Pat Mazza Sr-Jr
Pat Mazza Sr-JrTuesday, April 25th, 2017 at 10:48am

Never forget Al Feldstein telling me "that's johnny's baby" after I asked him to do me a sketch of her..... I was very happy to win this years ago....

Dave Snyder
Dave SnyderMonday, April 24th, 2017 at 1:02pm

Good ol' Jack Davis. I love how he cartooned kids.

Bob Cronin Those poor kids, ba ha ha!
Peter Harley Robertson Beautifully Done!
Thommy Burns Perfect post to compare and contrast with the Tales from the Crypt 39 cover posted today! Jack Davis drawing scared kids, decades apart, with that same great mix of horror and humor
James Clontz I love Jack Davis......I met him and I still have the picture of the Crypt Keeper he sketched for me. Wouldn't trade it for anything.
Nick Carr Has anyone read this? It's a Choose Your Own Adventure style book that could be found in the young young adult sections of bookstores (10-12 year olds). Thing is, there are multiple endings where all the kids die! Like children at a summer camp! I don't know how it would read as an adult, but I remember being impressed as a kid that they went all the way with it, instead of PG-ing the material.
Kevin Klauber A true Southern Gentleman
Jim Wisniewski LOVE!!
Jack Ruttan His animals were great, too.
TJ White
Mike James Mccurdy
Mike James MccurdyTuesday, April 25th, 2017 at 5:38am
Jon Gothold
Jon GotholdTuesday, April 25th, 2017 at 12:35am


Tales From The Crypt was my very first Crypt, and my fist non-Mad EC. I got it from Terry Stroud, probably in 1970 or early 71 on a trip Bart Morris and I made to Terry’s house to buy...

Jim Bailey
Jim BaileyMonday, April 24th, 2017 at 3:49pm

Wall of Weird.
Well, one of them anyway. I have many.

Tom Vincent
Tom VincentTuesday, April 25th, 2017 at 3:59am

Mail call! I picked up three issue of Iskalde Gross, they were so inexpensive I couldn't pass them up. They're B&W comic book size reprints of EC horror from 1989. I assume they're shot from the Cochran libraries but the reproduction is very good. They're...

Rich Kaplan love 'em!
Magnus Holmang Kleming Grøss = chills, shivers
Tom Vincent Greg, the editor is Hege Holby.
Tom Vincent "The Chips Are Down!" from VOH #28.
Tom Vincent I guess "Herregud!" is Norwegian for "Good Lord!"
Thommy Burns Fantastic! Thanks for the interior images too!
Steeve CK Thank you so much for sharing!
Stuart McIntire
Stuart McIntireTuesday, April 25th, 2017 at 6:09am

Feedback on the book A Haunt of Fears written by Martin Barker?

Thommy Burns Very dry, but a lot of great detail on the anti-comics campaign across the pond with lots of material on EC.
Stephen Bruzdowski
Stephen BruzdowskiTuesday, April 25th, 2017 at 3:07am

Dang Nabbit Thommy Burns, I don't know whether to curse you or bless you. Ever since you posted about picking up the MAD Portfolio Cover Set it made me realize that this was one I was lacking also. So, I just had to go out...

Frank Motler Very nice, Stephen!
Thommy Burns Glad to contribute to your delinquency! The only set I need now is WSF, but I know I can get that easily. MAD is the tough one, Congrats!
Bruce Hershenson
Bruce HershensonMonday, April 24th, 2017 at 2:08pm

Here is a great offer to all EC fans! You guys all know that Ron Barlow and myself ran the EC Fan Addict Convention in New York in 1972. After the Convention, Bill Gaines was so impressed by how well it had gone that he...

