Tom Vincent
Tom VincentMonday, February 20th, 2017 at 12:31pm

Probably not high on anyone's list of favorite EC covers, but I'm pretty happy with this nice looking copy I got in the mail on Friday.

Ed Encelewski In light of all the PC easily offended American public this is quite insightful..and applicable to the currant mood of this country.
Paul Wardle and they managed to save money, not having to pay an artist
Matthew Gore Very nice. I always liked Panic, especially the cover on #1.
Jack Samson ARE YOU A RED DUPE!!
Jon Gothold
Jon GotholdTuesday, February 21st, 2017 at 5:34am

Well, this bad boy went for a pretty penny. Anyone here win this?

Chris Boyko Thankfully I already have one! That's a high price indeed!
Matthew Gore Nice William J. Schaldach cover!
Pete R Ross
Pete R RossTuesday, February 21st, 2017 at 4:07am

Hey y'all, quick general question--Aside from slabbing, what is everyone's preferred comic bag and what's a good source for them?
My collecting is becoming active again after having gone dormant for a while. Last time I purchased bags, the primo option was those...

Tom Vincent If you don't mind me piggybacking on your question, I like the mylars with the beaded top, I can't seem to find those. I've had some accidents with the ones with sharp edges.
Paul Wardle so have I...I prefer mylites. They are not as strong, but at least it's not so easy to damage a comic as with those sharp-edged Mylars
Jon Gothold Hey Tom, what are mylars with a "beaded top"? I'm not sure i know what those are. I too am searching for the perfect holder for my EC's. The vast majority of them are stored in the hard mylars with the rounded edges. I have found that if you get the ones that are slightly larger Golden Age size (8 1/2" x 11 1/2") I'm less likely to catch an edge of my comic putting it in and out. I also find that the larger size will let me put an acid free backing board in with the book easier. They look great i them, but I do know I have to be super, super careful about them not slicing my books. One time when I accidentally nicked the spine of one of my EC's, I got really freaked out and switched all my Sci-fi books over to Mylites. I found those unsatisfying because they don't really seal on the top, and they make a lot of crinkly sounds when I'm going thru them (lame reason I know, but what the heck, I'm among friends). I have also torn them really easily sliding books in and out of them. Maybe I needed to try a heavier weight of Mylite, I don't know. But they didn't float my boat.
Jon Gothold I also store my EC's upright in magazine sized storage boxes. What about you guys? Upright or flat?
Philip Smith Upright with adequate support is definitely a better idea than flat. I prefer mylites with a backing board.
Jon Gothold What weight of Mylites do you use, Philip? And do you have them with a resealable top, by chance?
Matthew Gore I use open-top 4 mil mylar from a variety of sources but usually Gerber. I also like Gerber Half-back for my backing board. I use goldenage size rather than silver-gold to eliminate much of the danger of cutting into a comic with a too-tight sleeve. I store my comics upright in acid free metal-edge clam-shell archival pamphlet boxes. They hold about thirty comics and allow them to breathe and shed acid I'm thinking of adding acid buffers. The boxes go on archival metal shelves in a climate controlled light-tight room which I keep totally dark unless I'm in there. Remember, all light is destructive, UV is just the most destructive. For "lesser" comics, I use 2 mil archival polyethylene resealable food-grade bags. I read an article, I think in The Archivist, that sleeves that are both archival and food-grade were the closest thing to a totally inert bag on the market. These "lesser" comics I store in just regular short boxes.
Anthony Andrews
Anthony AndrewsTuesday, February 21st, 2017 at 12:30am

Shock Month . Impact Day 2!!! A awesome cover rendered by Davis , which ties into the interior story "the Divorce" my personal favourite though is the suit by Ingels. Get them copies out, nice to see lots of the Charlton variant yesterday.

