Russ Cochran
Russ CochranSunday, March 26th, 2017 at 5:01pm

Is this the story that was too gory...even for EC? Auction closes in 5 days.

Philip Smith I was just outbid on this one…
George Patton Foul play................"To be or not to be.............BA-KAAAWWWWWK!!!!!"
Thommy Burns
Thommy BurnsSaturday, March 25th, 2017 at 6:03pm

WEIRD SCIENCE Month - Day 25! This issue is an all time personal favorite, due mainly to the stellar cover by Al WIlliamson depicting the Bradbury masterpiece "A Sound Of Thunder", illustrated inside by Williamson with an assist from his good buddy Angelo Torres. There's...

Ian Scott McGregor Meglin's cover debut!
Russ Garwood This is my all time fave too !
Anthony Andrews Great intro Thommy Burns I love hearing these kinda stories , this cover has always kicked ass and I have never been able to watch Jurassic park with my mind not flashing to this cover at least once during the movie
Alan Hutchinson My original copy was in one of the first batches of ECs I ever got, in the mid-70s. It had tape on the spine and the bottom right corner was torn off. But it was great! This is its replacement, bought 8-2-80 from an unknown dealer at San Diego Con, graded Fn, cost of $35.00.
Josh Burns Well, my copy of this was a supercool Christmas gift from Thommy and, while it doesn't actually have the wonderful Williamson cover, it does contain...
Mark Arnold Curiosity. Does anyone know the sales figures of the last issues of this series? Obviously, the 15c experiment failed, but Gaines kept the title going until the bitter end. Any thoughts?
Steve Ensor My Weird Science-Fantasy 25 one of my favorite covers
Philip Smith I have them all except the first and last issues…
David Schafer My Weird Science #25.
Philip Smith Is it me, or are WSF issues generally found in better condition than their predecessors?
Kurt Stauffer My son calls this the Jurassic Park cover.
Frank Motler My copy, arrival date: JUN -9 PM
Philip Smith Here’s the Bill Terry subscription envelope, received 5/22/1954.
Jon Gothold Here is my copy, and as Thommy mentioned, it is whiter and brighter than my original copy, which is now a part of the fabled Burns Collection. The first copy is the sentimental one, though-bought from Terry Stroud in the early 70's, and another one of my all time favorite covers. In fact, I was thinking about this....the covers for Weird-Science Fantasy 23, 24, 25 and 29 are all in my top 25 EC covers of all time-over half the run! And by all different artists! How incredible is that? And the covers for 26, 27 (especially!) and 28 are all amazing too. Plus you get Wood in every issue, Williamson stories in 5 out of 7 issues, and Reed Crandall in the ones Williamson is not in. What a title! Of interest is the way the "10 cent" price is done on this cover. It looks to me like they made a last minute decision to drop the price down to a dime, and somebody drew this one by hand. It's the only time the price looked like this on an EC cover.
Jon Gothold My copy also has this rather cryptic owners stamp on the first page. Anybody ever seen this one before?
Clint Morgan Keen observations, Jon, about both the "10-cents" lettering and the great covers being by different artists. Agree with you about the incredible quality of the art, too. In fact, I'm going to go out on a limb and say I think WSF, in its all-too-brief run, overall had the strongest cover art and interior artist line-up of any EC sci-fi title!!!
Clint Morgan BTW, Thommy, love your intro, especially how you combine interesting notes about this specific issue with your personal story of how you acquired your copy. Very nice.
Ed Owens Another one I bought from Steve Rogers:
Josh Burns By the way, anyone else think Fritz was channeling his pal's WS-F cover here? :) (I don't own this; scan from GCD)
Kyle Androschuk I'm late to the game today! I hope my double-trouble pic will make up for my tardiness! Thanks to Anthony Andrews for the nicer copy!
Clint Morgan Playing catch up. I've been MIA all month because I've been too busy at work (7 days a week this time of year) to dig out and photograph my copies. But today I made the time. And there can't be a better time to jump in than with WSF 25, one of the all-time great EC sci-fi covers by my favorite sci-fi artist!
Thommy Burns Clint - it's all good, Anthony, Jon and I make sure each post starts with (TITLE) MONTH, DAY (#), so anyone can search covers or jump in anytime and add to them! I don't want anyone to think that if they missed a month they can't add to the threads with their own copies!
Ray Cuthbert I'd like to say that this one is mine... but no such luck!
Philip Smith Here’s the color guide. Does anyone know of a site describing how this kind of process color (for the volcano) was handled? This and PIRACY #5 seem like a great technical advance from the earlier New Trend.
Clint Morgan Philip, after looking at the original art scan, I was wondering the same thing. Clearly those red key lines are non-printing and are used to indicate color boundaries to the printer where no black ink lines exist. Perhaps they cut rubylith accordingly? I'd love to see an explanation of the process, also.
Russ Cochran
Russ CochranSunday, March 26th, 2017 at 4:59pm

Note that the reserve of $35000 has been met for the entire 8 page
story by Jack Davis TIGHT GRIP. Auction closes in May.