Thommy Burns This is fantastic Bruce! I am pinning this post to the top of the page because I think it's a great way to thank you and Ron for everything you've done for us Fan-Addicts!
Jeffrey Lindsey Bruce... If I hadn't just bid on Russ Cochran's silly auction before seeing this, I would totally have purchased one from you!!
Bruce Hershenson Thanks Thommy! I am going to sleep and tomorrow morning I will email the people who emailed me to buy one!
Steve Ensor I wonder how fast they will sell?
Thommy Burns I guess we'll find out tomorrow! I've owned multiple partial kits and paid a bit more for various components at times (especially the pinback) than Bruce is asking for these. Plus these come direct from one organizer of the Con to help out the other. Very cool.
Joseph Grayson This is awesome, love warehouse finds, and it's a real connection to that first convention.
Bruce Hershenson I just woke up and checked my email and I have sold 9 of these so far to 9 members. Of course it has been the middle of the night for most of the 9 hours since I made the offer, so I am happy with that result! I will keep this open for one to any member until 9 PM tonight (Monday) CST, and then I will give anyone a chance to get more than one (if there are any left) and then on Tuesday I will offer whatever remains on other groups for $125 each, and finally on eBay at $150 each (but I hope they are all sold before then). Thanks very much to the nine who ordered so far!
Thommy Burns That's great Bruce! Some members on the East Coast may just be seeing this...I hope they're all gone by tonight! Does Ron know you are doing this? EC LIVES!...thanks in large part to you two!
Tom Vincent Email sent, this is very cool of you Bruce, and happy to help out Ron too.
Bruce Hershenson I just checked my email and three more have sold, so 12 are sold, and 13 remain. I guarantee these will all sell! It is just a question of whether they sell at $100, $125, or $150, because as of right now it is only the guys in this group who know about them, and you represent a small sliver of the comic hobby! Don't let this pass you by, and miss out on this great kit AND the chance to help one of the greatest "friends" EC ever had (and Thommy, Ron wasn't told about this, and I want this to come to him as a great pleasant surprise)!
Thommy Burns Bruce - I know you have some idea of how much the Fan-Addict Con meant to EC fans and the EC creators themselves! If the Membership Kits help Ron get to NM 45 years later, it will be one more heartwarming reason to say I didn't start this little group in vain. (PS - to the club members - the kits are almost halfway gone less than one day in - don't miss out!!!)
Jeff McKenzie
Jeff McKenzieMonday, April 24th, 2017 at 3:17pm

I've always wanted this issue. Finally got one tonight.

Jesse Guiher "Good Lord... Gasp... Choke... Bob... the hadron collider produced a black hole on your head... it... it's sucking everything into it!"
Ivan Briggs Fascinating cover. I wonder what kids made of it at the time? I'm so used to mentally adding the ax that it's hard for me to imagine how it looks to someone unfamiliar with the non-censored version.
Frank Motler Maybe EC should have turned it into a competition, 'Fill the Missing Section' with a prize for the most imaginative entry, to be announced next issue... (Nice acquisition, Jeff!)
Al Guerrero
Al GuerreroTuesday, April 25th, 2017 at 5:07am

Johnny Cash album cover art by Jack Davis.

Michael Oliver
Michael OliverMonday, April 24th, 2017 at 6:00pm

just received the digests i have been waiting for, all printed in 1963

Gene Rivers I got these paperbacks in the 1980s for Christmas with a slipcase...
Nick Drage
Nick DrageMonday, April 24th, 2017 at 4:43pm
Sandy Ferber Man, that really IS one attractive tree....
Terry Williams good night, good fright
Ken Mcbay That's me .
Daniel Hornick mmm... e.c. comics... 😍
Marie Brandt Pee tree😂
Bob DesVeaux Ill take Marilyn Monroe
Rusty Reddell lil faust
Pat Mazza Sr-Jr
Pat Mazza Sr-JrMonday, April 24th, 2017 at 10:32am

Any opinion to what was better monster mail call or fang mail...... going through famous monster issues I notice they used both back & forth.... always wondered why there was so much white out in the bubble.....

Paul Wardle I like Fang Mail...short and to the point and evocative...of something...fangs and vampires I guess
Paul Wardle I just noticed the bottom one mentions Luis Gasca...I have one of his albums
Thommy Burns I prefer Fang Mail too
Josh Burns Another vote for Fang Mail from me!
Melvin Kapowski Fang Mail!
David Schafer
David SchaferMonday, April 24th, 2017 at 3:30pm

This book is $160 on the CGC Golden/Silver/Bronze board. Seller says it is all George Evans and is as good as anything he did for EC. Anyone familiar with this book?