Ronnie Powers
Ronnie PowersMonday, February 20th, 2017 at 6:38pm

More EC greatness arrived on my door step today.
Two Fisted Tales #22
Frontline Combat #10
Frontline Combat #15

Anthony Andrews
Anthony AndrewsMonday, February 20th, 2017 at 1:22am

Shock Month ! Impact day 1!!! So for the first title of the New Direction line this title certainly lived up to it's name for it's short lived run. Jack Davis did the cover for this first issue which was not code approved due to...

Drew Stuart
Drew StuartTuesday, February 14th, 2017 at 8:46am

Not a bad mail call for a Monday...

David Schafer Great books!👍🏻
Thommy Burns Not bad for ANY day! Nice!
Drew Stuart Thanks! Was very happy with them for coming from eBay. Had a hard time finding one of them for less than what I paid for the pair.
Sean Nicewaner Awesome!! I am so jealous
Bryan Pawhaleski Can I has it?
James Clontz I have copies of those 2 books
James Wilson Schulz III Huge mail call
Magnus Holmang Kleming Nice! How much did they set you back? Were they auctions or "buy now" that you jumped on as soon as they were published? I have no ambitions of collecting this title, but I'm always surprised to see people finding good deals on eBay.
Drew Stuart $500 auction. Couldn't believe that I won them at that price. The last comparable raw CoT 19 that was on eBay was a BIN for $449 if I remember right.
Dave Burian "Thank god for Gemstone", said the horror movie prop collector...:-)
Jon Gothold
Jon GotholdMonday, February 20th, 2017 at 2:52pm

Last month, Thommy Burns blew my mind by finding a genuine EC comic (Weird Science 20) at a swap meet I have been going to for many years-The Long Beach Veterans Stadium Antique Flea Market. I can probably count on one hand the number of...

Clint Morgan Congrats, Jon! And forgive my ignorance, but what's a "swap meet"?
Grant Geissman Flea market
Jon Gothold Called a Boot Sale in the U.K.!
Thommy Burns Congrats Jon! Welcome to the EC Comic Flea Market Club (any other members? :-) ) - let's hope SoCal is the new fertile EC hunting grounds! My score last month was actually WF 13...HOOHAH!
Frank Motler Terrific items, Jon & Thommy!
Jon Gothold So it was, Thommy! I should have had Katherine pose with mine when we were still there. Next time!
Nick Carr Question, did the seller know what it was he was selling?
Richard Halegua clearly the hunt has driven you over the edge
Anthony Andrews Congrats thats a wicked cool score
Bill Leach congrats on the find!
Bob Cronin Good prices at a swap meet?
Jon Gothold So, to answer a few questions for ya...the seller I bought from did indeed know about EC's, and had collected them himself. Not a fan addict kind of EC guy, but not naive by any means. And his prices were really, really good! As far as EC's went, he had this one and a rough copy of Mad 7. Mostly he had a lot of silver age DC superhero stuff, so it paid to go digging! It didn't look like a batch of comics that THIS would be hidden in.
Noel Butchart
Noel ButchartTuesday, February 21st, 2017 at 3:32am

I love the story of the Gaines file copies that were stored for years and then king Tuts tomb or something, lol!

Daniel Ripoll Yet another way that the man was a visionary. Also by saving the original art. That's why of all comic book companies the highest percentage of original art that survived was from EC (then Harvey at a close second).
Michał Bajer
Michał BajerMonday, February 20th, 2017 at 6:06am

Being a newcomer to EC comics, it's great to discover new stories and especially find a tale that resonates with you. As some of you know, I instantly fell in love with Graham Ingels artwork, as well as his stories which have a particular knack...