Ian Scott McGregor
Ian Scott McGregorSaturday, March 25th, 2017 at 10:50am

from an estate sale in upstate new york. anyone know anything about this early iteration of our favorite numbskull?

Chuck Farley No Trump pictures!! # Too Soon?
Dave Snyder Nice find!
Keith West "The Kid" was around since the 1890s, well before Kurtzman discovered him.
Ian Scott McGregor yes, it seems this is sort of a missing link in alfred's evolution. the iteration before had different hair:
Keith West THE NEW BOY (1894).
Keith West
Ian Scott McGregor i LOVE that blog post. i've read it maybe two dozen times over! for whatever reason, the evolution of alfred is fascinating to me. another piece in the gap-toothed puzzle!
Thommy Burns Nice find! All the images I've seen, and you managed to find a missing link!!!
Ian Scott McGregor
Ian Scott McGregor
JJ Brent I have one.
Buck Edward That is great!!!
Ivan Briggs Here's a cabinet card that I own with a tobacco ad in the background featuring our friend. The style of albumen print and cardboard mount, as well as the ladies' fashions, suggest that this is from the 1880s, pre-dating the play referenced above. My cab card may be the earliest surviving example of the proto-Neuman character.
Ivan Briggs
Ian Scott McGregor amazing! that looks very much like "the new boy" image from the new york production, which fits the timeline of the show and it's tour, so i'm inclined to date it around that time. UNLESS this tobacco ad predates the show and the poster painter replicated it painstakingly!
Keith West 1908:
Tommy Stanziola The MAJOR difference, in Alfred's face, is Mingo "opened" his eyes a LOT more......The Antikamnia Alfred's eyes are slits, because he just had a tooth pulled, after taking the pill.....Alfred is quite, "Under the Influence", n' is even broadly smiling, as he utters the now infamous "It didn't hurt a bit!" 😵
Tommy Stanziola ....howz this?....
Tommy Stanziola .......I have every calendar, one still in the original mailing envelope......😳
Tommy Stanziola .....sorry about the crappy lighting...these are in a display case....
Tommy Stanziola it didn't hurt a bit!
Ian Scott McGregor GOOD LORD!!! What got you into Antikamnia, was it Alfred or the skull clowns?!?
Tommy Stanziola ....speakin' of Alfred, I just received this original art, today, in the mail, on a postcard, for a small donation, to help out good friend, Larry's by Beevis n' Butthead comic book artist, Rick Parker! Thanx, Rick! 💥😃💥
Ivan Briggs Cool Antikamnia collection! I personally collect old photos. Here's one of a guy in his bachelor pad with a couple of Antikamnia calendars on display, including the proto-Neuman one (far left).
Steve Ensor
Steve EnsorSunday, March 26th, 2017 at 4:15am

Last weekend I was at the LA Vintage Paperback show and I finally pick up the last Ballantine EC reprint book I was missing Tomorrow Midnight. I know most EC collectors are familiar with them but I decided to show some other Ballantine paperback's that...

David Vaughn
David VaughnSunday, March 26th, 2017 at 4:42pm

Almost missed Day 25 so I've also attached my Day 26 as well.

Larry Shell
Larry ShellSunday, March 26th, 2017 at 3:42pm

Here's the link to TwoMorrows listing for Roger Hill's Reed Crandall book! Like the rest of you, I can not wait to get my grubby little claws on it! It comes out in late July!

Thommy Burns
Thommy BurnsSaturday, March 25th, 2017 at 4:50pm

EC MINUTIAE DEPT. (What VK Really Said Division): While reading the "Best Of EC" Artists Edition I noticed the odd phrase "ALL DYING TO BEGIN" in VK's opening patter for "Whirlpool". I noticed that "ALL" had rubber cement staining over it, so I checked the...

Woody Compton Interesting.
Matthew Gore Boy, you is eaten up with it!
James Wilson Schulz III I need it. This issue that is.
Steve Stiles One of his best stories.
Vincent Lavarello the books were a love hate relationship for me, having access in the 70's [cheap] to stories I couldn't find on the comics, but damn, even with good eyes you needed a magnifying glass to read them!
Frank Motler Gemstone reprint (Vault of Horror #21 due to renumbering), 'just dying' to be included...
Alan Hutchinson Maybe at one point the dialogue was supposed to be "all ready to begin." Somewhere it got confused with "just dying to begin" and became "all dying to begin."
Thommy Burns Alan - it's "all ready" in the original comic, changed to "just dying" for the paperback, and the "just" pasteover since fell off leaving "all dying". (Whew!)
Alan Hutchinson Guess I didn't read the last scan closely enough. :/
Thommy Burns
Thommy BurnsSunday, March 26th, 2017 at 1:27pm

Thank you FB memories for letting me know I got the Duplicate Fan-Addict Kit 4 years ago! I'm happy about it all over again!