James Clontz Captain Video and his video rangers.....Ed Norton's favorite tv show lol
Daniel Ripoll Looks pretty cool:
Matthew Gore The stuff Evans did for Fawcett is generally very good.
Steve Kempton PS Artbooks recently reprinted this in Hard Cover. I have seen copies for $20 at Half Price Books.
Steve Kempton Interior Art
Steve Kempton
Ger Rijff george evans? if it is he had a bad day or was still in his teens...
Nick S. Pinto Actually according to the George Evans interview in the Art Of Al Williamson book,Al got him this job and pitched in to help with some of the art---
Adam Headland Probably a deadline rush job
Steve Kempton This is clearly not Evans at his best. According to a Review, I read, the art in the later issues he did, looks better.
Anthony Andrews
Anthony AndrewsTuesday, April 25th, 2017 at 1:12am

Mail call Monday 2 nice upgrades and a Canadian, thank god I am not trying to upgrade my Canadians lol

Thommy Burns
Thommy BurnsSaturday, April 22nd, 2017 at 4:53pm

CRYPT MONTH - Day 22! TFTC 38 is another infamous self-censored EC cover (along with VOH 32) that has since been reproduced in all it's uncensored glory. The original art was rediscovered and sold for the first time since initial auction more than 30 years...

Frank Motler My copy...
Steve Ensor My Tales from the Crypt issue 38
Ivan Briggs If it hadn't been censored, this would possibly be my fave Crypt cover. Wonder why Gaines censored it? Has the original version ever been printed, except in that 70's Captain Company poster?
Paul Wardle this issue has one of Reed Crandall's best drawn stories, a sexy adult tale of costume play, "Only Skin Deep". Bill Elder contributes the classic "Last Laugh", a personal favourite of mine. "Die Laughing!"
Paul Wardle
Jon Gothold Here's my copy! It's a mighty strange one without the gal being visible in the trunk...not to mention the lack of stuff coming out of anybody's mouth!
Doug Randazzo This probably doesn't count but gotta leave here anyway.
Kyle Androschuk Here's mine! Recently acquired from that stand-up guy, Anthony Andrews! I'm wondering if it missed a colour layer during printing or if the colour has just faded a bit... Very happy to own a copy!
Ed Owens
Alan Hutchinson Here's mine, bought on 1-3-77 from Gaspar Buffa (there's that name again), graded a mere FN-VF, priced at a mere $15.
Frank Motler That's Another Fine Mess You've Gotten Me Into... Graphic Masters poster of the unexpurgated image. One of two produced & measures 20.25 by 28.50 inches
Anthony Andrews Here's my copy and the one I just sold to Kyle Androschuk for the color comparison
Anthony Andrews And here is the Canadian version , this is also the last TFTC produced by Superior Publishing , now I know nothing is coming out of his mouth but he is at least hacking apart potatoes to make pouting which will be falling out of his mouth in a bit
Kurt Stauffer This issue was one of the first I bought as a teenager back in the 1980s. I read it over and over , which was easy to do when your collection only had 10 ECs in it at the time. When you only made $3.35 an hour , ECs were even more costly than in today's money. Since this was one of my favorite issues, I had to buy the silverprint for Mournin' Mess when it was on HA. $175 later and she was mine!
Thommy Burns To answer Ivan Briggs question, all published versions are here (with detailed explanations):
Woody Compton Kelly Shane-check this out!
Frank Motler Thommy, Crypt #38 silverprint. Sold for $1,912 in 2015. Link:
David Schafer My Tales From The Crypt #38.
Chris Boyko I'll take a whack a this one... My copy:
Chuck Den-Baars My somewhat mangled copy of Crypt # 38 damage to the spine the previous owner repaired with tape which is now a bit yellowed. Otherwise, complete and ok for me! Got it for maybe $7.00 in '78.
Paul Wardle and finally, the Cochran reprint of December 1997, a little narrower, picture a little smaller, a lot pinker and a little brighter...but the first time published in comic size on stands with the uncensored cover shown, and 25 years after the aforenentioned poster.
Steven Ringgenberg I used to have the poster of the restored cover but it got torn and f-ed up in a move. I'm sad. Fortunately, I have the issue ofh the Monster times with this art as the centerfold.
Jon Gothold Hot damn!
Steve Ensor The EC Fan-Addict pin not a easy item to acquire. Very cool!
Philip Smith Here’s mine, a day late!
Gordie Adams
Gordie AdamsMonday, April 24th, 2017 at 1:52pm

Every once in awhile, I get something right.
This months theme is humor, over on the EOC Sketch Challenge. Sticking with the mailman motif is kinda my thing.