Thommy Burns One of the greatest of all EC stories, in my opinion. I first read it in the Big Book (that's the EC Horror Library, Nostalgia press 1971) when I was 10 years old, way back in 1979. I was dumbfounded, much as I imagine you were! I tried to tell the story to my mom, and couldn't speak because I kept, I really envy you discovering this stuff for the first time - glad you are savoring it!
David Lindsay wow! it was the first EC story I ever read also(at a con in '69). the reason I purchased that big EC book off the remaindered table(for $4.99) and why Ingles became one of my favorite artists(along w/Kurtzman)!
Ryan Tourgee That's one of my favorites too.
Tom Vincent They were so far ahead of their time in so many ways. EC was and is the best.
Francesc Borrell That story was brutal, very well written and excellent art
Paul Wardle true...the bittersweet ending isn't the type of thing you'd expect...but a different kind of surprise ending....Hitchcock later claimed he made a mistake when he had a child killed in one of his films...a bomb went off in a train.....but it was the way it was handled...there was no pay off for the audience...just a dead angered a lot of people
Craig Smith Shoe Button Eyes!
Paul Wardle Only one horror movie has moved me to tears at the end...and each time I watched it, it happened again. I won't say which one.
Tom Nordlie Isn't that a Johnny Craig script?
Paul Wardle speaking of child abuse comics...have you guys ever read the Jack Cole Plastic Man story about the boy with the big eyes? It's a classic! Very disturbing in parts.
Brian Postman Ingels and Wrightson are the 2 greatest horror would be hard to choose a favorite of those two...I think Ingels was tormented by alcoholism in his personal life.
Noel Butchart Ghastley! Lol
Thommy Burns
Thommy BurnsMonday, February 20th, 2017 at 3:58pm

Here's an interesting auction for anyone wanting every EC Annual in one lot! Average price per issue isn't bad, and there are a few very hard to find volumes here - plus TFTC Vol. 1 is signed by Feldstein! (Not my auction)

Nick Carr At $8 each, that is VERY good, and I'd buy it myself if I weren't already about 80% of the way to a full collection.
Jesse Gaspardo It is a thing of beauty though...
Philip Smith Getting the last few scarce titles is tough!
Alan Hutchinson The ad says Tales from the Crypt Vol 1-5. Weren't there six? I bought most of these as they came out but then the comic shop I had used for many years got flakey. Stuff started NOT showing up. I missed a significant number of Russ' comic book reprints as well as the annuals, but I was able to fill most of the gaps over the last few years. In fact, I got a pile of the annuals directly from Russ for $9 each. MyComicShop also has many annuals and all of the comic books.
Christopher Snowden I've never seen these annuals in person. Are the comics reproduced in traditional comic book colors? If you opened an original EC issue and put it next to an annual, would they look pretty identical?
Frank Motler I'm missing Crypt1 Annual, which is supposedly the tough one. Also Tales of Terror Annual 1, another story altogether...
Martin Proctor There was a shop in Amsterdam selling dozens of these for 2 euros a piece. I bought a few, but was limited to what I could fit in my luggage
Martin Proctor Which are the rare ones?
Philip Smith Crypt 1 and 2, WS 2, and SSS 2 are I think the toughest.
Noel Butchart I almost got em all thru Russ a few years ago. I know a few of yall remember that.....2.50-5.00 per reprint. Annuals for 8-10 bucks.....and the hb EC libraries for 20 each. And all brand new and crispy white pages! Lol like i said though, thats been ten years ago or so.....
Paul Wardle
Paul WardleMonday, February 20th, 2017 at 12:27pm

Much to my surprise, other ebay sellers are saying this book is rare even in softcover; no one else seems to have the hardcover with dustjacket that I have, 1st. edition Fantagraphics

Melvin Kapowski I have the hard cover with DJ also.
George Thompson I have both! 5 copies of the HC are currently for sale on ABE, but 2 are probably bogus.
Paul Wardle I've heard of ABE...that's strictly for books right? No comics or anything.
Thomas Martin I have one.
Thommy Burns
Thommy BurnsSaturday, February 18th, 2017 at 7:49pm

SHOCK MONTH - Day 18! The last issue of Shock SuspenStories (don't worry, we will continue with IMPACT and Shock Illustrated!) - a heck of a farewell to this phenomenal title. I find myself wishing two things: that Shock had lasted more than 18 issues,...