Jamison Dion That's wicked cool. I don't own either and never saw the repro all spread out like that but it's apparent those guys spent a ton of time getting that to look great. Usually reprints are inferior but this is a gorgeous set in and of itself.
Dave Dustin Hey Thommy... was just wondering... were all the stickers originally ripped off a roll like that one you have?... I have 2 of those kits and one is neatly cut in a square and the other is neatly cut in a circle... always wondered why different... but i have also seen ripped like that before too.... I'm guessing mine were cut by the previous owners and not by EC?
Alan Hutchinson
Alan HutchinsonSunday, March 26th, 2017 at 1:06pm

WHAT I GOT AT THE COMIC SHOP THIS WEEK --- I've been neglecting getting the EC Artist's Editions from IDW because they're so damned expensive. The comic shop had only the MAD book which I bought a couple of weeks ago but I finally broke...

Paul Wardle I still need this, but it will have to wait.
Joseph Lenius Alan, InStockTrades usually has good prices + free shipping too.
Alan Hutchinson I've seen them mentioned here before but I worry about getting a book that's dinged on the corners or something. Then I'd have to repackage it up and send it back, trips to the PO, etc. If it comes into the comic shop I can just say I don't want it, get a better one. Fortunately, all the books came in perfect shape
Steven Ringgenberg Graham Ingels was just a little too good at his job. I don't need this one, though I still want the Jack Davis and Reed Crandall volumes.
Thommy Burns I had a similar experience - I didn't think I needed these, got the MAD volume, and followed that with Ingels, Davis, and Best Of 1 (2 is a debate - do I get the regular edition or the variant Kurtzman cover, since I have the variant Davis and Best Of 1? With Wood I settled for the smaller Artisan Edition...I gave up on finding one I want to pay the asking prices for!). With Crandall coming...I know I'm hooked!
Joseph Lenius I think the Wood edition is in its 3rd printing. Don't ever pay gougers.
Thommy Burns Joseph - After the second edition they went to press with the smaller Artisan Edition on Wood (which I got)
Philip Smith The Ingels one is the only one I have.
Kyle Androschuk They're all great! I have all of them, including the Wally Wood one! They're fantastic, and I can't wait for the Crandall edition!
Joseph Lenius MUST have Crandall...!
James Clontz I've been wanting to get a copy of that
John Kimble My buddy Dan Morton and I both sold our precious Wally Wood 1st editions for cost on EBay to make rent and eat...that sucked but they were embarrassingly Large.. Ha ha beautiful books
George Thompson Until this week's Kaluta AE, In Stock Trades usually sells AE's at full retail or 5% off. Then, on occasion, they have a sale where they could knock up to 50% on the slow moving ones. I got the Wolverton AE at one of their sales for around $50-60. Of course once the inventory starts going down the price goes back up, but it is worth checking their site from time to time for the sales. Their packaging for shipping is impeccable and IMO, the best in the biz. They truly understand the concept of "Bomb-Proof". My reason for going with them is the free shipping over $50, which AE's usually are, and no-tax, and I don't have to schlep them home....the mailman does that for me, and even he can't screw-up their packing. I believe that there is some sort of new wholesale price structure on AE's compared to the way they used to be, so IST, at least for the present seems to be applying their usual generous, first week, discount on the new ones. I'm hoping that holds for the Crandall edition, as that's where I'll be getting it from either way. Long time customer and zero issues with the service.
James Thompson
James ThompsonFriday, March 24th, 2017 at 5:32am

Barbour was an obsessive when it came to ranting against comic books--as far back (in print) as 1947, and for several years afterward. Not to mention being opposed to virtually every form of popular entertainment. Here's a March 13, 1951 column that also involves an...

Terry Beatty Was there EVER a kid who actually died by trying to "fly off a cliff like a superhero?" I'm extremely doubtful.
James Thompson I read plenty of this stuff, and even read EC reprints by about age 11 as well. Monster mags, you name it. And my parents were both public school teachers (and not resistant to comics at all), and I was never any sort of 'delinquent' like Wertham and others predicted.
Paul Wardle The same thing was later said about LSD. For years I had to hear my mother tell me that Art Linkletter's daughter jumped out a window thinking she could fly because she was so high on LSD. FInally, as an adult, I watched the A&E biography of Linkletter and it said no LSD or any drugs were found in her bloodstream in the autopsy. She committed suicide because of severe depression which her beloved father who made fun of kids on his TV show, was too self-involved to notice, so he had to blame drugs for his own lack of parenting skills.
Thommy Burns The original art to "A Tasty Morsel" (HOF 5) is owned by Bill Leach, who uncovered a paste-over on the splash panel that revealed a cleaver in the inn keepers hand! Maybe Bill can post it here...
Thommy Burns
Thommy BurnsMonday, March 20th, 2017 at 5:15pm

WEIRD SCIENCE Month - Day 20! This issue once again ably demonstrates why (as the house ads said) EC was "proudest of our science fiction magazines"! Woody turns in a classic cover, illustrating this issues equally classic story - the Williamson masterpiece "50 Girls 50"....