Paul Wardle
Paul WardleMonday, April 24th, 2017 at 2:52pm

this is not one of my's Bruno, from Querbec...but first time I've ever seen a Canadian edition of GUNSMOKE #3, with Graham Ingels cover and interior art. Colours are way off compared to the U.S. printing

Paul Wardle my U.S. copy
Peter Harley Robertson it's been in the sun --- it was Green like the US version
Frank Motler Paul, looks like the cover is faded badly. There's a patch of green top right (original colour?), which may have been protected by a price-label. The rest has been left in the sun?
Steve Ensor somebodies window display book
Buck Edward Wow. 😵
Wesley Hoague To be fair, I do like this faded cover better XD
Alan Edward O'Brien Who has Bill Conrad's voice in his head?
Frank Motler Paul, Fanaddicts, here's a non-faded Canadian version (from my image stash on my PC). It's different from US version, as there's no onsale months on the cover...
Steven Gibson "Really Nice. Sir"
Kurt Stauffer
Kurt StaufferMonday, April 24th, 2017 at 9:28am

I was pleasantly surprised to win this copy of Incredible Science Fiction # 30 graded 7.0 for only $76 . This issue completes my run. I thought this one would have gone higher. Am I missing something here?

Tom Vincent Looks good to me. I'd buy those all day at that price.
Paul Wardle I don't know...there could be a bit too much spine damage for 7.0 but since it's not open, it's hard to tell...anyway, good price!
Alan Hutchinson could always open it.
Thor Hoffman Score
Rob Reiner Sounds like a good deal but it would be nice to leaf through the pages. ISF 30 contains Jack Davis's story "Barrier" which is his first EC sci-fi story and only 1 of 3.
Jesse Gaspardo Maybe the ec comic gods smiled on you for completing a run.
Jeff McKenzie Great price. I had that one in my watch list. I have a raw copy of that issue.
Peter Harley Robertson Strange how they rate things I have better condition Archie Comic from 1943 ! and it's in better condition than this and yet this one is higher !!
Sobot Cortez CBS grade, cgc grade would probally cost a bit more
Isaac Bidwell
Isaac BidwellFriday, April 21st, 2017 at 3:27am

Hey everyone, just curious of your thoughts.

Besides Bernie Wrightson (RIP) ,Who do you think would have been a great artist for EC if it was producing high quality comics today

My monies on Charles Burns and Mark Schultz....

Tom Vincent Stout, Corben, Mignola, Gianni and Scott Hampton.
Paul Wardle Hilary Barta, Tom Mandrake, Steve Rude, Adam Hughes, Sandy Plunkett
Larry Shell While everyone will point out the obvious ones, I would include Thomas Ott, a German artist who does scratch board silent comics and has about half a dozen books out, most in the US from Fantagraphics. Do a Google search on any of the bookselling sites for his name and they'll pop up. His stuff is pretty great and would fit right in.
Daniel Ripoll Kaluta, Bo and Scott Hampton, Tim Bradstreet for covers (great skull work), Erik Gist, Dave Palumbo also for covers
Gil Ray Baker I would've ended up working for Eerie Pubs 😢
Isaac Bidwell Let's see some artwork of these rad artists. :D
Tim Meredith Dave Gibbons, Don Simpson, Tim Vigil, Rick Veitch, Stephen Bissette, Kelly Jones, Brent Anderson, Michael Golden, Kevin Nowlan and Jerry Ordway.
Paul Wardle Mandrake is the greatest horror artist working today
Paul Wardle
Paul Wardle although The Spectre in the 90s, was ostensibly a super-hero comic, Ostrander and Mandrake turned it into one of the greatest horror comics of all time
Paul Wardle
Isaac Bidwell Eric Powell is pretty fun too.
Daniel Ripoll Bo Hampton:
Daniel Ripoll Scott Hampton:
Daniel Ripoll Erik Gist:
Isaac Bidwell I also forgot Kev Ferrara
Daniel Ripoll Dave Palumbo:
Paul Wardle original Spectre page
Daniel Ripoll How could I forget Bissette?!?
Daniel Ripoll Steven Russel Black:
Daniel Ripoll Zulli:
Daniel Ripoll Ploog, of course:
Tom Vincent There's that Angelo Torres fellow.
Bob Stevenson William Stout
George Thompson Greg Irons
Anthony Andrews
Anthony AndrewsThursday, April 20th, 2017 at 11:52pm

Crypt Month Day 20 !!! Davis once again killed it on this cover continuing the supernatural theme. This cover we get a vampire who's pissed at the cabbie and is threatening to bite him if he doesn't get him to the L-train on time ....