Thommy Burns This issue was purchased early in the summer of 1984 (along with 4 other EC's from Robert Bell, a story I've told before). The last issue was the first Shock purchased by the Burns Brothers!
Philip Smith
Frank Motler Sob!! It's the last Shock SuspenStories... I had forgotten how great this mid-length series was... my copy
Frank Motler And its back cover
Frank Motler Great summary, Thommy! This issue was also my first Shock purchase. Although, I recall my current copy is slightly better upgrade... (it has what looks like, 8 9 21? Arrival date)
Ron Simmons
Anthony Andrews Your right Thommy Burns this title ended way to soon
Rob Reiner Hey Thommy - evocative cover and glad that you pointed out Marie's phenomenal coloring. Noteworthy as well are the folds in the man's clothing which add greater dimension - a divide between illustration and cartooning.
John Chennault Great cover everyone.Thanks for sharing
Jon Gothold My copy. So sorry to see this title end so soon, it was truly one of EC's great masterpieces. I always thought this was a very low-key cover, especially compared to other Shock covers with people being pushed out of roller coasters, being machine gunned to death or getting caught in a bear trap. But if you really think about how disturbing this would be if it happened to go out in your backyard, heading to the trash cans to throw away an empty Bud can, and there's a dead guy you don't know just lying there. With those super creepy rolled back white eyeballs. It's pretty damn disturbing.
Jon Gothold Frank Motler, Jeffrey Lindsey, my copy has a "9 22" arrival date penciled into the doorway.
Steve Ensor My Shock 18
Frank Motler ...sorry I took so long deciding what to wear... & mother doesn't want you in the house... Honey?
Chris Boyko Possible text balloon: "The tree, Mary! Beware the tree! Aghhhhhh!" My copy:
Jon Gothold Here's a couple of odd tid bits about this issue: Even though it was the last issue, EC did not run an announcement saying so like they did in the last issues of the other horror and crime books. AND, what's that funny little black line in the doorway? I thought it might just be on my copy, but all you guys got it too....
Philip Smith Subscription envelope with 9-21-1954 date of receipt.
Paul Wardle mine
Ed Broderick That is some seriously gorgeous coloring.
David Schafer My shocking end to Shock #18. Originally came from a Christy's auction in the 90's.
Rob Gustaveson truly a great title
Joseph Kramar Brilliant
Michael Huff These guys were such great artists. The covers look like they were published literally decades in the future.
Rob Lamberti Rediscovered George Evans drew Scalphunter in Weird Western Tales and while the art is amazing the colours don't match the richness of those ECs.
Paul Wardle
Alan Hutchinson Another Bob Jennings copy bought 10-19-77, graded VF, price $10.00
Jesse Gaspardo
Jesse GaspardoSunday, February 19th, 2017 at 7:35am

Almost EC news....

Neal Damiano Can't wait to buy this!
Neal Damiano I just pre ordered it on Amazon.
Tom Vincent Not necessarily hard to find, it's just going cost you $50 to get one in decent shape. I'm amazed the old ones are that expensive, they must have printed a million of them. I hope Bernie gets a cut.
Tom Vincent I have a paperback I got when it came out and a French hardcover. I went ahead and ordered this (only $12 on Amazon). I'm just kind of that way when it comes to Wrightson.
Daniel Ripoll Might as well be EC, with Jack Kamen art as well as Bernie being our generation's Ghastly. I love this book, it'll be worth it to have a copy I can read and reread.
Brian Dick Yeah, I've got it. Didn't know it was hard to find.
Robert Miller These things were everywhere. Never hard to find, though the glue on the spine gave out in a year.
Warren Huskey Got the original issue 20 years ago.
Isaac Bidwell I can't wait. Soon I'll be able to get the original for waaaay less. Sorry not sorry
Mike Lester I bought two when they were first released. Got one signed by Wrightson and am looking forward to this reprint...
Tom Muck I didn't realize they were hard to find. I got a couple when they first came out.
Thommy Burns Might be nice to have a reading copy that isn't falling apart! I still have the one Josh Burns gave me for Christmas in 1982!
Ryan Tourgee I lost my issue a long time ago. I've had this on my wish list since the day I saw it was being reprinted.
Thommy Burns
Thommy BurnsSunday, February 19th, 2017 at 4:27pm

My 3 favorite series' of EC reprints, top to bottom: EC Classics, the Complete EC Library, and the EC Portfolios!