Frank Motler Choke! Three days behind now... but I still say that's Sgt Bilko on the cover...
Steve Ensor My Weird Science 20
Steven Ringgenberg Interestingly enough, Al Williamson hated the cynical script he was given and still managed to turn out an absolute masterpiece, with the help of Frazetta and Krenkel.
Rob Gustaveson
Ed Owens Mine
Ed Owens Thommy Burns The Russ Cochran Library set features "The Loathsome" in it's end-of-issue snippet for this issue. I quote: "Feldstein and Gaines knew a good story idea wherever they found it, and not all of their springboards came from science fiction magazines and anthologies. A case in point is 'The Loathsome.' The ending, sensitively illustrated by Wood, is shocking and tragic, and for once we feel that this is not so farfetched at all, that it almost could have happened. It did. Feldstein was inspired by a real incident involving an 8-year-old girl in a Pennsylvania orphanage, as reported by the late Bennett Cerf in his popular 'This Week' magazine column of 30 years ago, 'The Cerfboard.' Feldstein added a science fiction element and a tragic, rather than merely pathetic, ending in order to emphasize the seriousness of this story and to make us think - about the nature of prejudice, the desperation of the unloved in our society, and about ourselves. His adaptation of a poignant true story brings home to us the fact that science fiction and reality are not always so far apart." - Doug Menville
Alan Hutchinson Here's mine, purchased from an unknown dealer at OrlandoCon on 9-26-82, graded VF, priced at $68.
Anthony Andrews Here's my copy and I have a Canadian edition on it's way which I will have to post later
David Schafer My Weird Science #20
William Cairns My favorite issue (most probably, lol) and "The Loathsome" is my favorite single EC story. Reading it in the "Crawford History of Comics" book literally changed my life.
Jon Gothold Here's my copy. And truly one of the single best EC issues to be had. 50 Girls 50 is breathtakingly beautiful, and I personally loved the twisted, cynical aspect of it that Williamson wasn't keen on. And the Loathsome? Well, yes,for sure. One little thing that always bugged me was the dorky quality that Wood gave the title character on the cover. Williamson made him a classically handsome devil, but Wood, as Frank Motler pointed out, went for Sgt Bilko! How could he go for humor with such a beautifully rendered spaceship interior?
James Wilson Schulz III Got this copy recently in a four book lot with incredible science fiction 31 and a couple super hero books for $20.
George Patton My first Weird Science and, if memory serves, my first non-Mad EC. 'From Gary Arlington, of course!
Alan Hutchinson And as we've discussed before, the recent movie Passengers is a complete swipe of the basic plot of 50 Girls 50.
Erik Garmany Beat but complete, probably my second favorite Wood cover
Frank Motler My copy
Kurt Stauffer Late addition!
Clint Morgan Just five days late with this one!
Jon Gothold
Jon GotholdMonday, March 13th, 2017 at 5:55pm


This was the first issue of Weird Science that I ever saw in person, although it was not this very copy.
I’ll explain.
In December of 1969, when I was 13 years old, my father...

