ayala Nailed it!
Yolie Ortiz No wonder he and fox fake news loves 45
Jon Lefurgey I thought it was the no spin zone.
Unpresidented WE'LL DO IT LIVE!
Jared Marshall You just entered a no spin zone.
Steve Zak An ugly human being inside and out
Art Bouthillier Stick to humor not sleaze.
Kurt Supancic "Sleazy Does it Department!" Good ol' MAD.
Richmond Aulisio Being rich and ugly.
Patrick McMeen "I did not have sex with that woman" Oops, sorry, wrong D-Bag.
Blake Messinger Wow sounds like his buddy Donald Chump/Trump
MAD Magazine
MAD MagazineSaturday, April 1st, 2017 at 6:58am

Blanks for Nothing Dept.

There were many caption submissions this week for John Caldwell’s uncaptioned flashlight guy cartoon, but there could only be one winner (and “winner” in this situation is really stretching the definition of the...

Jack Myhervold Jazzin' up with color, just for fun. Congrat's to Dave Tooley!.
Doug English I don't get it.
Roy Phillips I still like my line "Wait. You haven't seen his backup light yet!" better.
Keith Oakes Thought I had a good chance this month but this a winner. 👍👍👍👍👍
Jeanne Pett Nielsen I don't get it, didn't even make me laugh. Can someone explain please.
Mark Bailey I'm not so sure on this one either... Doesn't even make me chuckle like the others did. Don't get it...
Greg Cox Very bright Dave, the family must be very proud.
Ed Kanterman Some of you folks don't get it? Are you kidding? He puts the batteries up his bunghole! Get it now?
Joan Shaull I actually don't get it.
Dave Tooley Thanks (I guess) for this furshlugginer honor.
Richard Hentworth Batteries go up his butt...
Glen Shoemark it is possible to win twice!! Congrats.
Dune Woodruff weak.
Eric Walker Weak
Ryan Hughes As usual, mines was better
Art Patiño Pretty good one
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