John Chennault Wow you have them all.that is so cool Thommy Burns. Thanks for sharing.
Alan Hutchinson Hard to argue with that. Nice display, too!
Eric Nash 50 Girls 50 was insanely sexist...was it the kernel for that Jennifer Lawrence/Ryan Gosling stinker?
Tom Vincent Nice setup you got there.
Thommy Burns I should have clarified "non comic book reprints"! My favorite series of comic book reprints will always be the East Coast Comix (and my favorite single reprint collection will of course always be the Big Book!)
Tom Vincent And there's the Artist Editions. They are all wonderful!
Daniel Ripoll Awesome display!
Joseph Kramar Wild
Tony Kulp Show off!
David Aizic Extreme Collector
Craig Smith Never saw anyone who kept their EC Libraries with the backs of the slipcases showing.
George Thompson Still my favorite overall methodology, but depending on my mood I could easily go your way(s) as well, since I have then all in the various departments of my abode.....but the below way is the most easily accessible and simply the most efficient way to peruse EC (get a fix) at a moment's notice!!!
Jack Samson What year is that display box from?
James Thompson
James ThompsonMonday, February 20th, 2017 at 9:48am

What's the story behind the Strange Planets comic title? In issue #1 alone there are SF stories with art by Wood, Krigstein, Davis, looks like repackaged EC!

Tom Stein People will start scrambling for this book now that you've brought it up.
Thommy Burns It's a reprint of Incredible Science Fiction with a different cover - part of that deluge of IW reprints in the mid-late 50's
James Thompson Someone had to have known previously, but I hadn't seen it before. Supposedly public domain now--which opens up a question. The IW comic appeared to carry no copyright, I couldn't find any inside of it. But the EC source material presumably maintains a copyright. That's a strange dichotomy, almost like with bootlegged records.
Paul Wardle the cover is to Avon's Strange Worlds #3 by Kinstler...the original cover had completely different colouring...done by Kinstler himself (the separations)
Paul Wardle so they had old plates but no colour guides I think
Paul Wardle I interviewed Kinstler in 1999...and I administrate his facebook page...he told me that was one he remembered colouring...he did about a hundred Avon covers
Thommy Burns Publisher Israel Waldman was quoted by Joe Simon as saying "What do I need with copyrights?" These were packaged in multiples in plastic bags with no cover dates. Yes, ISF 30 maintains a current copyright!
Paul Wardle they did Matt Baker Phantom Ladys, Frontier Romances #1 with a different cover (SOTI issue) and all kinds of different titles from different publishers
James Thompson The first convention I went to ('73) I got later-period ECs in retail bags, no idea when they were at stores that way, at 50 cents per bag, 3/4 covers. They were quite 'fresh' (paper material totally unfaded, etc.); some dealer had found a bunch somewhere.
Robert Rivard I understand that Waldman used to buy up the printing plates and use them to reproduce whatever he could get his hands on. I believe his thinking was that no one from an out-of-business company was going to sue him. He was basically a bootlegger. He reprinted stuff he didn't own from Quality, EC, Fox, and others.
Melvin Kapowski That is a tough one to find.
Stephen Bruzdowski I brought it to a Con that Al was supposed to be at to have him sign it, but he didn't show up to that one. :-(
Stephen Bruzdowski
Stephen BruzdowskiMonday, February 20th, 2017 at 10:25am

For those of you who may be interested and have some spare money laying around. I hate to sell them, but I've been out of work since last July and need the money.