Jon Gothold And here is a vintage shot of the High Roller Room at Cherokee Bookstore, Hollywood California. Bert is the handsome Herb Albert-looking fellow in the foreground. Man, do I ever miss that bookstore.
Frank Motler Fantastic reminiscence, Jon! There were never any shops like Cherokee Bookstore in UK. Before 1959, there was no organised importation of US comics anyway. Here's the original cover (sold for $34,500 in 2004):
George Patton Great story, Jon and kudos to your dad. In 1969, it somehow got back to my own father that I'd paid $30.00 for a copy of Mad #1. He didn't confront me and I'd never have known that I'd been busted if not for a bizarre coincidence. The fact disturbed him so much that, when he saw our family doctors' car parked outside of a local business, he went inside to talk to the guy. The place happened to be a framing shop and Dad approached the guy while the counterman was retrieving the piece that the doctor had come to pick up. He explained what'd happened and inquired about "getting me some help." The doctor patiently explained that I was not a lunatic and did not need what's now called "an intervention." Unconvinced, my dad kept on, until the clerk returned with the docs' newly framed piece and presented him with the invoice, which was for several hundred dollars. Dad was stunned. He asked the doc if he were truly going to pay so much for, "that picture." The doc smiled and explained that the charge was for the frame, not the art. The owner of the shop was an old friend of mine, who told me all of this, years later. I'm not sure that dad ever recovered.
Jesse Guiher HA HA HA... great story.... your poor pop! His entire world must have felt a bit less stable at that moment.
David Schafer My Weird Science #13. Although I have my own stories regarding Cherokee Book Store from 1966-1969, this book did not come from there and as far as I know, no EC's in my collection did.
Ed Owens Wow, Jon...great story. My "origins of collecting" story has spooky similarities. My first Mad color comic as a kid was also #9, bought for me as a Christmas present by my parents, out of a similar bookstore in Atlanta (called the Book Nook). It was that (and a few other Mads) that laid the foundation for my EC fan addiction. Well...I'll tell more of my story some other time...For now, here's my Weird Science for the day (bought several years ago from a friend and fellow collector)
Anthony Andrews Wow Jon Gothold, that story is priceless and makes me wish I had been a kid in that place as well , glad you have that experience sounds like it was a mystical time. Anyways here is my #13
Anthony Andrews And my Canadian copy
Ed Owens Of course, this issue contains "He Walked Among Us" of my favorites. Bonus interior pic..
Rob Reiner The Cherokee "loft" was truly a place of wonder and Bert its cranky overlord. I'd sometimes bring comics to trade - his deal was two of mine for one of his, which on rare occasions was a good exchange. For reading copies you could pick up lots of coverless ECs for a buck or two. But as I'm sure you'll recall, Jon, just gazing at those beautiful covers and the unbelievable volume of vintage comics was awe inspiring. It truly defined for me "a sense of wonder."
Steve Ensor My Weird Science 13, I only have the Canadian version.
Nick S. Pinto Wow 20.00 to start for an EC comic in 1969?-- That sounds high for the times--I saw my first EC comic at my first comic con in 1977 Creation Con in NYC)-I was trolling the 25 cent boxes(that was cover price back then) and the if the dealers had ECs they were probably on the display board.I din't bother with those because I hadn't discovered Al Williamson,Frank Frazetta,Wally Woody Reed Crandall,Bernie Krigstein or any other of the artists--Back then the high priced stuff was by Neal Adams and Jim Steranko--As for comic shops- I was lucky to have one open up several blocks from me-The Comic and Fun Shop-- No Ec comics in the 5 or so years they were open---
Kyle Androschuk Great intro, Jon! I saw pictures of that shop on the internet while looking at old newsstand photos and marvelled at what a magical place that must've been! The sense of that was palpable from those photos! Nice to have first hand info from someone who was there! Here is my copy, and I can't recall where I got it from at the moment. It's early....
Jon Gothold Kyle, is that signature on yours "Sherry Wayne"? A girl reader? I think that's a pretty rare early Fan Addict-very cool.
Paul Wardle "Next you'll ask me for $300.00 for an Action Comics #1. What is going to happen to you with such worthless items in your household? You need to start thinking about GICs and RRSPS! You know you can earn 3% interest?"
Michael Elias Weird Science #13 is the only EC comic in my collection, with this good 7.5 grade!
Jon Gothold That's a beauty, Michael Elias!
Alan Hutchinson This little ditty was purchased 4-18-83 from Ed Erler, he graded it as VF and charged me $56.80. I have no idea how that amount was arrived at except maybe it was part of a larger group that was later discounted and that was what the WS ended up at.
Kurt Stauffer #13
Paul Wardle here's my copy
Bart Morris Wotta cover - Even the people in the background are awesome - check out the shadowed face of the dude on the greenish Camel-Goat-HornedToad affair. And the architecture. And the mountain. Pure Woody! That New York studio was really humming!
Frank Motler My tardy copy. As stated brilliant Wood cover, loads of 3D depth.
Clint Morgan I'm only 12 days late posting! This is the earliest issue I own of WS.
Thommy Burns
Thommy BurnsWednesday, March 22nd, 2017 at 4:41pm

WEIRD SCIENCE MONTH - Day 22. This issue is special for several reasons: it is the last Weird Science before the merge with Weird Fantasy (also ending with issue 22) and the title change to Weird Science-Fantasy. The inside front cover reads "In Memoriam" while...