Kurt Cooper
Kurt CooperSunday, April 23rd, 2017 at 1:05pm

Picked these two beauties at an estate sale this past week!

Thommy Burns Score!!!
Philip Smith I’m looking for dealer date info for any copies of PANIC #12 that have it…
Guy Conrad
Guy ConradMonday, April 24th, 2017 at 4:19pm

Vault of Horror 3D cover, more hi def. See if this looks better.

Josh Burns That's really nice!
Anthony Andrews
Anthony AndrewsMonday, April 24th, 2017 at 1:43am

Crypt Month Day 23- TFTC#39 . Run kiddies run , Davis really ramped it up a notch with this cover I feel, chasing kids through a graveyard with stuff falling out of his mouth and a knife in his hand, this cover to me has...

Steve Ensor My Tales from the Crypt #39
Paul Wardle my copy
Paul Wardle This issue features another Ingels classic, "Shadow Of Death" which gave the Ghastly one a chance to play with shadow effects by using his brush as only he could
Paul Wardle and from Holland, this thick squarebound collection, which I used to have...this is not my copy...found it on the internet
Paul Wardle a lot of difference in the colours on this one
David Schafer Here's my Tales From The Crypt #39!
Ed Owens My copy, from the Gary Arlington collection:
Thommy Burns Here's mine, as mentioned the other day it was purchased in 1984 along with TFTC 35, mail order from Robert Bell!
Chris Boyko You better run all day and run all night... keep your murderous feelings deep inside... if you catch three dumb kids out tonight... you're going to chase them when the moon is bright... (Ah, that felt good... my copy...)
Kurt Stauffer The end is near, both for these boys and Crypt month.
Jon Gothold Here's my copy, which I am posting from the furthest East I can get in the US. One of the Barrier Islands on the Eastern Shore of Virginia. EC knows no boundaries!
Jon Gothold Had to get here by boat!
Alan Hutchinson Here's mine, purchased 1-3-77 from Gaspar Buffa (I got a LOT of ECs from him, apparently), graded FN-VF, priced at $15.
Frank Motler Better run, the bogeyman is gonna get you! My copy...
Rob Mathis Is that young Gaines and Feldstein fleeing the graveyard?
Ed Owens Being that both Jack Davis and myself are native Georgians, I've always liked to think that the lead boy's cap with the "A" on it is an Atlanta Braves baseball cap, and Marie (?) screwed it up by coloring it as if it was an Arkansas Razorbacks baseball cap. :D Any other theories out there for what that "A" might stand for?
Guy Conrad
Guy ConradMonday, April 24th, 2017 at 1:31pm


Josh Burns Also very clean; reads perfect with my glasses!
Jay Miller
Jay MillerMonday, April 24th, 2017 at 10:21am

My new wallet. Amazon had it for 20. Free shipping

Damien Brunk Nice! I need a new one too
Matt Mullins I love mine!
Jay Miller I love this wallet
Thommy Burns Does Amazon have any of the other official Kreepsville EC stuff!?
Jesse Gaspardo Is it a trifold?
Buck Edward
Buck EdwardSaturday, April 22nd, 2017 at 3:00pm

I've posted this before. But figured it could have another go. Basil Wolverton's famous cover in triplicate.

Stephen Bruzdowski
Stephen BruzdowskiMonday, April 24th, 2017 at 1:41am

Mall Call. Coverless copies of Modern Love #8 and Saddle Romances #10. Anyone have these issues who can Xerox color copies of the covers for me?

Tony Thomas Oh, so it was you who outbid me on the Modern Love #8. :-)
Alan Hutchinson What I do for coverless comics that I may not be able to replace soon is get a scan of the front cover from the internet and print out a same-size copy to put in the bag. You won't have the inside or back covers but looks nice in the Mylar. (I can send you scans of the fronts of ML #8 and SR #10, if you like. You can print them yourself, assuming you have a printer. Got 'em from Heritage's archives and cleaned them up with photoshop.)
Carl La Fong The very first EC's I ever bought were in a shopping cart of coverless comics outside of a used bookstore. Three cents each.
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