Paul Wardle I can relate...I had a former business partner abscond with my money in 2 weeks and even after suing her in court over 3 years and winning, never saw a penny of the almost $20,000.00 she owes me now with interest and court fees added...or the over $6600.00 a family member owes me and has also never paid off a I have been living off selling off my possessions for years now.
Joseph Grayson Had to sell my first comic collection (including all the EC's except 3) to pay off Tax debts . . . I guess its a blessing that in times of dire need our "junk" can sustain us through it all.
Melvin Kapowski Those are great!
Jimmy Rayno Hang in there had to sell my Xplus gargantuans ☹️
Thommy Burns Best of luck - these are very sought after!
Paul Wardle
Paul WardleMonday, February 20th, 2017 at 12:17pm

National Lampoon March 1972; this issue also has 10 pages of Kaluta art, Jeff Jones, Vaugn Bode, Gray Morrow and Joe Orlando. Plus the real John Lennon and Yoko Ono appear in the photo funny

George Thompson March 1972......Escape?
Paul Wardle yes, the Hitler cover
Chuck Den-Baars Love National Lampoon, have about 40 issues from '71-'84
Erich Mees
Erich MeesMonday, February 20th, 2017 at 6:35am

I was just thinking about the EC artists and the various genres of the EC titles. While some artists got pigeonholed into one or two genres, others contributed across the whole line (horror, crime/shock, science-fiction, war, and humor)--Wally Wood, for example, was right at home...

Thommy Burns If "Mess Call" in TFTC 41 is any indication, Ingels would have done some great war stories...
Paul Wardle I wish Basil Wolverton had done horror and s-f in EC comics, as he did in Weird Tales Of the Future, Marvel Tales, Journey Into Unknown Worlds, Mister Mystery, Weird Mysteries and Adventures Into Terror
Paul Wardle I would have liked to see George Evans in Mad or Panic..although Kurtzman did not want him, and the two would have fought like cats and dogs.
Christopher Snowden I know Roy Krenkel dabbled in this and that, but I wish he'd been brought on board full-time to do cover art. Frazetta was good but Krenkel's stuff knocks me out.
Paul Wardle and more horror stories drawn by Elder!
Steven Ringgenberg Ingels did do some period war stories in Valor.
Tom Nordlie Great question. Yes, I'd love to see a science fiction story by Johnny Craig (with script by Craig, of course) and a science fiction story by John Severin, and a few more science fiction stories by Harvey Kurtzman (who did at least one early Weird Somethingorother sci-fi story.) And a Frazetta solo horror story. And more Will Elder crime stuff. How's that?
Jon Gothold Some of the artists I just flat out wish we got to see MORE of-any genre! Roy Krenkel, for example only produced one solo EC tale. Same with Frank Frazetta. Likewise Angelo Torres had one solo EC story, and it wasn't published until the Big Book in 1971. Russ Heath only managed two solo stories, Alex Toth and Joe Kubert three apiece. Gene Colan only had could produce some mighty fine books just using these under-used artists!
Chuck Den-Baars Bernie Kriegstein did a few horror stories, and some crime dramas and historical ones plus a couple sci-fi. But he never did any War stories. And Kamen never did war. Ingles did a few Pirate tales in Piracy and a few doctor stories in MD that were decent!
Daniel Ripoll
Daniel RipollMonday, February 20th, 2017 at 1:50pm

Not sure if you guys have seen this yet, but Mike Burkey posted this slice of early EC awesomeness today:

Thommy Burns Nice page! I saw some of his EC pages at SDCC, decent prices and I got the impression he would make deals.
Ronnie Powers
Ronnie PowersMonday, February 20th, 2017 at 1:43pm

Mail call!!
The Vault Of Horror # 39
Frontline Combat #13

Thommy Burns
Thommy BurnsMonday, February 20th, 2017 at 8:17am

Not my auction, but this ends today and has a very fair starting bid for these TWO key EC collectibles! Great deal for someone...(shoot, I'm tempted and I already own both!)