Philip Smith From the same lot as my WS21. This is the only book I have with a spine roll problem.
Clint Morgan So great that you own a comic from Jerry's collection, Thommy! Where would EC fandom be today without Jerry's many contributions, most especially, but not exclusively, in the publication of Squa Tront?
David Schafer My Weird Science #22! This was the first EC sci-fi comic I ever purchased back in 1973 from RBCC and it is one of my favorites.
Kurt Stauffer My copy.....
Frank Motler Now this cover definitely Pops! My copy...
Thommy Burns I'm noticing (similar to a printing glitch we all noticed with one of the issues of Shock) that all copies so far of WS 22 have a line next to the D on the right side!
Michael Elias No issue of WS 22, but the parody of “My World“, by Wood himself, in Big Apple Comix.
Magnus Holmang Kleming My only Weird Science. Hopefully there will be more if we do another Weird Science month in 10-15 years or so..
Ed Owens Allow me to post the first slabbed copy of the day...not that there was any good reason to slab this particular copy :D Whoever slabbed it probably thought it would grade is indeed a nice looking 6.0...
Alan Hutchinson Roger graded Jerry's copy as Good to Very Good? Man, what a tough cookie! :) It sure looks much better than that!
Alan Hutchinson My present copy is a replacement bought 2-13-06 from Jerry Boege, graded Fn, priced at $69. My first copy was purchased decades ago at a convention and I stupidly damaged it myself in taking it out of the bag to get a closer look. I learned real quick, right then, that you take the tape OFF the bag flap before trying to remove the comic! Gah! Stuck right to the center of the cover! It's a lesson I've never forgotten.
Anthony Andrews Here's my wonderful copy bought from a comic connect auction about 5 yrs ago for around 40 dollars it was a heck of a steal
Chris Boyko My copy, purchased earlier this month @ the NYC Big Apple Con.
J David Spurlock
J David Spurlock Wood & Feldstein CO-WROTE "My World." Feldstein strung together, and dialogued, a list of plot ideas Wood had written and given to Gaines. If I recall correctly, one place that Wood explained this, was during an EC Convention panel.
Steve Ensor My Weird Science 22
Joel Pollack My all-time favorite comic. I own it in at least five formats.
Jon Gothold Here's my copy. Another one that I got back in the early 70's and have cherished for well over 45 years. Good Lord!
John Chennault Thanks Guys for sharing.i am amazed at how Wood seem to have done most if not all of these Weird Science Covers.I see now where I need to be spending my money.Those Weird Science has great covers.
Clint Morgan This is the last of my catch-up WS posts! Hopefully, I can keep in step going forward.
Thommy Burns
Thommy BurnsTuesday, March 21st, 2017 at 6:12pm

WEIRD SCIENCE MONTH - Day 21! My copy was purchased fairly recently from Metropolitan Comics...I considered this a must have for the Williamson/Frazetta stunner "Two's Company", a story I had to have in the original printed form. It is well known that the original art...

Frank Motler Great intro, Thommy! I've never really liked the colouring of this cover. The flesh tones seem too pink & too much grey (of the rocks), which means this cover doesn't 'pop' for me. But as you say, it's a brilliant issue (I'll definitely try & catchup, post my copies today.)
Frank Motler The original colour guide (sold for $3,107, 2014), which definitely pops! Description: EC Silverprint Proof Weird Science #21 Cover (EC, 1953). The penultimate issue of Weird Science featured a great Wally Wood cover, reminiscent of Alex Raymond's classic work on Flash Gordon. This is an original 1953 EC Silverprint proof of that famous cover, hand-colored (probably by Marie Severin) for use as a printer's guide. This same-as-printed-size proof had been at one time glued to a backing board; the reverse side is stained from rubber glue usage, but the image area still looks great, other than a few smudges and a penciled mark in the "Fantasy" snipe box. Overall Fine condition'. Link:
Philip Smith I paid too much for mine, part of a Heritage lot a couple of years ago.
Ed Owens Here's my Gaines File Copy. It used to reside in an 8.5 CGC slab, but has been liberated from that bondage:
Alan Hutchinson Purchased on 4-3-77 from Ronald Forman, graded VF, price $35.
Andrew Brown the printer fixed the magenta ink problem by this time
Anthony Andrews This I believe was the last issue of this run that I needed and managed to get it just a few years back
Anthony Andrews And just until last year I figured the Canadian version was non-existent when I found one after searching for several yrs and coming up empty handed
Rick Mills Finally, I get to play! This well-read copy is one of the two original ECs that I own. LOVE Two's Company.
Chris Boyko And mine. A great cover. A Heritage score from last year.
David Schafer My Weird Science #21.
Steve Ensor My Weird Science 21
Kyle Androschuk Here's my copy! Another one from the NYC score!
Jon Gothold Here's mine, bought back in the early 70's when I was still in High School. I was hot to get all of the Frazetta and Williamson work, and I bought this issue, as well as #18 and 19 all in the same lot at the same time. I got what I thought was a killer deal at the time, I think it was $25 for the three of them! They are all in similar condition, around VG or so, which made me think that they all came from the same original owner who loved his EC's just a little too much. They are some of the very best issues in the run, so I can see why they got some extra reading love!
Frank Motler My copy
Robert R. Barrett Here is my copy!
Robert R. Barrett And... the first page of the original color guides, which I was lucky enough to win in the Heritage Auction in 2015. Colors still bright with no fading whatsoever.
Kurt Stauffer Wood's art for this cover.....fantastic
Kurt Stauffer And the silverprint for "The Ugly One"
Erik Garmany That's mine
Clint Morgan Still catching up!
Chris Boyko
Chris BoykoSunday, March 26th, 2017 at 1:34am

The back cover to the new Tales From the Crypt #2. All hail Jack! Also, all EC & Wrightson fans should pick this issue up b/c the 2 Berni (Bernie) stories therein are worth the price of admission. Especially the first one (no...

Chet Jasper Reams I wrote this memorial/bio, how'd I do guys?
Kevin Johnson Yep great book too bad people judge by the cover.
Clint Morgan Thanks for the heads-up, Chris!
Buck Edward They get some points for that.
Huw Douglas Evans Meeting him was a highlight of my life. As nice as he was talented, if that's even possible.
Neal Damiano Amazing covers!!
Tim Foster I thought the Wrightson stories were old reprints that have been available for years?
Melvin Kapowski Is this the cover with the legs?
Steve Girdler I just dug this one out of a box of books...
Steve Ensor Here's some more from Random House Step up Books the top row by Jack Davis, bottom row Angelo Torres, John Severin, and George Evans.
R David Pratte
R David PratteSunday, March 26th, 2017 at 10:02am

Thank you for adding me. I've been an EC fan for 48 years. I have recently been joining comic book fan pages on facebook. At last I've found one where I don't have to look at super hero crap.

Ray Cuthbert
Ray CuthbertSaturday, March 25th, 2017 at 4:11am

I dropped a note to Cori Williamson, Al's widow, on his birthday the other day and she seemed appreciative. She said that she and Al's son Victor were able to have a few laughs sharing good memories together. This photo of Cori and Victor is...

J David Spurlock
J David Spurlock I haven't seen them since Al passed
Thommy Burns Very nice, thanks for sharing!
Verl Bond Yes indeed! Al Williamson will always be one of my comic book art heroes.
Damien Brunk
Damien BrunkSunday, March 26th, 2017 at 6:49am

Here is a comic that I did with a jack Davis Creepy issue 1 tribute cover and a drawing I did the day I heard Al Feldstein died

Thommy Burns These are great! Nice tribute to Al, Joan Key!
Joan Key Damien I love what you did
Nicolas Mgavero
Nicolas MgaveroSunday, March 26th, 2017 at 2:59am
Rob Pistella I hate to restate the obvious but look at all that beautiful art and the great stories too, for a dime! It still blows my mind!
Veikko Suvanto This is the issue of Weird Fantasy famously (?) featured in "The Rocky Horror Picture Show". When I saw a production of the show a week ago, I didn't have a chance to dress up in any way, but at least I had a reprint of the issue with me. Small consolation.
Scott Dunbier
Scott DunbierSaturday, March 25th, 2017 at 6:31am

EC Chocolate Bars!!!

Scott Dunbier
Scott Dunbier
Scott Dunbier
Chuck Farley Taste good with good taste!
Scott Dunbier
Scott Dunbier Thanks, Cathy!!
Thommy Burns I haven't had the Poetic Justice bar, but I tried the other two and the Crime bar is especially delicious! Mmmm...Crime bar....
Verl Bond All I know is, if they have the E.C. logo on them they've gotta' be good.
Chris Boyko
Chris BoykoSunday, March 26th, 2017 at 6:43am

It's Gloria Steinem's birthday today. Let's all remember when she gave Harvey Kurtzman some HELP! (I can't help noticing that James Warren is guarding the cash register... probably afraid that Harvey will take all the money for better production values... or better paper than the...

Thommy Burns Hoohah! Happy Birthday Gloria!
Jon Gothold I always loved this photo. Happy birthday Gloria! And three cheers for art director Harry Chester too!
Paul Wardle and Chester's replacement...the great Terry Gilliam!
Chuck Miller
Chuck MillerSaturday, March 25th, 2017 at 9:11am

By Graham Ingels

Jim Stenstrum Great find! I didn't know Ingels did pulp covers.
Tommy Stanziola Only one Ingels ever did.....
Anthony Andrews man I need a copy of that
Steve Ensor He also did some great illustrations inside that issue and one other issue of Planet. You can find them on this site, go to photos and then to Albums.
Philip Smith Here’s mine…
Steve Ensor Here's my copy, yes I've shown it before but it's a great cover.
Philip Smith Bill Spicer’s FANFARE #4 has a great insert on Ingels’s pulp work…
Steve Ensor That's where I learned about those Ingel's pulps.
Jon Gothold Not an Ingels cover, but there are some stunning Ingels illustrations to be found inside this issue. If you look at the clubs old photo album section, you can check them out.
Jon Gothold Here's a link:
Paul Wardle here's my copy...highest grade copy I've seen, so I bought it...cost me $75.00 Canadian
Paul Wardle
Paul WardleSunday, March 26th, 2017 at 6:22am

version 2 The Vault-Keeper: A Bridge Too Far...I've done all this with a ratty old brush, and I have to buy new brushes and some new paints to do the fine details...but I'd say this is 95-98% done good thing those frayed brushes that...