James Thompson Had one years ago, bought from either The Monster Times or Famous Monsters Of Filmland. Sold it a few years later at a 10x profit, which I thought was pretty good at that time.
Jack Samson Duplicates for $200! Why do YOU suppose they have no bids? >:(
Thommy Burns ??? That's a good one - do you know the history of these? Someone actually got a good deal on these considering "Collectibly MAD" guide value on each kit was $50-75 in 1995! The duplicate kit is just that (it says so on the envelope) and was produced in 1971 with Gaines' permission - there were only a few hundred made. Check sold listings results on eBay - it's well worth it. As for the ECFA Con kit, it's not a duplicate of anything, it's an original 1972 item. (And when one considers that an original 1953 kit sold this past Nov. through Hake's for $6,734.86...well, I'm very happy Gaines authorized those comparatively affordable duplicate kits!)
Daniel Rutten I ended up snagging this. Seemed like a good price for getting them both at once and it is well worth the $200 to me even if it did end up being above market value. Excited to add these to the collection!
Thommy Burns Congrats! For what it's worth these are not "above market value" (I paid more than this to get the two complete kits separately and that wasn't all that recently!) - I wouldn't have posted the auction if I didn't think it would be a deal for someone - glad you got them!
Daniel Ripoll
Daniel RipollMonday, February 20th, 2017 at 10:00am

Not surprising that this finished low. Makes me wonder how high the reserve was.

Thommy Burns I was watching this too - frankly I would consider $4500 (give or take) top end for this splash. The sooner sellers realize that every single piece of EC art doesn't have astronomical cash potential, the better for collectors who simply want to cherish it.
Mike Haack
Mike HaackSunday, February 19th, 2017 at 9:11pm

One of last years purchases.

Joseph Grayson One of those I had in the 80's, and a beautiful copy too.
Thommy Burns 9.2!!! :-O
Philip Smith Is the cover stamp date Feb. 8?
James Thompson
James ThompsonMonday, February 20th, 2017 at 8:24am

The 1970s ad that appeared in The Monster Times.

Thommy Burns Nice! Which MT was this in?
James Thompson #23.
James Thompson Of course, TMT issue #10 was the EC issue and was quite well done.
Anthony Andrews
Anthony AndrewsSaturday, February 18th, 2017 at 12:45am

SHock Month Day 17 !! This issue was one of the earlier Shocks I bought of this run , always thought the cover was great , a fitting Halloween kinda cover . Dont let the scarecrow steal your girl or your e.c's kiddies