Paul Wardle scan of the face picks up more of the details
Tim Johnson
Tim JohnsonSunday, March 26th, 2017 at 6:12am

Here's s cool QSL / Ham Radio postcard, featuring some Davis EC art.

Chris Kohler That is awesome... my dad's still a big time Ham, but never had such a cool card.
Veikko Suvanto The character on the left is drawn by Wood, isn't he?
Austen Zaleski Dont forget the Woodwork on the left ;)
Tim Johnson And..............Wally Wood! How could I forget?
Frank Motler
Frank MotlerSaturday, March 25th, 2017 at 9:00pm

NORMALMAN #3, June-1984, Aardvark-Vanaheim. Humour series with spoof covers (7issues). This was their EC homage cover...

Jeffrey Robertson One of the better parody covers of EC I've seen!
Michał Bajer
Michał BajerSunday, March 26th, 2017 at 1:15am

Now I'm sure this topic has been discussed at multiple points throughout the years, so I hope you forgive a new fan "reanimating" it!

"Horror We? How's Bayou?" is a title I often seen mentioned as one of Ingels' best. Even...

Thommy Burns Hands down my favorite EC horror story, period! The Old Witch was never more alive than in this splash page, and story is a masterpiece of gothic horror. I first read this in the EC Horror Library (The BIG BOOK) when I was 10 and it astounded me. One of my most memorable experiences has been reading the entire story from the original art at the EC Art Show in Oregon this past May (drool!):
Veikko Suvanto It's no wonder the issue with this story (#17) was chosen for the first issue of Russ Cochran's The Haunt of Fear in 1991. It was, coincidentally, also the first issue of The Haunt of Fear that I bought (in my first batch of EC's, with one issue each of TftC, THoF and VoH) and thus my introduction to Graham Ingels' work. Needless to say, I was very impressed, though I had no idea of the story's high standing at the time. I still have never read it in black and white!
Andrew Brown no way this is better in B&W
Nick S. Pinto I think this must have influence Bernie Wrightson back in the day---
Paul Simpson He was a master. I fell in love the second I saw his stuff. I immediately saw where Wrightson came from.
Paul Wardle Yes the art very much transcends the script, and every panel is a masterpiece
Bob Saland First heard of this story in The Monster Times, their Zombie issue,I believe. I had to wait a couple of years before I got to read the whole thing, once I got the Woody Gellman EC Horror book. It's a classic,no argument here. And,yes,it works WAY better in b&w. Most of his stories do.
Jon Gothold
Jon GotholdThursday, March 23rd, 2017 at 6:49pm


At this point, Weird Science and Weird Fantasy, although touted in the EC letter pages of the day as being the titles “EC Was Most Proud Of!” were also the titles that suffered the most from sluggish sales....

Jon Gothold
Jon GotholdFriday, March 24th, 2017 at 6:43pm

Weird Science-Fantasy 24 would be the last time EC experimented with a 15 cent cover price.
This one features a stunning cover by Al Feldstein, one of the last comic book covers he would draw.
I always...

Jesse Guiher I keep thinking of the Soundgarden song "Black Hole Sun". I know my twisted warped brain... I blame EC. ;)
Ed Owens I agree with Jon Gothold in terms of the beauty of these covers. My only gripe with WSF is that, in addition to the large title banner that reduces the artwork area on top (which of course is a characteristic of most EC issues of ALL titles), with this title they added that huge rocket ship blastoff area up the spine that further reduces the available space for the actual art...what are we down to now...the artwork has 45% of the total cover? Come on Bill! But still, it's copy:
Anthony Andrews Another superb Feldstein cover IMO
Steve Ensor My Weird Science-Fantasy 24
Grant Geissman
Philip Smith Here is my copy.
Kurt Stauffer
David Vaughn Here is my copy of today's WSF and yesterdays that I missed.
Jon Gothold Wow, nice copies, David!
Alan Hutchinson This one was purchased on 12-31-79 from Ronald Forman, graded Fine, priced at $40.
David Schafer A day late on this one. My Weird Science #24.
Frank Motler My copy, arrival code: m 3/3
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