Frank Motler Lovely cover colouring! My copy...
Rob Reiner Don't you think Marie Severin's color choices were way ahead of their time? Besides the great dramatic artwork it's hard to imagine an EC imitator coming close.
Dave Snyder Reed Crandall?
Veikko Suvanto Great cover, and one I've never seen before, for some reason...
Chris Boyko Why is the woman on the left worried that the stuffed man will lost to the old lady? He's a scarecrow, not a scare crone! My copy...
Dave Reeder How like Bernie Wrightson's work.
Alan Hutchinson Bought 8-15-77 from James Ruszka, graded fine, price $13.00.
Craig Smith The cover story is one of the best adaptations of an EC Comic for the "Tales from the Crypt" TV series.
Daniel Ripoll As great at the pencil work is on this (Evans never fails to impress), the real superstar of this cover is Marie's coloring. The light coming from the moon and the way it illuminates the pitchfork-wielding wife is amazing.
Philip Smith My favorite Evans cover, but sadly I do not have a copy.
John Chennault Hey Tony I sent you a PM last night.
Steve Ensor My Shock 17, interesting story that reflects this cover scene.
Jon Gothold The cover story, illustrated by Jack Kamen, has to be read to be believed. The "dim-witted farm girl" is shown on her knees in front of the "scarecrows" crotch, talking about how the scarecrow "showed her just how much he loves me!", and how "Annie's temples throbbed, and bodyless voices screamed in her was all madness now as this straw-and-cloth lover carried her high...lifted her to the rising moon, and then, as she lay at his feet smiling up at him, while all about, the tall grasses swayed in the soft, warm, spent breeze..." Gee, I wonder what exactly they meant? Here's my copy. Whew, I'm spent!
Jon Gothold And to add to the comments about Marie's coloring on this cover, I could not agree more. In fact, the coloring on all 3 of Evans covers for Shock is some of my very favorites of her work. Last issues cover (#16) is made so much more incredible by the way she colored that interrogation light, and the way the lights glow accentuates the punch in the face. Brilliant.
Nathan James My fave sock!
Thommy Burns Here's mine, as mentioned yesterday it was purchased with #16 and more in May of 1991 at Eide's in Pittsburgh. What can I add to the glowing comments about the Evans/Severin combination here?!? Pure genius, and one of my very favorite EC covers!
Ian Scott McGregor the cover story is one of the most haunting and delicately constructed EC stories, truly sad and truly unnerving.
Kurt Stauffer My humble submission
Paul Wardle my worn copy
Gary Mazin Is this the issue based on the episode FOUR SIDED TRIANGLE?
Thommy Burns Alan, Jon - All the kind words about Marie's coloring can be passed on by Chris Boyko!
Nathan James My Shock 17
David Schafer My #17 a day late!
Doug Randazzo Better late than never
Erik Garmany There's mine
Frank Motler
Frank MotlerFriday, December 23rd, 2016 at 6:29pm


Bring out your Dead!!


Issue #23 & we're into 1954; the home straight for this horrible title, but there are still joys to...

Frank Motler & it's back cover... now I can go back to being tardy again...
Darren Merinuk "Yet he still followed... With the CLUB!"
Thommy Burns Second original EC I ever bought, in Oct. of 1981:
Collin Bost I don't own any original Haunts, so I'm gonna cheat with an East Coast Comix reprint.
Bob Saland Thanks for making me feel old,guys!
Rob Pistella
Anthony Andrews Digging up my copy right now , had this one for several yrs, bought from a dealer in Rochester my last time going to the states
Tom Vincent I always thought that cover looked kind of Jack Davis-y.
Rob Mathis Here's my #23
Kyle Androschuk Here's my copy, a little rough around the edges...
Jon Gothold I was a charter subscriber to the East Coast Comic EC reprints back in the 70's. What I found as I was slowly collecting the original EC's, was if East Coast had reprinted an issue, generally speaking, I wouldn't buy the original EC of that one. It could wait until "later"...I wanted MORE, MORE, MORE issues that I hadn't read yet, so this was one of the later issues to find it's way into my collection.
Philip Smith Mine lacks the center spread. :-(
Kyle Androschuk Nice looking copy, though! Nice colours!
David Schafer My Haunt Of Fear #23
Paul Wardle here's mine a bit faded
Paul Wardle I bought mine in June 1992
Erik Garmany There's mine
Duke Fuller
Duke FullerMonday, February 20th, 2017 at 3:52am

I know this is not a direct EC related illustration but this rejected prelim of Warfront (Harvey) by Wally Wood is interesting to note. Possibly done during the EC period.

Ray Cuthbert WARFRONT is a title Wood worked on in 1966.
Paul Wardle I have two issues with Wood art, #37 and 39. Here is one splash page
Joseph Lenius As Ray notes, likely a rough for the later incarnation of Harvey's Warfront.
Thommy Burns Very cool! Where/when did you pick this up?
Keith West
Keith WestSunday, February 19th, 2017 at 4:58pm

Page from "Woman Wonder", from MAD Comics #10 (April 1954), by Harvey Kurtzman and Will Elder.

Ardath Bey Just today I re-read this story that was reprinted in Australian MAD #496 ... great stuff
Paul Wardle ha! Mickey and Spillane, put them together you get Mickey Spillane, whose novels often had women getting beaten up by men.
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